Sony: “Xbox 360 is Dated”


Sony’s product marketing vice president Scott Steinberg has been busy rubbishing Sony’s competitors as being “dated, dead, dumb terminals,” for whom he has “bad news” in the form of a resurgent PS3…

Some excerpts from his hyperbolic “value proposition”:

“In the next few years, you’re going to start to see us separate from the herd. Some of the other platforms are going to look very dated because their life spans are so much shorter than ours.

The brilliance of PS3 is that it’s not a dead, dumb terminal like other machines. We can throw layers of firmware into that box and always be contemporary with technology. We can reflect and respond to how people are using entertainment.

If you’re a competitor I’ve got bad news for you because we’ve got some absolute blockbusters that are in the works, some of them new IP, some of them existing IP, that we’re building specifically for the PS3

From a competitive standpoint our competitors are going to have a tougher road now then even in 2008. But for PlayStation 3 consumers, it means more quality and more choice.”

It is not hard to guess who he has in mind when speaking of his “competitor.”

Those looking to float an armada of hot air balloons can read the whole spiel here. Pity the “competitor” who has to read it.

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  • Really both consoles have their good points and bad points and those saying that multiconsole ports are always better for 360 need look no further than the X-Box Tales of Vesperia beta test for obvious proof to the contrary. The X-Box is targeted at North American gamers where games tend to be action based and the story is used to promote that. It is shooter heavy and that is fine as that is the market Micro$haft is obviously trying to reach. As for the PS3 it sells more in Japan because they want a game that is action for the sake of story. RPGs and the like are excellent examples. Both systems target different demographics with some overlap. I mean on one hand I have Disgaea, Final Fantasy, the non beta test of Tales of Vesperia, and about a million PS1 and 2 titles, on the other you have games like Halo, Left 4 Dead, Mass Effect and the like. Personally I dislike console shooters Mouse look and keyboard as well as the game quality are much better on pc (source engine ftw) but that is opinion. My brother and several of my friends swear by their 360s and Haloesque shooters their opinion. What really matters is get the system that suits your gaming wants (can’t call them needs) and be you will be happy with it. Hell if your a casual gamer with young children get that wii and have some fun.

  • shut up fucking japanese faggots micro pennis the only reason that sony sells is because America and Europe are not fucking monkeys islandesr racist the reason that xbox don´t sell micropennisland is because the micropennis are racist hahahaha.

  • ChaosAngelZero says:

    Well, looks like I’m a little bit late to the party… oh well.

    “In the next few years, you’re going to start to see us separate from the herd.”

    Lol, you’ve always been “separated from the herd”, being dead last and all. Actually you’re now closing the gap a little.

    “Some of the other platforms are going to look very dated because their life spans are so much shorter than ours.”

    I think it works both ways. ATi has already confirmed that they’re working on the graphics chip for Microsoft’s next console, so by the time the PlayStation 3 gets some speed they’ll probably release the Xbox 720 and Sony’s Blu-ray player will surely look dated in comparison. Boasting about superior technological prowess some good three years after the system’s launch is just slightly retarded.

    “The brilliance of PS3 is that it’s not a dead, dumb terminal like other machines. We can throw layers of firmware into that box and always be contemporary with technology. We can reflect and respond to how people are using entertainment.”

    NXE, Netflix, Facebook/ video support going against achiev–err, trophies/wii remote rip-off no. 1 (a.k.a. SIXAXIS)/wii remote rip-off no. 2 (a.k.a. glowy wand)… you get the idea. Sony is the corporative equivalent of a parrot, the only way they know what people actually want is by looking at their competition leaving them behind.

    “If you’re a competitor I’ve got bad news for you because we’ve got some absolute blockbusters that are in the works, some of them new IP, some of them existing IP, that we’re building specifically for the PS3”

    You better do, all your “absolute blockbusters” have so far failed to even compare to Halo’s or Gear’s sales numbers. The days of Gran Turismo breaking sales records seem to be long past.

    The last paragraph is OK, though.

  • Yessssssssssssssss console warsssssss! They’re both good. If you own one why do you feel the need to try and invalidate someone else’s purchase?

    They’re skewed in different directions anyway. If you like more Western style games (FPS, open world RPGish and Sports mostly) then 360 is a good match. If you are more into Eastern style games (JRPG, Fighting, etc.) then PS3 is going to probably please you more. PS3 also has blu-ray which is great and you can change the hdd yourself which is a definite nicety.

    If I had $300 to blow without feeling sick to my stomach I would go out and get a PS3 (I already own a 360).

    I think development on multi-platform titles hurts it the most. In almost every case the PS3 is screwed. I assume this is related to the differences in the PS3 architecture when comparing a PC, 360 and PS3. So most likely in the same budgeted time for PC and 360, less can be tested and done on PS3 and so it isn’t optimized very well. However, games developed ONLY on PS3 are incredible to behold. Killzone 2 looks wild and Uncharted 2 is just breathtaking.

    Can’t we all just get along? Why can’t we like both?

    • Mysterious Voice: “One of the rules of the internet dictates you can’t like both. And you must choose the right answer. So…no, you can’t like both.”

      …oh, well my explaination is that people are idiots.

      Mysteroius Voice: “…you…you’re probably right.”

  • Listen you stupid fucking fanboy retards. All of the current consoles have some good points to them. Stop being so close-minded and realize great games are developed worldwide by many different countries.

    Like music, film, and anything else the masses devour, it is all subjective. If you stop for a second and take Sony or Microsofts dick out of your mouth, maybe you can gather the concentration to come to realization that you’re only missing out on great gaming opportunities by being such little bitches.

  • PROS
    Xbox360 = Great FPS/TPS, Faster loading time, Expensive yet great quality online service, Came out 1 year before PS3, Backwards compatibility, Borderlands and COD4MW2.

    PS3 = Great RPG/SRPG/MMORPG, Free online, Re-chargeable controller that comes with a cord. The FF series, Re-updating frame wear, Blu-ray drive, HDMI port. FFXIV (still waiting on release) and LBP.

    Wii = Motion censor technology, Great active/fitness games, Free NWF, Probably the most family oriented console. SSBB and PBR.

    Xbox360 = RROD, Halo3 (imo), Limited Drive Space, Lack of sales in Japan.

    PS3 = It came out 1 year late, Loading lag(when compared to multi-platform games on other consoles), They no longer have Nobuo Uematsu.

    Wii = Do you really want me to list ALL of the cons???

    The reason Xbox is alive in Japan is Solely because of the IDOLM@sters series. Without it…it would be dead in Japan. I have never met someone from Japan that would say something good about an Xbox. That’s how Japan feels about it…not me.

    If you don’t really care about the graphics or the fact that you have to use a Wiimote and nun-chuck for most games…then you will get along with the Wii.

    The sales in US and E for Xbox look alike because Most of the games that are played revolve around us shooting the crap out of each other. where as the PS3 sales are mostly in the RPG section. I have played both Sudeki and Fable, I have found them both very fun, but easy. and I have played COD on the PS3 and thought that I would rather Play it on the Xbox360. From someone who has played on all of these systems, I say its Just based on what you wanna play. No company is going down, though there is always room for improvement. MS will come back with something better,then Sony, and then hopefully Nintendo will do something with its new found technology, because if they don’t do something soon, they will probably be the first to fall.

  • Arguing of this stuff is stupid. Did people forget that they are video GAME systems. Fighting over this is pretty immature. Pretty soon we’re all going to start fighting on who makes the best DVD player, or the best basketball. What’s the point? Just because you guys have a preference that does not make it the best. They’re both good systems. Play the one you like, and get over it.

    PC FTW!!!

  • You know, if I didn’t know any better I’d say Steve Jobs is writing these speeches.

    we’re talking about a company that not only lost money, but was hemorrhaging it just to put the ps3 on the market. now that the price has dropped, it’s become a self-sustaining black hole, destroying all of the revenue that comes near it.

    Hell, they’ve been catering to the ps2 just to keep money slightly less implosive. Talk about dated dead and dumb.

    and what’s more, is they’re talking about fucking firmware. Anyone can do that, and the 360’s been keeping tabs on it quite better than that shiny black paperweight collecting dust under my TV.

    if it isn’t firmware updates, they’re just selling new consoles with upgraded equipment, it isn’t even something you could compare as ‘the same’ thing. Older console owners probably wouldn’t toss more cash in for (unless you’re the kind of pompous rich kid that would spring for every new version of a console as it comes out)

    when it comes to console wars, I think there needs to be a new section for this site: ichikaku.

    • The reason everyone with a brain scoffs at Apple’s words is because their machines’ capabilities are behind the market and they can only sell by creating hype… much in the way Microsoft sells really.

      But hey, let Sony have their fun, it’s about time they took the war seriously. Up until now all they did was stay in denial.

      All three consoles have their faults. The Wii is full of garbage games that overrun their few gems, and is also completely behind the times in terms of specs. Microsoft pretty much admitted their failure rate problem by offering the extended warranty, plus sticking to DVD’s is slowly looking like not such a good choice. And Sony’s machine was until recently too expensive, not to mention not having a so-called true killer-app until recently.

      BTW, in terms of price, you may be amazed to find how expensive a Wii can actually be (if you add in an extra controller+nunchuck and the Motion-plus).

  • inntresting though that the xbox stand out on multiplatform games, i have both ps3 and xbox and it really rubs my cunt with the ps3 loading times, sure the ps3 might be better in the future, but at this time i buy most of my games on the xbox

  • After owning all 3 consoles, even with the MS having to replace my Xbox360 once, I would still say, it has the best games of any of the consoles, seriously, except for Ratchet & Clank, the only thing the PS3 has been good for is watching BluRay movies, and the Wii, except for
    Super Smash Bros. Brawl, has mostly just sat there collecting dust.

    Oh, and the PC is still my fav gaming platform, it’s much easier to transport a gaming NB, than the consoles, the disc’s, etc.

  • Hey I’m a Sony… and I’m an Xbox
    xbox: wats dis?
    sony: dunno, I’m bored
    xbox: let’s play on Wii
    sony: ok, but i’m better than you
    xbox: oh yeah?

    i wouldn’t be surprised if that pops up on tv. on the other hand, can they make an action packed/massive destruction/fire breathing/maiden capturing godzilla games?? di ba?

    • Actually…you’d be right on a general basis…but not on a preference basis…not everyone wants what she’s having, per se.

      One man’s XBOX loyalty is another man’s “meh”.

      I have no preference…so I don’t hate anything~
      Except games that I think suck.

  • Meh…I like the Wii…
    The only people Nintendo are trying to upstage is Apple anyway…and the guy who made SD Cards…

    BINGO! The secret to success? Standards!
    PS3 uses Memory Stick–so does PSP…not many people can offload on a VAIO, either system, a Memory Stick Reader, AND Memory Sticks…

    XBOX has proprietary storage…good luck getting the games back when the system is fucked.

    PC is not a console, but I’m OK with gaming on it.

    Wii and DSi have SD. SD is standard on digicams, PCs, Mac…anything that shits a picture.

    But all have something to write home about…they let us have our fun. Dammit! See THAT!!

  • “The brilliance of PS3 is that it’s not a dead, dumb terminal like other machines. We can throw layers of firmware into that box and always be contemporary with technology. We can reflect and respond to how people are using entertainment.”

    Oh man, i lol’d. I wonder if they’re able to Patch DX11 into the PS3 with a Firmware update. “Contemporary” my ass. The PS3 is as Dated as the 360. No need to mention the Wii, that one was already dated the time it came out. All Consoles lack modern Technology and no Firmware update can fix that…

    And i’m pretty sure that we’ll see GREAT and Visually Fantastic Games on both Consoles in the next 2 years untill new Consoles pop up.

  • Guess what…I don’t care.

    I happen to like both. I don’t care who wins, just that someone wins. I just come for the games, that’s all.

    Mysterious Voice: *gun clicks* “You’re outnumbered. Better rethink your words.”

    To each his own.

    Mysterious Voice: “Not on the internet. To each everyone else’s.” *gun fires*

  • 360 FTW!

    Go fu@k to hell PS3.

    I have both console and I can say that all the games in 360 pawned PS3 games so hard as#.

    MGS4?Blerghh.Gears of Wars is much betta in term of graphics and gameplay.WTF with those stupid loooooong cutscenes.

    All hail microsoft!!

  • Yeah, he says this not long after the 360 transforms its dashboard, and not long before revolutionizing control interface. Xbox 360 had Netfilx long before the PS3 did, and, for some length of time, the PS3 will actually require a disc to use the full functionality of Netflix. Now I’m no Facebook fan believe me, but it’s popularity and relevance in our culture is unstoppable, and it’s about to be connected to the Xbox 360 over Xbox Live…

  • I don’t think the 360 has peaked but I do believe there is not much room to grow left.

    The PS3 has just started to show what the consloe can do when pushed to the limits.

    Things are going to change

  • The simple fact of the failure rate of the XBOX 360 is costing consumers money that could be spent increasing their gaming libraries should point out an issue. Microsoft is having problems but then every ‘competitor’ is. My vote is with Sony simply because of the impressive gaming library available. Microsoft has not put out enough games or customer service to get a decent foothold in the gaming industry. This goes back to its first major console. There were a few titles that made it feel worthwhile to purchase the system, but when it passed it was tossed in a corner, all but forgotten. Even Nintendo has more of a shot to contend with Sony. At least, this is my two cents.

  • Anyone who truly enjoys video games could care less about what console it is. A good game is a good game regardless of console. Each generation and I make it a point to pick up every console available. Why be biased and make negative statements about a console that you don’t even own? Don’t be a fanboy, be a gamer.

  • How about Microsoft AND Sony both put their proverbial money where their collective mouths are and, you know, release some games? Who cares which console is ‘superior’, I just want to play a good video game.

      • I’m not talking about the thing itself, but rather the upgrades being done to the system.

        People are saying that the Xbox has already reached the peak and will start declining, but the truth is that the machine has a LOT of power left in it.

        Besides, when natal comes, who knows what may come next?


        • I think nearly all of this motion control faggotry is just that. Faggotry.

          Seriously, when has it not been annoying or tedious, and how will Natal change that? It’s *all* useless marketing drivel.

        • sony is also working on somthing similar to natal and wii. plus they already have motion sensing tech. its called the sixxaxis controller.

          natal wonk make any difference.

          its a desperate attempt by microsoft to catch nintendo and prevent what they already know is going to happen with sony.

          ps3 will eventually overtake xbox especially with some of the ps3 only titles coming soon

          god of war 3 for example

  • Console wars aside, I personally think this is good for all sides. More competition = Better service on both sides. PS3 users benefit from ‘1337 new games and services lined up for PS3. And 360 users will benefit from whatever microsoft does to counter sony. Whatever microsoft is, it probably isnt stupid. Microsoft definitely wont take this standing down and in the end this competition is good for both sides.

  • Let’s be honest — I prefer the PS3 and have my reasons for it. But the way rivaling consoles are described in this speech goes just way over the top. Never get nosy, it just ruins your reputation.

    • And that’s the rub. I’ve lately been impressed by the Playstation 3’s advancement; over time it’s gone from one of the worst launches in history to a real standalone console with actual killer app titles. But it’s shit like this that makes me feel like my money’s not going to the right place.

    • And lifeless, on top on that. Does it matter which console sells more? Which one is more powerful? Does it matter the brand of each console? No, God damn it! It’s all about the games! If you say that other consoles beyond your favourite one sucks without trying their exclusive then your opinion doesn’t matter at all. For example, if you say that XBOX 360 sucks without playing Dead or Alive 4 or Blue Dragon then you’re hopeless. If you say Wii sucks without playing Super Mario Galaxy or No More Heroes then you’re hopeless. Videogames is about entertainment, not fucking console wars, for the sake of the God! You behave like you’re having politics debate.

  • This console war/rage/which dick is bigger fest is rather amusing, for me personal the 360 does what I need it to do, play games and watch a few movies, the PS3 dose the exact same thing (and theres few games one the Ps3 that spike my intrest aside from LBP and KZ2), theres also a little thing I’m unsure of, can you play music while playing games fro mthe PS3 like the 360 can??? small things like this if true are what put me off haha,

    let me ask one little question, I know that PS network is free and xbox live is £40 a year but who the who feck can’t afford £40 a year with a working job or begging mum and dad, hell you could pick that much off the road side or from under the sofa,

    • One you HAVE to subscribe to to enjoy the games, the other one you can either play solo or online but not be forced into a paid subscription…with a company looking for reasons to ban people and force them to buy new systems -_-

  • 39 years from now…

    I lost my wife an’ chil’ren in the last great console war…A friend jumped on a ‘nade for me…10 times…then called me a stupid ****ing piece of ****ing **** monkeyball**** for not listening to the warnings on my headset…I bayonetted 3 wii users in one day and tried to nuke australia…

  • “…it means more quality and more choice” is just marketing hot air.

    I am not into the console war at all, but hearing this sort of marketing shit-talk gets on my nerves. We are not buying shoes, man. In 2009, most people know games coming out months before their release. Production cycle is getting shorter and these days, patches and DLCs are used to “finish” some of the games sold (by all consoles). So much for quality and choice…

  • Ninsheart said:
    Finally some people who see the XBox as a completely western console! Seriously, video games need to be made by the Japanese. Us westerners need to keep to being consumers.

    LOLz I rather die then play like 60% of the shitty games they make.
    they make good systems but not too many good games you have those titles that stand out FF,AceCombat,Takken,RE etc. Hell people from the damn Japanese industry admits their games suck some what, when all they are is grab ass and boob games/date games.

  • Sony is even making ads in Mexico for their PS3, but you know, it is a multimedia center ad, not a gaming console, basically if someone thought Nintendo was “all about casuals” Sony is not even aiming at gaming here, or how do you think this ad sounds?

    “Video, Music, Photos, Games, Playstation does everything…”

    I still have only three reasons to get a PS3, Metal Gear Solid 4, Smackdown vs RAW 2010, and possibily Devil May Cry 4 (although it is the same as my reason to get a 360, so, whatever happens first).

    Is not like I am a hardcore gamer, but the PS3 no longer deserves to have the PLAY on its name.

    • We’re in a time where a cell phone can no longer be called a “real” cell phone if it doesn’t,takes picture (and has an editor for them),play music,has video chat,take video AND play games!

      So i think sony is riding the right wave here >.>..

      Also,the xbox and wii do the same thing .
      (while a little less practical they do)

      I don’t see the problem here.

      • Lost in translation, “play” applies to many things in english, but you know, is no longer just for playing=jugar games.

        I am just pissed off about this stupid “war”, it was something like fanboy thing, but now the companies take it as “serious business” too.

  • After all the:
    “We are,good looking,more powerful,and have a bigger dic–…disk capacity!soon!or not…but better games! like HALOO—-” and other “we can have 3 pixel more then u nubz!”
    from Microsoft and his army of fanboys…

    I have to say it’s refreshing to see sony bash so openly competitor.

    Not saying they already haven’t of course…

    Now waiting for Sony fanboys:

    “We are prettier,more powerful,have REALLY bigger dic-…disk capacity! only downside,you can’t use the ps3 as a heater in cold winter night…but it IS a console so it’s normal LOL”

    Gawd i love console war! 😀

    *take popcorn*

  • what he’s saying is essentially correct. the ps3 does have the best long term potential and will no doubt be even more successful in due time but I think he’s being a bit too asshole and arrogant about it.

    for sony, at least he’s telling the truth while microsoft is in denial with the growth and continued success of the 360…for them there’s nowhere to go but down as far as I can see.

  • “We can throw layers of firmware into that box” … and stop you from using any features we change our mind about, or any content we deem undesirable. Just like Xbox360, and just like the PSP.

    New firmware won’t improve the hardware’s raw capabilities.

    But, surely he knows that, and is lying through his teeth.

    Excuse me, the politically-correct marketing phrases for “lying” are “positioning”, and “puffing”.

  • I love to watch the console wars. I can’t help but smile at the trash thrown between the PS3 and Xbox users, while no one will admit they like the Wii and PC users guffaw at the notion that a little box by the TV is event remotely interesting in comparison to the big box by their monitor.

  • ps3 giveth xbox360 taketh away, so do you want pancakes(ps3) or to be kicked in the nuts(xbox360)?
    anyone smart will roll with ps3, however there are masochists who will play with xbox360 just to play halo.

    • Oh well. At least Halo sells. And in the end, isn’t moneymaking what these console wars are all about?

      Mysterious Voice: “No. It’s all about customer satisfaction. Microsoft FAILS on all levels, due to poor quality control, active attempts to extort users, and a poor line up of games.”

      Oh, really? Well let me me tell you something right now…you’re wrong, Voice. Companies are all about moneymaking. That’s all there is to it. And if you had to think like an executive, you’d realize that games like Halo are not as bad to the industry as you claim.

      Let’s look at the facts for a bit, shall we? For whatever reason, FPS’ are popular. There’s just something about them that appeals to the audience. The first Halo was quite sucessful on its own. It selled a pretty good number of copies and garnered good reviews from the community, albiet with a few naysayers here and there who aren’t really fans of the FPS genre. Once Halo 2 came out, Halo had become a household name, and many considered it a killer app. With that in mind, selling Halo 3 was rather easy. They had a name that generated numbers, and a pretty good hype machine. When Halo 3 was released, sales popped up and the cash continued to flow. Sure, some of the audience may have been idiotic, but their ablitity to manipulate the idiots gave them a pretty good headstart.

      And keep in mind that when it was first released, the PS3 had some shortcomings of its own. A hefty price tag and a low number of notable titles to compete with the 360 plagued the system, and they’ve had to play catch up for so long until they’ve reached a pretty good footing with a lowered price tage and a decent range of games. Besides, familiar territory can also greatly affect the situation. Most people I know tended to have an Xbox 360. It seems to resonate with the viewers. Selling games for it is easy since a lot of people own one. Even Sony falls prey to the general marketers idea to make money, as shown by removing the backwards compatability on the PS3 to sell more copies of the PS2. A corporation is designed to create money. It will do what it can.

      Now, as everyone knows, there are two ways to sell a game. Familiarity of name, or quality of game. A franchise like Halo or Sonic has been along for a while and still has some dedicated fans. If a game proves popular and becomes a franchise, then mention of the franchise is a rather easy way to sell things. Of course, a game can also be sold through the quality of the title itself, which is a much more difficult thing to do. However, much like the head of the Oil Refinery Industry who gives their money to charity, this often ends very well. In some cases, a sequel to a great game can fall under the first method. And who said those two concepts were mutually exclusive?

      So to summarise, companies need money to surive. To get thier money, they must rely on the consumer. To draw the consumer in, they need good methods. Even if you guys don’t like Halo, there’s no denying the numbers it generates, a major boon for Microsoft. Besides, if they fail this time, there’s always the good sport of one-upmanship.

      Sorry if I came off as long winded or confusing. Once I writes something this big, it’s probably not a good idea to stop!

      Mysterious Voice: “Then stop writing big things and wasting our time!”

  • What should Sony say?

    “360 owns us saleswise, though with faulty hardware, banning thousands/millions of users and charging for Live. We are pathetic Islandmonkeys.”

    If your console is so perfect it should sell like 10 times the 360 does…and that for more than 1 month.

        • I lol’d when people point out about the RROD and herald PS3 as the perfect, reliable console. News flash: Yellow Light of Death. And I’ve had one PS3 which broke down because of that…

          Got my insurance company to replace my PS3 with a Slim though.

          As for @anon 6:55, you cannot ban a PSP because there’s no incentive for Sony to do so. Besides, when a 360 is banned, it’s banned from xbox live. You can still play it, just you can’t play it online. What can PSP owners lose when they have pirated games on it? Pratically nothing. Actually, pirated owners get the BETTER service than legit consumers [better load times, faster running game, longer batter times, etc].

          I applaud microsoft for banning those who practically get games for free. I rather support the gaming industry and the developers who deserve it. Besides, since I want to be a game designer, I would be upset if someone pirate my games and don’t pay for it. I wouldn’t do the same to them =P

        • Wanna know why the Xbox will be selling more? Red Ring of Death. Most people I know have bought maybe 2-3 360s because of that little badass move that microsoft did. Now mmost of them have bought 1 PS3 since. And are quite ok with it.

    • The social network “Facebook” will definitely come to PlayStation 3 as confirmed by a Sony representative to the website Eurogamer.

      After accidentally leaked images of this new service in one of the official website of the company, a Sony representative has come to the fore to confirm what is already an open secret: that users of PlayStation 3 may interact with each other through a social network most known and used worldwide.

      In the words of this representative, the information on this new service through the on-line PlayStation 3 will arrive “very soon”, as a matter of time before Sony officially pronounce it.

      With this anticipated announcement of the arrival of Facebook to PlayStation 3 is somewhat meaningless announcement that Microsoft made to much fanfare at E3 last held in Los Angeles last summer about the arrival of this social network on the Xbox 360 along with other services like or Twitter, being able to give the paradox of near-simultaneous arrival of this service to both platforms ….

    • Sony, on the other hand, can afford to make it ridiculously difficult to hack their PS3s in the first place, versus Microsoft, who chose to give heartbreak to hackers after they modded thier consoles.

      It’s fire prevention vs. putting out the fire long after it’s started.

      • Except they’re banning customers they do not value. Consoles themselves for Sony and Microsoft lose money, they make money from games sold. Why would they bother with consumers that do not profit from?

        • Are you a retard 10:21?
          Jesus christ. When a GM on an MMORPG goes on a ban spree of accounts who’ve been duping items, is it because they hate customers? NO. They’re banning RULE BREAKERS.
          Get a clue dip shit.

        • Why bother with a company that treats their customers so horribly? Let’s not forget that Xbox 360 when it came out was known for getting so hot it could fry an egg. The only reason why people used it was because it was cheap, period.

          Now that the PS3 went down in price they’re feeling the pinch, so they realize they’re just going to start banning people to try to get them to re-buy their systems, or a new HDD to make them more money. Why, because people are stealing it? People are stealing it because it’s so damn expensive, 70 bucks isn’t worth the money for a game when it first comes out and ALL of them are that price. If anyone supports that, they ARE an idiot.

    • Maybe. But with the latest scam by MS by banning that many HDDs, I wonder whether they are gambling on the fact many people will have to get another set of Xbox360s just to play their games over the holiday season.

      Might be another marketing trick from MS, but this is really a gamble. These customers they have secured have now turned to potential customers for the PS3.

    • well Microsoft has a terrible console with a big ass power-brick on the side.
      not only that it lacks storage capability and dvd’s are becoming very outdated on the xbox360 (just look at how crappy dragon age looks!)

      also $59 a year for basic online you get for free on the PS3?
      and also upgrading your HDD on the PS3 doesn’t get you banned off the playstation network…
      the xbox360 without rechargeable batteries or a controller cable is for $299 i gigantic rip-off seeing as u could get a PS3 with free online and blu-ray for free (compared to the xbox360) for 299…

      xbox360 is a hunk of american junk, only americans want to own…

        • I think the power brick is better than the PS3’s alternative, anyway. Having the power supply internalised was a terrible, TERRIBLE design decision that limits the PS3 in a few regards. It’s also why the damn thing is so huge.

      • I agree with you that the 360 has dated storage. they should have just used the HD-DVD format for games. Even if HD-DVD failed as a video media, it would have been perfectly good as a game disc, and backward compatible with standard DVD.

        I can’t agree on the comparison of online services. Free doesn’t mean better. Feature for feature and taking sheer amount of content into consideration, XBOX Live is just a better system. You get what you pay for.

        Also, getting a PS3 just because it has a blu-ray player is rather sad. The PS3 can’t hold a candle to a proper stand-alone high-end player, such as those available from companies like Marantz. The PS3 and XBOX are primarily game and online content delivery set-top boxes.

      • 1. Xbox live is only $50 a month, not $59, and I’ve never paid more than $30 for a year subscription (,, etc). It’s worth paying for because all multiplayer is on Microsofts dedicated servers. PS3 requires second party game companies to support online.

        2. Upgrading your HDD on the 360 doesn’t get you banned either. The bannings were from modding the optical disk drive so you could play downloaded games burned on DVD+R disks. You can’t even mod a PS3 disk drive, so don’t worry about bannings.

        3. The 360 has rechargeable battery packs, and they are about $10-15 each. Also the peripherals use a proprietary wireless tech, unlike PS3s clunky bluetooth wireless.

        4. Blu-ray is the only advantage PS3 has over 360. I have both, but the only thing I use my PS3 for is movies & 2-3 games.

      • First Posting Idiot says:

        The reason Americans and a lot of Europeans like the 360(less Europeans now) is because of the franchises that Microsoft went to great lengths to highlight.

        The starters: Gears of war, Halo 3, Crackdown, Modern warfare 1

        Now: Halo 3 ODST, Crackdown 2(being hyped online), Modern Warfare 2

        Seeing a pattern? A lot of the Most Hyped and advertised 360 games are about shooting the F*** out of both humans and aliens. The western audience loves it.

        Around the time of it’s release, ODST had more commercials than Windows 7 and Mac combined, and look at modern warfare 2 now.

        When it comes to the future of the 360, it looks grim. Core gamers have already tired of the Wii’s technology (didn’t take long), and the Game industry’s technology level will soon surpass the 360(if it hasn’t already). Developers will get tired of cutting content and quality for the 360 and will turn to the PS3 more and more until the next generation of consoles.

      • Um… Actually the graphics for Dragon Age Origins on the PS3 is far worse than those of the 360, all the while despite the PS3 being the more powerful console.

        Want proof? Go and check out the comparison video that gametrailers put up showing the PS3 and 360 version side by side if you dare.

        • No, it’s because the PS3 is a bitch to code for. Time and time again the XBOX displays better graphics than the PS3, because on the development end, Sony refuse to advance their architecture.

          Does that mean the PS3 has inferior graphics? Not really, the GPU’s are about the same, and the more effort you put into optimisation, the better the game looks – but it does mean that multi-console releases will tend to favour the XBox.

      • pfffff your little Delaystation 3 and ShitBox 360 are NOTHING compared to a decent PC, how many fps you can get on average? 30… (20/25 on ps3 as usual) and on what Resolution? 720p (1280×720)… my pc pwns pretty much every game at 1200p (yes, 1920×1200) with a 70fps average… wanna see you top that…

        • RPG’s are better on PC, too, 11:36. I’d still use a console for 3rd-person action, fighting games and the like, of course.

          Moot point anyway, I have a PC plus all 3 consoles because I’m actually a gamer and not a fanboy.

        • Actually, you DON’T have to spend a shitload of money to play better quality games on PC.
          The nvidia gts 250 (graphics card in case the technologically challenged can’t figure that out) can run 1920 x 1080 (assuming it’s not crysis)and still get 60-70 fps. All you need to do is upgrade the pc you already got. (maybe a cooling system if your comp is noob).

          PC beats every console in terms of technical specs if you really want to go there. The only real problem with PC is that there are no “party games” aka splitscreen shooters and fighting games.

        • after spending enough money to get around 10 “delaystation 3s” I believe I’d pass on that. Plus PC is missing some great games. I’m a fan of PC myself but in some aspects the consoles have PCs licked.

      • Well, I admit that all in all the 360 isn’t a very good console. It’s the “buyer beware” of current gen consoles in fact. However, it has flat out awesome games (like forza for instance). Though there’s no denying the PS3 is a much better system…

        • Based on what exactly? Personal opinion?

          The Xbox still outsells the PS3, maybe not for much longer but it still does.

          Point – Xbox

          The Xbox is a much easier and user friendly system to code for, which is why unfortunately xbox users get screwed with “beta” games like vesperia and star ocean, but they still get it first. Being easier to code for attracts companies like ValvE studios.

          Point – Xbox

          While paying for a service is never as good as getting a service for free, there is no doubt that Xbox live has a huge community and game to system integration is usually a priority making the ease of use remarkable. In addition Xbox live also offers home entertainment solutions for people looking to expand their entertainment value beyond the scope of just gaming. 50 dollars a year is nothing for this kind of service. PSN really offers just a gaming platform to reach out to other players and PSHome is a failure.

          Point – Xbox

          Xbox software is dated and is unreliable, although microsoft did offer replacement consoles with free extended warranties, something they didnt HAVE to do. PS3 does have superior hardware and reliability and just recently it comes at a reasonable and affordable cost.

          Point – PS3

          Games generally make or break a system and the only thing keeping PS3 afloat is the fact that so many Japanese game developers have such Xenophobia. How would the PS3 stand is MGS 4 and FFXIII versus decided to go to XBox instead? Unfortunately the PS3 tries to live a solely console lineage which makes the games for it relatively limited in scope. The games look great for it and play fine, but games like Halo, L4D, GoW, Lost Odessey and so on are developed on the Xbox due partly for ease of development (L4D) and paid exclusives (Halo). Xbox tries to blend console ease with PC functionality and does a fairly decent job, which also extends the amount of games the system can recieve, and more games is always better.

          Point – Xbox.

          The PS3 is black, which is cool. The Xbox is mostly white (some come in black) which shows its ugliness.

          Point – PS3.

          So what is your point exactly?

      • Do some research. It’s $50 a year and is FAR superior to the PS3 online. The PS3 is still too expensive and very few exclusives are on it that warrant buying it.

        You’re prolly European or Japanese huh?

        • @ anon 08:07
          My friend I am not playing soldier, I AM a soldier. Did my 9 months of service in the German navy and am going to be a reservist until the age of 32.

          And again you are failing to proove your so called ‘facts’. Yeah so they are making a new engine for the next MGS for XBOX but that does not mean they do it because the XBOX 360 wouldn’t be able to run the old enginge because of technical inferiority.
          Instead of being the presumptuous dickhead that you are you could post links or give other sources to proove these ‘facts’.
          And I don’t want to hear any facts from biased Microsoft or Sony developers, try 3rd party developers instead who have experience on both consoles.

          Oh and I find it very offensive that you label me as someone who only plays FPS. Mass Effect for example is a good FPS/RPG hybrid with a compelling story to tell.

          Oh and you also forget that what games like Call of Duty and Gears of War lack in story they exceed in gameplay, which is the very reason people buy videogames. What good is a game with a compelling story when the character handles like a cow in a super market trolley with 3 wheels missing? If I want to hear or read a good story then I go and read a book or watch a movie. If a videogame comes with a compelling story then that’s very good but not when the gameplay is shits.

          @ Anon 08:12
          Oh I clearly see what he did there. He spent all the money on long and boring cutscenes with lots of redundant dialouge. So in the end the gameplay was bound to be shits with piss easy enemies. MGS4 is nothing more than a ineffective 3rd person shooter with bad storywriting and -telling and interesting characters.
          Yes I said the characters were interesting but the game itself is just too flawed to be enjoyable.

          Of course you will now flame me for being a FPS fanboy again but aren’t you missing one tiny but very important detail? A game is (and I shall quote wikipedia here) ‘a structured activity, usually undertaken for enjoyment and sometimes used as an educational tool.’ it also says there that ‘Key components of games are goals, rules, challenge, and interaction.’
          It may sound hard to you Kojima fanboy ears but during the entire game he repeatedly ignored the entire ‘interaction’ part, which is the most important part in video games.

          I would also like to thank Anon 11:55 for his post.

          (by Anon who is not a fanboy of any console but just a passioante Metal Gear hater. And also a hater of people who use so called ‘facts’ without proving them)

        • I am appalled at the massive stupidity of everyone on this site. You hear some dumbass drivel on his blog and you get a massive hard on.

          PS3’s hardware is nowhere near superior. It’s pretty well established that nobody wants to work on it because the programming is so backward. Its also a fact the graphics GPUs are nearly the same except a slight advantage on Xbox 360’s part. The only thing the PS3 has “more” of is blu-ray, which is an expensive and monopolized piece of shit no third party would pay for unless they’re sitting in millions.

          The mere fact PS2 is still strong is solely because the PS3 is a failure of a successor. With Sony completely ditching their 3rd parties in favor of hardcore westernized 3D games like Killzone, Resistance, inFAMOUS, little big planet… Do ANY of these sound JAPANESE to you? Of course not, so what the fuck is the point in supporting it for being a japanese console when its failing at its target market. The U.S of fucking A.

          I’m going to tell you right now why 360 won’t be so easily phased out.
          It welcomes, with cash incentives as well, indie developers, 3rd party developers, and 1st parties. Microsoft even have their own game studios. 360 gives a platform for all the indie developers who wanted to develop and sell their own games. Games REAL gamers want to play, like Shadow Complex, Castle Crashers, TrialsHD. They remaster classics as well, so all the retro gamers are on XBLA or Virtual Console. What has sony done? Oh right, made emulations of FF7 in its terrible graphic glory.

          So keep telling yourselves PS3 is awesome. You should know you’re the ones being ripped off, not us.

        • First Posting Idiot says:

          I’m glad someone brought up Metal Gear Solid 4. Metal Gear Rising(Solid 5: Rising?) will be made with a new game engine because it will be multi platform.

          I was already glad to find out I’ll be following Raiden on his descent into Ninja Emo-ness, and now I’m extra happy the game will be made 360 quality. (Extreme Sarcasm)

          For those familiar with Metal Gear, I think Kojima should make a game about The Boss and her unit, or Vamp and his old team.
          (PS3 exclusive of course)

        • You can talk about Ninja Gaiden 2 Sigma on the PS 3 all you like. But actually, as you can see in another article here on sankaku, they had to downgrade some visual parts of the game to make it compatible to PS 3!!!

        • the anon at 7:20 clearly does not know what kojima made on MGS4 tsk tsk tsk…. get a clear sense of 4th wall buddy expect that on peacewalker and rising lol valkyria chronicles tsk tsk tsk… its all about rigged gameplays that you dont understand here tsk tsk tsk…

        • Hey anon 7:20.
          Based of what facts why 360 can’t run MGS4?
          They’re making a new engine just to run MGS: Rising on the xcrap. If they can run MGS4 engine, the development for MGS:Rising would be on the same timeline with MGS: Peace Walker.

          Valkyria Chronicles was originally an xcrap exclusive, but it can’t be run on the xcrap they have to put it on the PS3 where it’s only possible.

          I really pity you xbots, the only thing that you play are FPS and shooters. Seriously GET A FUCKING LIFE AND STOP PLAYING SOLDIERS!

        • MGS4 was shits. I prefer games with GOOD gameplay, a reasonable game to cutscene ratio and enemies that are actually challenging and not as dumb as bricks. MGS4 does not reach theses standarts.

          I still have nightmares from being more or less forced to watch one of my former comrades in the Bundeswehr play this game every god damned day since we were room-mates. This game is just so bad.

          ‘Hey Snake you need to insert the next disc. Oh wait this is the PS3.’
          Yeah, way to kill the flow, cockbite.
          Yeah, congrats. Now die already.

          *after 15 minutes of dialouge without interaction*
          ‘Erm, dude? Is there actually some GAMEPLAY in this game or are we just watching some bad movie?’

          Valkyria Chronicles? Yeah, androgynous idiots playing war in a bad WW2 ripoff. All laughable anime stereotypes included (and that’s coming from someone who likes anime).

          Also the statement that the XBOX 360 couldn’t run MGS4 is based on what facts exactly? are you some game developer who actually has the knowledge to compare the systems in such a way? I doubt it because if you were, you wouldn’t partake in this senseless console war.

        • “Do some research. It’s $50 a year and is FAR superior to the PS3 online. The PS3 is still too expensive and very few exclusives are on it that warrant buying it.”

          WOW talk about the most ignorant comment up here in the comments section!

        • Don’t forget MGS4, which COULDN’T be played on the 360 because of it’s technological inferiority. In the future we will probably being seeing more of this kind of thing or upgraded versions coming to the PS3. Ninja Gaiden 2 Sigma, Tales of Vesperia anyone?