Top 10 Traits of a “Carnivorous” Woman


“Carnivorous” women, the female counterpart to “herbivorous men,” are seen by many to be eschewing traditional femininity just as effete men are confounding traditional masculinity, but just what is a carnivorous woman? A survey of Japanese men and women provides some answers as to how they perceive them.

The ranking, based on a survey of 1,156 people (63.8% of which were women), can be seen below, with participants asked what traits they associated with the image of a “carnivorous woman”:

1. She actively touches men’s bodies

2. She approaches men on her own

3. She doesn’t refuse invitations to come drinking

4. She has plenty of male friends

5. She’ll actively approach a man even if he is with his girlfriend

6. She wears thick eye makeup

7. She likes brand bags

8. She has a broad circle of friends

9. She gets every man’s number when on a group date (goukon)

10. She is honest in her mails

The survey was too circumspect to include traits such as “she has sex with a lot of men,” otherwise this might very well be number one, although having “lots of male friends” comes close…

Just what is thought to constitute a herbivorous man can be read about in the previous article on the subject.

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