Final Fantasy XIII International Release Date Announced


Final Fantasy XIII, delayed thanks to the decision to port the game to the Xbox 360, has finally had its international PS3/Xbox 360 release dated in the below production documentary:

Both versions get a simultaneous March 9th release, for Europe and America at least (Square apparently divides the world into “domestic” and “international,” with a rather parochial definition of international to say the least).

Square Enix is banking on this being a major hit and selling 6 million copies…

The theme songs for the Japanese version and the international version also make for an interesting comparison:

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  • Wow. They’re really pulling all the stops in this one.

    Though many prefer FFXIII’s English theme song to be sung by a “domestic” artiste since Square Enix is a “domestic” company, who’s there to say that there’re no foreign efforts in the making of FFXIII. I’m sure “domestic” FFXIII makers do rely on some forms of foreign assistance here and there. Although I can’t shake off the thought of engaging the vocals of Leona Lewis was much market-oriented, we’ll see how the end quality of the game goes.

    I’m all for game theme songs related to the story. Since it’s virtually impossible for someone outside Square Enix to know the entire story of FFXIII in detail before the release date, it’s wise to not make premature judgement. For that, I paid extra attention to the lyrics of both “[i]Kimi ga Iru Kara[/i]” and “[i]My Hands[/i]”. Well, they both have potential. At least they don’t have pop-ish cheesy connotations and such.

    Hence, you simply can’t satisfy everyone.

    WHAT?!! 3RD SEPTEMBER 2010?!! WHAT THE F… Oh wait…

  • FF XIII will probably be OVERBOARD, CHEESY, and sport massive amount of SUCK and FAIL.

    From the trailers/demo it looks like a remake of FF VII/VIII/IX/X clumped together with the CAMPIEST anime scenes ever. And the villain looks like she was Vayne’s(XII) sister.

    You mean… I have to buy an XBOX 360/PS3 for THIS!? W..T..F..!?


    We are starting with this campaign because Leona Lewis’s “My Hands” has nothing to do with FINAL FANTASY.

    Sayuri Sugawara’s “Kimi ga iru kara” it’s tied with the FFXIII story and it’s composed by Masashi Hamauzu (same composer of the BSO of FFXIII).

    “Kimi ga iru kara” it’s a great song both in lyrics and music in the tradition of FF theme songs.

    Noth Americans & Europeans deserves same treatment like Japaneses, we want Japanese audio track too and “Kimi ga iru kara” like the only FFXIII theme song WORLDWIDE.

    Please SUPPORT “Kimi ga iru kara”.


    Snow Villiers

    We have now an online petition:

    And a Facebook group:

  • God, stupid 360 port delaying the PS3 port even though the 360 porting started at nearly the same time as the code for the PS3 version was handed off to SEUS and is being worked on independently of the PS3 native version, thus having no bearing on the release date of a game which had no release date announced.

    Wait, huh?

  • What pisses me off more than anything is that people are wanting “JAPANESE MUSIC…with subs teehee”

    I hate it when people don’t know the language, or the culture for that matter outside of video games and ANIME, yet INSIST they know what’s better for the rest of the world’s viewing and playing pleasure.

    “I don’t think the english version fits lolololkawaiidesuthatsjustmene”
    Stop pretending you give two shits about “THIS” version of the song versus the fact its fucking JAPANESE.

  • Both songs sound okay even though I’m not a huge R&B fan, but I do think they should have kept “Kimi Ga Iru Kara” because it kind of gives you the emotional feel to the game. “My Hands” could have been better if the lyrics could relate to “Kimi Ga Iru Kara” in some way, other than that it feels really out of place. The only artists that I can think of that has a perfect english voice is either Utada Hikaru (powerful vocals) or KOKIA (soft vocal).

    Square-Enix should have just given a choice to have english dub or japanese dub with english subtitles. Why can’t SE listen to our demands?? -__-

    • NO FUCKING WAY!?! Are you serious? You think that only Japanese people have a perfect English voice?
      I think you meant engrish voice.

      Anyway, both are somewhat generic, though My Hands gives me more emotion, though I can see why the wapa-err, “true” FF fans would be whining(bitching) over this problem.

      Honestly, it is ONLY AN OPENING THEME SONG. How does a theme song you will hear maybe at most 4 times change how you feel about a game.

      Also, how many times has SE actually used the Japanese theme song with an NA release. And this means the song in JAPANESE. Not an English version done by the artist of the japanese version.

      That said, it would have probably caused less backlash if they used the same singer for JP/Int versions, but people still probably would’ve whined.

      Also, when a game company listens to every complaint by every single person, they’ve just failed.

      Finally, how many here crying for the japanese song are fluent in japanese. I passed JLPT level 2(which is ~middle school or so :< ) and I still enjoy the english version better.

      Sigh. tl;dr Get some cheese for your whine.

      • I’m sadly about only JLPT level 4 but I don’t prefer Kimi Ga Iru Kara because it’s japanese, I prefer it because it’s the original song, I like it better, hate Leona Lewis, and hate R&B. I don’t understand how everyone says that Kimi Ga Iru Kara is generic, where as they say nothing of how generic My Hands is (Generic R&B ballads are done by how many people? Mariah Carey, Beyonce, etc.). I want games to be kept as original as possible.

      • I never said Japanese have a perfect english voice. I just think they could have picked a better opening. What I meant that “My Hands” lyrics are out of place and should be written specifically for this game.

        The opening song sets up the “atmosphere” of the game, IMO. The schools I went never offered japanese classes so I never got the opportunity like everyone else.

        And for one I am not whining about it that much, it’s a matter of expressing my opinion.

        I think you need to stick your hothead in cold water.

  • Funny,I’ve heard a large amount of “hate” for Leona’s song,but very little praise for the Japanese song…Cry more weaboos ๐Ÿ™‚

    In truth,I don’t for ballads much in general(English,Japanese,or any language at that) but I think each fits well for its intended audience. Also,I’m loving the “It doesn’t even fit the game!” lines,when you have yet to play it.

  • ChaosAngelZero says:

    “Final Fantasy XIII, delayed thanks to the decision to port the game to the Xbox 360”

    You know there wasn’t an actual, true, officially confirmed date set for the game’s release before it was effectively announced for the 360 too, do you Arte? Its Wikipedia article doesn’t even mention the word “delay”, not once. There’s exactly zero proof for this claim, only that the developers said “we will release both at the same time”. For all we know, they could’ve spent some two months porting it.

    It’s made all the more ridiculous because of this:

    “Both versions get a simultaneous March 9th release, for Europe and America at least”

    Taking into consideration it’ll be released in Japan exclusively for PS3 (hence no reason to delay it over there too) on December 17, this gives us a big fat total of three months between releases. This, compared to FFX’s five months, X-2’s eight and XI’s whooping seventeen (this, considering the Windows release, the PS2 release took twenty two months after its Japanese release to hit American shores).

    The fact of the matter is, this is one of the fastest released main titles in the Final Fantasy series on America and Europe after the initial Japanese release, if not the fastest. This whining is both absurdly ridiculous, greatly exaggerated and hilariously unfounded.

  • What if I told you I’m a fan and thought “Kimi Ga Iru Kara” was a generic anime song? What if I also said that “My Hands” is vastly superior to “Kimi Ga Iru Kara”?

    Seriously, someone call the fucking WAMBULANCE.

    • I’d tell you that you’re on the wrong site and that My Hands is generic R&B ballad. Also I’d tell you that the song in no way works in FF XIII and SE should keep their games as original as possible and that this isn’t the old days where anime and video games need to go through exstensive westernization to sell. Then i’d tell you that whoever they think wants this doesn’t exist.

  • I can understand why some people may prefer the voices to be dubbed (and I’m OK with that as long as the original is provided too), but why change a song?
    It doesn’t make sense to me at all…
    They are proving that the meaning of the song is not important, yet they don’t just keep the original… I can’t see the logic behind that.

    • I believe it’s because they believe that it will be more integrated for western audiences; the problem with this is that a large amount of the western audiences DESIRE it to stay Japanese. Myself, I have always preferred an English dub over the Japanese one, but as to music, I’m less torn. I’d like it to stay original to get the same score that everyone else does.

      I’m not completely against the song, so long as it does its job well, and I could care less about lyrics. But it looks to me like the second is worse than the first, if not looked at by their chorus.

    • It doesn’t match the scene. In general FF fans aren’t really fans of american music or R&B for that matter either. Also with the replacement of Kimi Ga Iru Kara with My Hands FF fans feel cheated out of the full true game. (Can you blame us we’ve waited years for this game and they fuck us over time and time again no japanese option, XBOX 360 port, bad dubs etc.) So by they localizing FF XIII to this extent it’s sort of a bitch slap to fans. We don’t recieve the game that the japanese do, we recieve a contorted, twisted localization that is what makes us mad. That said the japanese are going to pay ยฅ9,000 (around i’d say $92 or so) for the standard game where as U.S. will pay $59.99 for the standard game.

  • I don’t get why they would change the song. The only people who buy Final Fantasy are FF fans. Did they think “Leona Lewis that’ll sell the game to a new audience!” umm no. I can’t think of any FF fans who listen to Leona Lewis. There is no “untapped” FF audience it’s all hardcore FF fans. That said, I liked Kimi Ga Iru Kara and hate My Hands (and all R&B). So by SE doing this they’re saying fuck you actual FF players! This song is for the invisible “untapped” FF players who love everything to be localized to hell, with shit dubs, replaced songs, and no japanese option. I’m increasingly disappointed with this game generation. As I own all 3 consoles I can honestly say IMO Playstation 3 is the best (though mine broke recently, it goes to a black screen when I try to use games and DVD’s) XBOX 360 is second best (mine is RROD’d for the 4th time so it’s hard to like it also batteries for the controller, still uses DVDs etc.) and Wii is the worst (lowest functionality, no games etc.) I’m replacing both consoles.

  • Both themes are generic as fuck…. I hate radio music with a goddamn passion. I usually have to put on God Module or Hocico to cleanse my brain of the sheer shittyness of it all.
    I do have some rather weeaboo tendencies though… I generally prefer the localizations of Aksys and NIS.

  • I agree with the people saying the international song isn’t bad, but it doesn’t fit the game at all.

    I remember back with FFIX ending song, The international version was just as good as the Japanese

    Besides the international FF XIII song is way WAY to main stream

  • Leona Lolis lol
    Whats next?TImbaland,Justin Timberfuck or Sickney Spears for Versus 13?
    I’m excited – From that day there are only 1-2 years left till the REAL International Version gets in Japan released.And yeah,i think there will be one,like always.Japan and this time for PS3 Only =)

    Dont know if i will play an US/PAL Version
    This Leona Crap fucks me up…

  • i must honestly admit that both songs are good – but i like neither of them. the japanese one because it hasn’t got enough pop and the english one because i, well, hate r&b.

    my taste in music is incredibly bad, some would say: if it’s not at least 120bpm, it sucks. i sometimes play with synths, and i always check out the sound at 800bpm or more. it gives me a headache and nausea, but it feels so damn good.
    a pity i can’t play the guitar THAT fast. iron-chino is THA MAN!!

  • Why does it always take so long to get new FF games out? It’s not as though the games are pushing any of the systems. The graphics look dated, the character models are garish (uncanny valley), and the CG character animations are wooden and inhuman. By the time this game drops internationally, there will be dozens of games that looks better in every respect. Hell, there are games released in the last several years that already look better. I’m looking at you Fallout 3, Bioshock, Borderland, Dragon Age Origins, Call of Duty 1 + 2, etc, etc, etc…

    You can’t tell me that this long wait time is due to a new battle system because every FF game just rehashes the same old battle systems from their previous games. Nippon Ichi has already pumped out a dozen new games in the time it took them to announce this game til now. Ridiculous!!!

    • Not just a new battle system but the new Crystal Tools. The FF stories are more in depth than the games you mention, the scripts for modern FF games is equivalent to a 10 hour movie. Since the script dictates what areas, characters and equipment are like they can’t even start making any of the visual work. Normal MMORPGs take 3+ years to make, making one offline does not really cut out that much work.

      This is not the “same game” with new guns and prettier backgrounds so take all the FPS off your list since they just make guns, areas and slap a new label on it. Many RPGs still have no story and just have you killing shit for hours for no apparent reason other than you want to go that direction.

  • It’s funny to see all the weaboo fags boycotting the game because they dislike the international music. You know because the story or game play means nothing if the music is not to the liking of you sad little fucks. Grow the fuck up.

  • Wow! This much furious commenting over game versions which haven’t come out yet. When they do, the Xbox vs. PS3 faggotry will be huge.

    If I cared about games I would prefer the Japanese version as well.

    I’m no weeaboo but if I ever get a girlfriend (doubtful) and we have sex (even more doubtful) I’m going to have her dress like a schoolgirl, and screech and squeal in a high pitched voice throughout the act.

  • english song is better

    I hate shitty j-pop artists who can’t sing and only get the job because they did bikini work when they were 14 to satisfy japans growing number of pedophiles.

    Anyone who prefers that atrocious kimi ga iru kara song that killed the TGS trailer has fucking horrible taste or is too busy riding a japanese dick whilst badly pronouncing the 5 words of japanese they know.

  • LOL. Blame the 360, because every other Final Fantasy game was release right after the japanese version right?

    Lets look at FF XII. So that’s 7 to get it to the US. A further 4 for the PAL region and over a year for the international. Thats for a sony exclusive.

    JP March 16, 2006
    NA October 31, 2006
    PAL February 23, 2007
    INT August 9, 2007

    How about you guys take Sony’s cock out of your mouths?

  • Ive probably got a bit of a biased view on this since I perfer alot of jap songs to english ones and tbh I don’t like this style of music haha, but to me the jap one sounds better for FF than the international one.

    Well once the game comes out and I can watch both version on youtube than i’l make a sure answer but for the time being I say the jap one sounds better.

  • A new FF is finally coming out and instead of being happy that a you’ll be able to play a delicious jrpg you keep on bitching about english dubbing, zippers and fucking theme song. Theme song, for christ’s sake! It’s like refusing to watch a movie because the title logo is crappy. But hey, you’ll buy it anyway, won’t you. Yeeeees, now you’re bitching, but when it hits the shelves you’ll be the first one in line to get it.

  • The FF makers could have made worse decisions…they could have pulled this with ff 8 and replaced the theme song with a Brtiney Speares song to getz da kiddies.

    And is the guy talking about the ps3 version being on 4 discs, not just 1 blue ray disc correct?

  • I’m lenient here, and I’ll wait to see how the International theme will fit with the game (I am still reeling as to it being the theme), but while the chorus itself seems like it could fit into an emotional scene relatively well, the entirety of the song compared to the Japanese tune is rather poor. The other has a somewhat generic but entertaining progression into a more powerfully captivating tone, and it seems to fit with what I’ve seen so far more.

    That said, anyone who honestly threatens not to buy the game because of a goddamn theme is out of their fucking mind.

  • omfg, Why did they just not do the right thing, and get Nobuo Uematsu and The Black Mages to write a theme song that could be used in both games… No true Final Fantasy Fan would disagree with that and it would minimize the differences between the versions.

  • Snow : Alright Lighning now we can proceed to the next location

    Lightning : Wait Snow!You need to swap disc.Did you see a disc labelled “Dic 2” in the package?

    Snow : Umm yeah!Hey but I thought we’re are in Playstation3 System and some more its a Blue Ray

    Lightning : Do I need to tell you again and again??Can’t you see we are supposedly to be THAT stupid downgraded identical as shit as Crapbox360???Blame SE for the shitting downgrade for God sake.And be quick ’cause we still got 3 more disc to go!

  • I like the Japanese song better and hate it when they change the songs in the non-japanese versions. (Takes of the Abyss pissed me off because they removed the vocals for one of my most favorite songs which was the opening song)

  • Holy shit the eng theme song is the most fail theme song in final fantasy universe ever.JP Sounds Better…

    AND Blame GAYBOX because they cant handle FFXII because due to “DVD” and so called “FAIR” policy…3 disc? don’t make me laugh.This is next gen.Not Antique gen.

    But VERSUS XIII will be exclusive and will completely kick the ass out of XIII.I hope square enix will realize nth good will come out if u port to GAYBOX cuz it is the history failest machine.Got it?

  • I actually like both songs, so dont know what everyone is complaining about. Its not like the international version is a direct dubbed from the japanese version. Its a complete different song, so both songs are good in there own way.

  • I keep saying i need to learn Japanese so that i can escape the hell of fucked up games. now i have one more reason to do so. I was so excited that we finally had a date for XIII i was even going to excuse the terrible bad dubbing and just turn the voice volume down to 0, but removing even the theme song, thats one step to far. I have every FF game out to date inc XI and the crystal chronicles games but this is the first time iv seriously considered not buying an FF game. If only the game was PS2 or PSP an undub could be made but as its PS3 there is no way to play pirated games as such no way to play an undub.

  • I am now thinking of getting the Domestic release, but its more like working with a language I am not proficient with.

    I do hope that SE would consider those who prefer a Japanese voice over and give them an option to change like Ar Tonelico (US) series.

  • I prefer the Japanese version,lyrics are better than English imo. The English version sounds like she’s trying too hard. Or sounds like she’s trying to force us to have a emotional response.

  • Honest opinion, “My Hands” isn’t a bad song at all(and Leona Lewis is a great singer), but I just fail to see how the lyrics has any relevance to the game whatsoever. It sounded like a song just pulled out of a random album instead of written specifically for the game. “ๅ›ใŒใ„ใ‚‹ใ‹ใ‚‰” is a bit better in that aspect. Well, at least PS3 is region free, probably gonna get Japanese version since original is better than dub anyways.

    • Isn’t it quite stupid to say that there’s no relevance before the game actually comes out? The lyrics of “My Hands” isn’t contextually specific enough to be immediately irrelevant and it might fit the mood at the end.

      And somehow everyone’s hate for English voices seems damn weird considering their voices haven’t been downright terrible for previous Final Fantasies (though I know a friend who hated Tidus). It feels more like an issue that will just blow over when the actual game comes out >_>

  • I prefer the japanese song.

    FF is a japanese game. WTF use a fucking R&B song from a bitch???
    In the rest of FF the theme song as the same, translating or not the lyrics but the same theme, fuck!

    Thanks for americanize this game…. is more international for the rest of humanity

    I think I’ll start to learn Japanese. ยฌยฌ

  • Going to get the Japanese version when it comes out and also planning on getting the English version as well. A 6 million sales target is quite difficult but hope it succeed, or even better pass that amount.

    Now where is my final fantasy Versus XIII?

  • Does anyone know the translation of the phrase Kimi Ga Iru Kara? I tried and got Have You Since, but my japanese isn’t perfect so I wanted to double check. Because kimi (you) has a ga after it wouldn’t that make kimi the indirect object of the verb? I mean if kimi was being had it would use wo wouldn’t it? But i’ve seen ga iru used as have so I went with that. Does somone know?

      • Thanks I see it now. I dug a little deeper and got it. The lack of desu or da sort of through me off. Kimi (you) ga iru (here) kara (because) I didn’t realize you didn’t need a desu or da to have is/are in this sentence. Does ga simply function as the copula in this sentence?

        • Are you fucking serious? This is serious weeaboo talk here. The names are based off of English words, and you want them with the romaji spelling just because it’ll make them look more “unique”? Yeah, pretty sure “Hoopu” and “Sunou” make for really unique names. Like everyone’s going to know that “Hoopu” is actually pronounced “Hope” rather than, I don’t know, “hoo-poo”.

          This is why we can’t have nice things.

        • I totally forgot to comment on my main issue with the game, the names. I think they should have kept the names of the characters in romanji instead of translating them as they would have a more unique feel to them and im afraid that names such as Hope and Snow wont be as memorable as they could have been.

        • Hm i see many people complain about the song and the fact it probably does not have japanese sound option in the game.

          The song is an ok choice imo, i get that the jap song would not fly well in american water except with the wapanese. I would however have liked to see they use an artist like Utada Hikaru that can sing well in English.

          As for japanese sound option, it is something i have always loved in all games that have it NIS being a frontier on this imo. Both Sony and Microsoft have well established networks so i dont see why they do not add a japanese sound ad for japanese games, either free of charge or a small amount. The games probably already have English text choice because of the hearing impaired so it should not be too much work. Well thats my two cents:P

    • no cause faggy xbox is getting it too … and there is to be NO difference of the games.. and since the dvds dont have room for more dialoge … we get shitty english dubs… which sucks sooo much… i couldnt stand the english trailer ๐Ÿ™

  • personally i prefer leona lewis’ version of the theme. i wouldn’t want to sit and read through subtitles when playing a game the first time. but i’ll be sure to play both versions when it comes out.

  • FUCK MY HANDS!!! GIVE BACK KIMI GA IRU KARA!!! Sayuri’s song was beautiful and captured the feel, WTF FUCKING LEONA LEWIS!!!! Her song sucks dick. How would Final Fantasy fans felt had they swapped Suteki Da Ne with some stupid cunts R&B shit ballad. Oh and yeah i’m real sure that asshole speaking engrish name is Joe STFU & GTFO LEONA LEWIS, SQUARE-ENIX localization team. First we wait how many years for the game which is supposed to be “exclusive” just to get ported and have us wait even longer then they say no japanese option, then japan gets the game december, now they swap the single. FUCK YOU SQUARE-ENIX you guys can suck my dick QFT ASSHOLES and did anyone notice all they talked about was graphics? I don’t play games especially not Final Fantasy for graphics I play for story and gameplay. I was so excited reading this now i’m just pissed. Why do this SQUARE-ENIX? Why? Remember Squaresoft? They were cool. But you’re just trolls.

      • Yes actually Q-quoted F-for T-truth ot if you prefer as I do Q-quite F-fucking T-true. I used to think everyone was hating on SQUARE-ENIX for no reason, but now this was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I’m on the SQUARE-ENIX hate train. I mean can any real Final Fantasy say they like that shit Leona Lewis has on our game? With that whole wait then they troll us with that after how many years of bullshit?





  • bloody finally
    Goddamn I’ve waited so long for this damn game, I’ve moved twice in the time I’ve waited, I’ve started a post-grad. I was starting to wonder if this game would be released before I died.
    Thank you Square Enix, now gimme.

  • Square Enix hates the ‘international’ world, and I’m really starting to hate it. I wish boycotting the game would just actually be useful, but there are too many stupid people who will buy it just ‘cos it’s a name they know… All Final Fantasy titles X and on-wards have now become like the star wars prequel trilogy, and I don’t even acknowledge there existence anymore.

    Lolis or Raep, that’s hat sancom should be for!

      • InfiniteNine says:

        Sayuri’s song was composed for the game by Hamauzu. Who is in the fact games composer. My Hands is a terrible licensed track that doesn’t fit the game at all or even made for it, and is used to promote some mediocre hack of a singer. If you want the definition of stock you only look at Leona Lewis is this case, because her song has no discernible theme or melody. Kimi Ga Iru Kara fits the game because it was created with FFXIII’s themes in mind and My Hands is a lame insert.

  • I don’t care much for either version.
    I do think they’re perfect for respective audience’s though.

    A line like “Be my friend” in the JPN song…. Brr.

    I never cared much for the slow-songs that tagged FF games. A bit too dramatic for me.

      • I like the “feel” of the jp version (piano melody is win). I’m kind of tired of normal R&B (with too much synth). Also: I don’t need to hear about this woman putting on make-up and such..=_= (especially not as an opening for my rpg)..

        • Yeah, more or less, typical cases of fanboyism, and if it wasn’t so sad, it would be funny (no matter if it’s the glory of JP, Apple, or some computer game that the fanboy is worshipping like a religion).

          Ps. Both songs suck, give me back the orchestred good FF music that sends shivers down my spine, and stop this crap that’s obviously only there to sell some records!

        • Really, the music chosen for FF these days are fucking horrible imo. They are shoe-horning pop music for the hell of it. What’s wrong with a memorable orchestral song piece used to highlight the trailer instead of some pop singers who cannot hold a note at times.

        • mind you, the english one does have merit all on it’s own without really needing it to be part of the “international” version of FF13, yet it’s this very fact that kind of detracts from the actual song. The jp one, as “blah” as it is would benefit more from the hype of FF13 more so than the english r/b tune.

    • At least Square decided to change its definition of “international” from its X and X-2 days to include a small place called North America this time.

      I’m not sure they’ve learned their lesson from the earbleed english version of “Real Emotion” from X-2, though.

      • Koda Kumi has gotten a lot better at singing in English since then. Still, even if she hadn’t, I can’t fucking stand Leona Lewis, and I’d much prefer listening to Koda Kumi(or any one else for that matter) over her.

      • It’s marketing. Plain and simple.

        “Someone is going to launch a game that fanboys across the world is going to gob up? Quick, let’s get my singer to be the one with your english-version theme song so that everyone of those fanboys will listen to it and possibly want to hear more making it the ultimate publicity stunt to jumpstart this girl’s career!”

        That’s what it looks like to me.

        • I don’t mind dubs themselves (e.g. in the unlikely case someone awesome like David Hayter does a voice role); I am more annoyed at the absence of having bilingual options to enjoy (quite literally) the best of both worlds at my own pleasure.

        • With the exception of FF XII, Square Enix dubs are NOT outstanding for the RPG genre or whatever. They are fucking atrocious. I couldn’t even play X-2 and not because it was magical girl Yuna and friends. I couldn’t listen to the music and not have to listen to voice acting that was either terribly wooden and unconvincing or obnoxiously over the top.

          Crisis Core was even worse, since they rewrote a lot of the dialogue to suit timing better (Angeal saying he never used the Buster Sword because he was too poor to let anything happen to it got changed to “because I’m cheap;” Genesis went from reading lines of theatrical prose to a fucking shitty-ass poet).

          No. Square Enix does TERRIBLE fucking dubs and I’m not holding my breath for FFXIII.

        • I just listened to both versions… Oh dear… What did the decision-making committee do? FFXII had good theme, so did KHI&II…

          This thing for the FFXIII is like somthing for the Idol shows, NOT this game. Why can’t they just keep the song as it is? Did Uematsu have anything to say in this?

        • For the most part I agree with you. But looking back at FFXII, the dubbing was so much better than any other localized JRPG either by SE or some other company.

          You might not like the british accent, but still the voices were well done and fit the characters much better than they did in FFX.

          So I’m looking forward for a dubbing of at least of the same quality as XII