14-Year-Olds “Most Prolific Rapists”


US government statistics indicate the most common age of sex offenders is 14, thought to be due chiefly to the vigorously pursued policy of arresting sexually active teenagers and labelling couples as “victim” and “perpetrator.”

The US government’s published report make no bones about the youthful nature of those being locked up for sex crimes, as evidenced below:


“In general, the detailed age profile of offenders in sexual assault crimes shows that the single age with the greatest number of offenders from the perspective of law enforcement was age 14.

The single age with the greatest proportion of sexual assault victims reported to law enforcement was age 14.”

Teenagers “raping” other teenagers apparently make up the most common sex crimes in the US.

What the report does not mention is the fact that these offences are said to be predominantly statutory ones, where both parties consented but one party happened to be older than the other, which inevitably results in a “victim” and a “perpetrator.”

Since these offences result in heinous sounding convictions for the rape and sodomy of minors, and the offenders are subsequently forced onto a public registry of criminals, effectively ruining their lives, some are calling into question the climate of hysteria regarding adolescent sexuality.

Indeed, there are cases where offenders forced onto such registers for having consensual sex as teenagers have been murdered by vigilantes, to say nothing of the brutal treatment inevitably received at the “correctional” facilities more often responsible for instilling deviancy and recidivism in their inmates.

It seems America’s prison industry, already the most extensive in history, will be well supplied with new inmates as the budding sexuality of the nation’s youth is criminalised and any suggestion of underage sexuality results in imprisonment and eternal sex offender status…

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  • Blame politics for this. I’m sure most of the lawmakers realize something is wrong with this, but one side is too afraid to be seen as encouraging immoral behavior, while the other WANTS it this way so they can bust out a new victim and sympathy ploy to stigmatize their “religious” opponents.

  • Anonymous says:

    This is just one of America’s horrid laws. Kids are always charged worse than adults. Think about kids who commit or try to commit bank robberies. They can be sentenced to life in prison without parole, yet adults only come close to that if they kill someone.

  • Anonymous says:

    Well, it’s the age you feel hornier than any other… Both boys and girls. Problem here is religious fundamentalism or fake moralism. The USA are champions in such things.

    Ppl should have sex when they felt like, if they were more honest there would be less frustrated ppl and probably less raping.

  • Anonymous says:

    i got raped when i was 4
    this girl named sarah pulled my pants down
    and sucked my peepee, then i stuck my head in her vagina and made a fort in there for a couple of weeks
    yeah i know, im da fuckin man

  • While I believe that teenagers getting involded in sex so early is not precisely desirable (they still don’t have the criteria and maturity necessary to act with responsability, so they act mostly on animal instinc, hormones and mediatic pressure), this is absolutely ridiculous. The fact that age makes of the older partner (usually the boy) the rapist, is perhaps the most ridiculous part when everyone know that girls mature physically and mentally faster.

  • Barbarian of Gor says:

    My grandparents were either 14 and 15 or 13 and 17 when they married. This was depression/post depression era and in a rather remote place. Simply put, they weren’t on any official “Registers” for a LONG time;-) It was America back then. They both passed away in the 90s. I’m not old myself, they had kids over a long period of time, so I’m a child of the 70s.

    But in AmeriKKKa some prosecutor would find out and go after them for “Justice by Points”. They love ‘technicality’ crimes. When they are forced to prosecute mafia kingpins, corrupt businessmen, drug traffickers, child sellers…etc. Those guys not only can fight back, they have good lawyers. And too many lost cases lose a good job, sometimes even one big lost case. So they go after cheap “Points” with contempt for the damage they to to people.

    The “Molester” term has become the modern cry of “Witch!” the unforgivable crime that is so vile that if anyone even argues the accused’s innocence they are considered guilty of it too.

    If they’d lived till today, some Prosecutor would look over records (yes, they were eventually on the system) and go after them. Two “Serial child molesters” plus lots of money and property to seize for the state. Easy points. This is AmeriKKKa.

  • a lolicon said:
    Are you saying that 14-year-olds shouldn't be allwed to do what they want with their own bodies?

    Die, moralfag.


    Being a "rapist" (or was that my friend who was a year older than me?) at the age of 7 myself, I find this moral panic shit so incredibly fucking annoying. Stop telling me that I can't think or that I don't know what I want!

    I knew perfectly well what I wanted back then, and I still feel the same about sex today (fun, feels awesome, use protection), so what the fuck are you (as in the "general morons on a moral panic rampage"-you) trying to tell me I'm wrong?

    But no. I was raped, apparently. And I'm happy about it, too. Does that make me some sort of masochist?

      • Even if a part of it is made-up (which I doubt), you don’t have to be a genius to know that it doesn’t take much to be listed as sex offender.

        And like it or not, countries such as America (though they’re not the only ones – the UK’s laws are not much better) DO have problems with two kids fucking each other with both giving their consent, especially if he is 18 or older and she younger than that.

        Also, given how extremely prudish some parents can be, I could easily see them punish them like this as well. Plus, some schools are VERY good at snitching. If you tell them your kid had sex with another one, they’d be quick to call the authorities. In the worst case, the parents will have their custody taken away from them, because they obviously failed as parents to keep their children in line.

  • I’m not the biggest supporter of the US but get a grip, people. Compare the US laws to dozens of other countries (say, I dunno, Singapore) and they are no better and often worse. Someone here said living under sharia and living in the US are the same.

  • Paranoia in the US has reached pure ridiculous levels.

    Under-aged kids who indulge in consensual sexual activity don’t deserve to get branded with being a sex offender.

    Now real rapists, regardless of age need to be punished, however, minors being labeled as sex offenders is like a death sentence. “Potential” sex offender would be better a better label for minors. Give them counseling while their young. <.<

    America shouldn't be ruining the futures of youths.
    But for the most part the whole charging minors with sex crimes is getting a ridiculous because of the fact that a lot of the youths engage in consensual sexual activities. Politicians and everyone else is frankly messed up.

    Wanna hear an even bigger rumor. US politicians are trying to push a law into action redefining minors as anyone under the age of 26. Seriously, its all hypocrisy, spouting off that the people have the freedom yet restricting consenting couples on who they can love. A promise is made to protect the people yet the law enforcers are mixing those who don't act with evil intent with those who do in the same category and convicting them all the same.

    Damn it really disappoints me seeing this skewed statistic.

    • oks this topic went too the point. usa dosent care on age if your under 18 u have sex u will get in hauled in. nextin my vie girls and guys age should matter to an extent XD. 10 yr old and a 17 yr old is like 10 and 30++… world forget most parents and grandparents married before 20 10-20 was normal and mostly girl were married at 10-14… kids will have sex b/c you say they cant…. its like drinking laws… its useless and cause of the mess…

  • this is wrong on so many levels. the politaceions have pushed this to such a level that even having an hard-on is a crimanal offince. at this rate Amraica will become like Japan in it’s low birth rate becaue young aduilts will be to afraid to have sex bucesue they might get sent to prision for it. this is stupid.

  • This is incredibly, tremendously, disgustingly wrong. It’s a shame I am too lazy, insignificant, and apathetic to do anything more than vote against this kind of thing and send out a few letters…

  • I must say that if two people are under age and close in age (0-3 years apart) they shouldn’t be arrested and branded for life it’s simply stupid. That said 18+ year olds are adults and mustn’t be allowed to get off with sex with an under age child. Although I believe proper sex education is vital (not abstinence only actual sex education) and children shouldn’t be tried as adults, I also believe children aren’t ready for the consequences sex can have. Now that presents a conflict in my beliefs but i’m fully aware that children will always have sex, so the point i’m trying to make is we shouldn’t say it’s ok to go out and have sex whenever they want, but we shouldn’t condemn sex either or punish them for it. We need to make sex less taboo but on America’s puritan foundation it’s difficult. Basically, we should simply educate the children not inject our personal beliefs about sex. Then they decide what they want to do with a pure set of facts not scare tactics, propaganda, or a sex is consequence free mind set

  • Shit like this is why aliens haven’t invaded the earth.

    If you were visiting a planet to either conquer it or bring it the cure for cancer would you set foot on it after reading any 5 articles of current worlds events ?

    They know that if they gave the human race a common enemy, they’d have 4 billion bigots changing their racial kos to “outer space alien not mexico-alien” and have their penises cut off and mounted on the hoods of hummers by hordes of evangelical femi and religinazis.

    They won’t mess with the craziest ****ing race in the universe.

  • once you get “hit” with a “label” there is a life-long stigmata to it. don’t be running your mouth off if you have never been in that boat.. it is nearly impossible to recover from it….
    however i wish i was 14 again >.<

        • … not really sick weird butt.. that isnt really rapist ppl rape is forcing sex on another and alot of the so call crimes isnt forced if they girls agreed usa and other contries just dont care about some thing sooo simple ill spell it out for you.
          the H-E-A-R-T.
          girl and guy should make there choice.
          but what can you say, nothing people do or say wul effect nature.

        • What a fucking stupid concept.
          So I’d be a rapist because I lost my virginity at 16.
          Which of course was under a lot of peer pressure because in where I come from 16 yr virgin meant you are gay.
          But you know what I don’t regret it because I knew what a condom was then and I wasn’t a basket case when I went to college.

          BTW there is nothing wrong with an 18 or 19 year old dating a 17 year old it’s perfectly normal.
          But a 21 year old dating a 15 year old is kinda sick and a 13 year old is just wrong.

      • There is no consent because it is rape. Sex with a child is a crime. Consent or not, it is a crime. It’s a crime if a 25 yr old doing a 15 yr old even with her consent, so should anyone of any age.
        Don’t give me he knows more and all. Not with what goes on tv and stuff. Even so, what if the girl knows a ton more than the 25 yr old because he is a virgin? Then what?

        • Anonymous says:

          Anonymous, you’re an idiot.

          There is a difference between rape and sex. I would agree that a 35, much less a 25 year old having sex with a 15yr old girl is wrong.

          But you’re an idiot, with the law and your rules – two 14 year olds having consensual sex *IS NOT RAPE*. Most people become sexually active around 11~12, and being sexually active at 14 is not rare. Just because you never got laid, doesn’t mean you have to have a stick up your butt about it.

          Also, with the laws being stupid, ie: there ARE stupid laws out there that should be fixed, yes we need laws, etc.

          When a 14year old girl takes nude photos of her self with her camera phone and sends it to a few friends. What happens?

          Yes, she is charged as a pedophile in the USA for distributing child porn. And the other kids who received those photos, just by looking at them, not knowing what was sent – are registered sex offenders too.

          Lets see, yes she shouldn’t have done it – but THEY ARE KIDS! They do stupid kid crap and only should be warned not to do that as it could embarrass themselves and attract predators. But to go through trial, jail time and a sex-offender for the rest of their lives? That hurts kids, doesn’t help.

          That is fucked.

        • So two kids of roughly the same age who are experimenting in sex are raping each other? Why is it so bad for children to try out sex (and with that, I refer to all kinds of sex, not just penetration)? They have to learn it someday, so why not start early?

          Maybe you should tell Mother Nature that people shouldn’t be physically prepared for sex at age 12 and wait till they’re 16 or older (depending on where you live) before giving them sexual desires and everything that comes with it.

  • The US government has become renowned at distorting the truth and often out right lying.

    98% of these cases are probably nothing more then two kids being curious about their bodies and exploring this new would of sexuality.

    I blame the evangelical conservative movement they have been dragging the country down every since they gained power.
    These people are hypocrites who have an inferiority complex and can only feel good about themselves if they are hunting a witch and this includes trying their own children as witches.

    • welcome home, captain obvious. 😉

      any kind of faith, be it christianity or islam or buddism or whatnot is essentially a life philosophy, and it usually includes some very righteous elements that are crucial for a functioning society. unfortunately, since a philosophy is human-made, it can easily be warped into an oppressive one, if the wrong people may control it. that’s why it’s so important laws need to made from a consent of everyone – as soon as an “elite” can pass them unconstrained, they will become bad sooner or later.

      in this respect, the so-called western world is no better than, for example, an underdeveloped islamic country. we may not force our women to wear a burka, but denying our children to find their sexual identity is just as bad.
      mind you, many countries that are governed by the sharia are more modern than the us and a in some respects.

    • Lets round them up and put them on an island, or in the middle of the jungle somewhere or better yet dump them in the middle east but not kill them.
      Lets see if they can even survive without parasitically living off the intelligent people.

      Surprisingly it would not be as big a group as you’d think it’s mostly a small but very vocal group of old bitties who can’t handle modern times and closest homos and pedos in denial who feel that going on a jihad on the subject they have impure thoughts about would clear them in the eyes of their god.
      The last group are SOBs who never had success socially but joined the church and are now hell bent to make everyone as miserable as they are.

      • Nah, the logistics of rounding them up in one place would be a nightmare–It’s best to just wipe them from the fucking planet. Besides, if we let them live otherwise who knows what kind of things they can pull off in order to survive?

        I would recommend that the president should use our military’s entire nuclear arsenal against all the counties/towns/communities whose populations are mostly comprised of right-wingers, both real and in-name-only. He can then order each and every military base in the country to go on full alert and wipe out any remaining refugees that exist near by. If there are any high-value conservatives living within liberal communities/cities, he can then send in the special forces to assassinate them, their families, and anyone that may benefit from their deaths. Why drag the neocons out of their houses when you can vaporize them in their sleep?

        He can cover it up as an attack from an unknown country, too.

  • To the Alex Jones Moron…

    You want to go back to the days of the constitution?
    Yea sure let’s do that…wanna start a slavetrading empire with me? We’ll kidnap drunks and sell them off to megafarm corporations or pharmaceutical testing.

    This country would be MUCH MUCH worse if they never changed and reinterpreted those documents over the centuries.

    A better solution would be to gather every moral fag, religifag, and ultrafeminazifag, tell them they can have their own island and make it the holiest place on earth…then bomb it from orbit.

    • “A better solution would be to gather every moral fag, religifag, and ultrafeminazifag, tell them they can have their own island and make it the holiest place on earth…then bomb it from orbit.”

      Hell yah I’d so support that plan.
      Heck I want to be one of the people who drop the bombs.
      BTW for reasons of entertainment can I strafe the island with a C130 spooky then release an army of diseased monkeys before the nuking it.

      • You and your friends sound like 12 yrs old. Shut the hell up.

        Of course it would be easy to blame people with higher standerds then yourself for all your problems.
        Of course, you being a 12 year old, your only problems in life are trying to ace that test in your english class, and not to mention the case shown above.

        • Higher standards that now that is a riot.

          At least I don’t support petrowars where children are raped,and burned alive with white phosphorous and then have the nerve to laugh and joke about how the dirty heathens are getting what they deserve.

          Like it or not the assholes who pushed for these laws also the same people who are responsible for killing and violating several orders of power more people then every so called pedo or rapist on the sex offender list.
          Do a search you will find in almost every case so and so who pushed for said sex crime bill also supported the war on terror and the war on drugs.

          Now look at your shame and this does not include deaths via malnutrition or contaminated water caused by the war.

  • In the US, there are exceptions to this rule from state to state. Certain states allow consensual sex bewteen minors at age 16 or so, as well as a minor and an adult so long as the adult is within 3 or so years of age of the minor (This law I broke by a year, never caught). The issue here however is that middle school is ripe with sexual curiosity as the kids don’t know how to act. Hell, I was that way, but somehow restrained myself, with some regret.

    On another note, I found a map of the world that shows the law of minimum age for legal sexual consent or something like that. Very interesting. Thank you Futaba-chan.

  • This is why boys are right to be afraid of girls until they are both 18. No cooties, no silly naivete, lawsuits are the reason behind boys not knowing how to communicate with girls later in life.

  • So…having consensual sex between a peer of the same age or of similar age when you’re under 18 means you’re a rapist? Likelyhood being put on the SOR and still try to live a normal life there from?

    Did the person who add this law actually…thought about consequences? Either that or the law is really outdated.

    Kids learn alot quicker than yesteryear. Information is more readily available too. Kid A may develop faster physically and mentally than Kid B. The good and responsible parents will inform and teach their kids resonsibilities regarding sex should the child become sexually active or curious. So if ever their child does have sex there is a risk involved and they will have the knowledge to take precautions. Bad and irresponsible parents will just avoid their childs curiosites and blame everything else as the corruption of their kid when something not favourable happening such as *in a deep movie man voice* UNDERAGE PREGNANCIES.

    • These laws are made by either old, fat, greasy politics who envy the young ones, or by old, fat, ugly mothers who cannot bear to see their precious daughter being taken away from them, and loving someone else.

      In any way, I’d just buy my boy a hooker, just made sure she’s clean.

    • Our Nanny Overlords here in UK isn’t any better…

      -War on Dangerous Drawings (loli/shota ban. As long as there might be a chance of a boner from a imaginary character that does not seem to or have features of an 18+ imaginary character…yeah…)

      -War on Dangerous Pictures (Apparently looking at fetishes will make you a rapist)

      -War on Terror in the country (yes I’m sure that guy with the backpack taking a picture of a train station or building is a terrorist…)

      -War on ‘Possibly, we don’t really know, but maybe there’s a chance of potentially dangerous person. So let’s spy on them all!’

      -War on Drugs…on morality (Search Professor David Nutt)

      -War on Knives (Cause yes, kids will buy knives from shops instead of going into a kitchen and just grab one. But who would of guessed…knives can kill people by themselves!)

      -War on Possibly Pedo Parents (Hmm yes a parent taking a picture of their child at school event is a pedo. Or the woman driving their son and friends home? Pedo too.)

  • This is really sad. And also to me means I will NOT be visiting the US as a tourist until the day it becomes a sane country again.

    I can just imagine the following.

    1: Arrives in the US; pulled apart for extra questioning because security has to meet their quotas.

    2: Small child falls down in front of me. I pick it up and put it back on its feet. Arrested for attempted kidnapping.

    3: Goes to nightclub, picks up prostitute, looks early 20’s but is only 17. Arrested for rape.

    • You forgot how they will take your fingerprints make a file of you then make you take out your shoes throw half of your shit from the bag and generally humiliate you in the airport because they still see the ghost of Bin Laden in there dreams.
      I’ve never seen a more pussy scared behavior in my life.

      • 1: It is naive to assume being pulled aside requires any action on your part. Q: what do you call an airport screener who doesn’t single enough people out? A: Unemployed.

        2: Have you considered the long term consequences of teaching young people not to help if they see someone in need. You think these people as they get older will have any trouble pulling the plug on medicaid, social security or pensions in general, and letting old people die in the streets. Think again.

        3: Gee, and what does not barhopping make you look like? A 30 yo virgin computer geek, or a religious crazy person like Sarah Palin. There are worse things than being a douche.

        • you only help people until it burns you in a bad way.

          in first grade, a kid had a bad bloody nose, and wasn’t from my school, having over 500 kids and being in first grade, i didn’t know that. i took him to the nurse, and for 3 hours i was questioned by police and accused of beating the shit out of the kid. they got the truth, all that mattered.

          something like that happened every year, until i realized that if i just shut the part of me that gave a fuck off, life would be easier.

          than 8th grade, i watched someone fall bad. there were some friends by him but they were stupid, i looked the other way. came back 10 minutes later, there was a crowd, and blood pool around the person.

          younger me would have helped in any way i could.
          older me though thank god i didn’t get involved, probably would have blamed me.

          it dosen’t help that i never had friends who would back me up, or parents that believed in me, when ever i was accused of something no mater how bad it was they always assumed i did it.

  • Just get rid of all unconstitutional laws, and simply follow the Constitution and Bill of Rights as the founding fathers intended. All your problems solved.

    The united states of America (not the United States; which is a special entity) is the best country on the planet.

    Only problem is it has largely been taken over by eugenicist globalists who’ve been tightening their grip on the legal system and society for over a hundred years now, squeezing harder and harder..

    Soo, a part of the solution is to go to infowars.com and read some real news articles for once, learn stuff…

    And more importantly, Listen to “The Alex Jones Show” live in Winamp for free.

    Because the choices you make in life are only as good as the information you base them on!

    • USA … best country …
      You need to have your brain fixed, dude.
      Seriously, you do.

      There are a lot of countries, I’d *never* want live in, and although those are mostly developing countries, some other nations like China or the USA are on my list, too…

      • sadly it is the best

        but thats the best as in “you were burned over 90% of your body, SOMEHOW you lived, this was the best we can do”

        i look at every other first world country and i would hate living there, and japan being the only one where i would have likely killed myself before i even hit 18. America has a certain set of fuck ups but it off set by there laxes in other areas, making it tolerable at best, some other countries fit that same definition, but to me America fucks me over less than other countries would.

  • Such is the problem with law, especially criminal law. All criminal law really focuses on is punishing the ‘wrong-doer’ or the ‘bad guy’, since that’s how the government designed the laws to be. In this case the bad guy would be the ‘rapist’ of consensual sex. It completing ingores other parties besides the apparent offender. All this about punishing punishing punishing, you’re bad you’re bad you’re bad is fucking things up pretty badly. This is pretty much true in almost any country, really.

  • Our justice system is made up of either judges that take under the tables from rich people/corporatiions to allow laws that would **** over ordinary people, or a political footrace to make our justice system as punitive and draconian as humanly possible.

    We believe that we can lock people up for minor offenses and they WILL be able to rehabilitate themselves…not just commit bigger crimes when they’re released. We criminalize harmless thing and if a punishment seems too lenient, a number of victims rights groups get together to bitch at politicians to get people put away for longer and longer times.

    Throw in overloaded public defenders and you have a messed up judiciary.

    • Condoms and pills prevent teenage pregnancy.
      Branding teenagers as sexual offenders on the other hand does not. It mainly serves to sooth the righteous fury of the fundamentalist moralfags that inhibit the US.

  • My god. It’s puberty. Let them experiment! What’s wrong with that?

    Sex is something good, but in our age where the smallest sexual stuff already is considered something bad or something children/teens must be “protected from”, we’d be happy that reproducing is at all legal in 10 years…

    • How the hell is sex good at that age?! Extremely few teens today would be prepared for the long-term results of their “playing around”. They can screw each other all they want in a few years, but for their age, it’s best to let other people decide their long-term actions before they ever regret doing something stupid.

      Being labeled a sex offender for life is extreme though.

        • U guys are missing the point. It’s not whether or not kids should have sex but the fact that these very kids are getting sent to prison and are on the sex offender list for life.

          I’m sure these politicians who campaign under the guise of “protect the children” get nice kickbacks from the prison system and law enforcement for doing their job of “protecting the children”. The recent case of the corrupt judge from Philadelphia is a perfect case in point.

        • Those adults were probably teenagers that played around too much.

          IMO nobody should have sex unless they can handle raising a child, regardless of their age. It’s not like people have to have sex if they need to relieve themselves, masturbation works fine. The only problem is that kids (and quite a few adults) think that they HAVE to have sex with as many people as possible but can’t handle what might happen as a result (having children, catching STDs, and the change in your relationship once it becomes sexual).

        • Yes, but at least they can assume more responsibility. For the children though, not only do they have to face it, the parents of the children and society at large has to too.

          Also, why was my comment brought down, people? I see nothing logically wrong with it.

  • Blame this on America’s new culture:

    Sex in the god damn movies!

    Come on, just scrap this rule already and reduce the prision population! I mean, it’s not like a big deal when a 16-year old and a 14-year old wants to fuck each other, but seriously America, get your heads out of your asses already!

        • Based on reason? Praying to the IPU that your uninformed daughter won’t have sex doesn’t even come close to reasoning.
          “Let’s say you have a 14yo daughter who is sexually active.”

          If I found out that my 14-year-old daughter was sexually active, then I’d make sure that she knew about the possible consequences and that she’d have access to the appropriate contraceptives if she decides to continue.
          “One day, you find out she is pregnant. 14yos, generally, are dependent on their parents. So,if you are fine with taking care of a child that is unintentionally conceived, then allow her to sleep around at age 14.”

          I’m neither omnipresent nor am I omniscient. If my hypothetical daughter choses to have sex without my knowledge, then there’s nothing I can do about it; I won’t chain her to her bed or threaten her with various punishments if she doesn’t obey me.
          “As for me, I’d encourage her to wait until she’s out of my responsibility.”

          This gives me an “unlike you”-type feeling… Don’t get me wrong; I’d warn her about the consequences, but I’m not naive enough to think that she’d be abstinent just because I told her to.
          Now, I understand why you’re shaking in your boots. Sex ed in Sweden is both mandatory and taught throughout the duration of your school years (my generation was, at least). In the U.S. however, sex ed isn’t mandatory, it isn’t taught nearly as much (if at all), and it might not even be truthful.

          If I were in your shoes, I WOULD chain my hypothetical daughter to her bed and threaten her with eternal torment if she disobeyed me. Letting an ignorant teenage girl spend time with ignorant teenage boys is just asking for a grandchild…
          “P.S: Your nick makes you lose some cred in this debate.”

          It’s most fortunate that I’m not running for president then, huh?

        • @ a lolicon

          My explanation isn’t based on morals, it’s based on reason.

          Let’s say you have a 14yo daughter who is sexually active. One day, you find out she is pregnant. 14yos, generally, are dependent on their parents.So,if you are fine with taking care of a child that is unintentionally conceived,then allow her sleep to around at age 14.
          As for me, I’d encourage her to wait until she’s out of my responsibility.

          P.S: Your nick makes you lose some cred in this debate.

        • last time i checked it was illegal NOT to give birth control to a kid who asked, regardless of age.

          however im not 100% sure of the pill though, that may be more of an age thing because there are drugs in it, but i know a girl who was on it at 12 because of period craps and the pill helping.

        • Firetribe:

          To be honoest; I’m surprised it’s even available in the U.S. It’s no wonder that the U.S. has some of the higest rates of teen births in the world.

          Practically no contraceptives coupled with abstinence only sex education… The mind boggles.

          Laws need to be changed and people need to get informed.

        • lol doesn’t make sense they might as well just sell the shit, else it’ll end up like booze, they’ll just get an older buddy to boot for em, and i can see the age limit for shit that can hurt people but age restrictions for birth control….. fuck, on a better note the birth rates dropping in most places so i guess their just trying to fix that

        • As in “don’t give them sex ed; they’ll wanna try having sex” or “lets only teach them about abstinence”?

          I’m fairly certain that it’s the latter that’s causing most of the problems that parents complain about.

        • Are we assuming that these teens live in a world where sex education doesn’t exist? I’m afraid that I can’t do that.

          Legal guardians can tell their kids to be abstinent all they want, but those kids who want to have sex will go out and get it.

          Now; the solution to this “problem” isn’t to have sexually active teens added to “sexual offenders” lists as discouragement to others, but to teach them about the possible dangers involved and how they should go about to properly protect themselves. Eh, but if shit hits the fan, there’s always the option of having an abortion.

          PS: If you honestly believe that kids follow calls to abstinence, then I suggest you look up some statistics on teen pregnanicies in areas where “abstinence only sex education” is the only form of sex ed available.

          Note that parents often demand that this be the only form of sex ed that is to taught to their children; especially in the U.S.

        • Be more reasonable.

          It should be the choice of their legal guardians, if they were allowed to “sex each other up” at those ages. For good reason too, as inexperienced as they are, teenage girls could get pregnant and that would drastically affect their young lives.

    • “each child is a victim and a perpetrator. As the victim, they get no help, of course. The victim status is the excuse needed so that the sledgehammer may be used on the other child. So each becomes a perpetrator”

      i think this one is dumber. then again, there’s too many things dumb about this law that a list of it would be longer than the law itself.

  • Haha, I'm pretty sure I could name quite a few of these "offenders." But really, this list only consists of those that were, supposedly, caught. Most of them being in middle and high school, they probably bragged about it and someone's parents called the police.

    Though the "victim" and "perpetrator" concept doesn't really work/fit every time. I knew some people who were VERY mature for their age, and they knew what they were getting in to. In contrast, there are always some immature children when it comes to this.
    Eff- it's 330 in the morning…

  • Haha, I’m pretty sure I could name quite a few of these “offenders.” But really, this list only consists of those that were, supposedly, caught. Most of them being in middle and high school, they probably bragged about it and someone’s parents called the police.

    Though the “victim” and “perpetrator” concept doesn’t really work/fit every time. I knew some people who were VERY mature for their age, and they knew what they were getting in to. In contrast, there are always some immature children when it comes to this.
    Eff- it’s 330 in the morning…

  • All I can do is quote Picard on this one…


    The U.S. has so many idiotic laws when it comes to this. Let’s not forget how sexual offenders aren’t allowed within certain distances to places children are. Since those places are basically EVERYWHERE, guess what happens when the law doesn’t make any distinctions between “sex crimes” involving minors.


    We fail.

      • An older underage girl CAN be charged with statutory rape, although as a matter of practice it rarely occurs. There’s a girl in the Eastern US who is appealing her sentencing to the sex criminal registry. She was 18 and her boyfriend was 17 and she got busted by his parents. She is living in a small town and the construction of a new playground has just eliminated the last area of town in which she can legally live.

        • Anonymous says:

          This is complete madness, hysteria bred for financial profits, with the support of politicians thriving on fear, the whole thing reported by media more interested in money than informing or telling the truth.
          You have the support of many more people than you think, who can express themselves only on this kind of forum.

        • Anonymous says:

          I am personally dealing with this with my 14 year old son. That is why this site caught my eye. It has been and will continue to be a nightmare. Playing Doctor with the same group of kids he has been around for years. Penetration was not even in the mix, oral curiosity has given him 4 years probation, hours of community service, some used this as their excuse to break up their families (even though we all new their families were already dysfunctunal) Children made outcasts and labeled, alone, confused and made to feel abandoned by the same children who knowingly participated but saw the fall out and lied to save themselves from the anger of their parents. A court system that has taken advantage financially…. Because they know we will fight for our children. The system is broken and that broken system is breaking our children.
          I wonder why its okay for a 60 year old man can hook up with a 19 year old, but a 14 year old is sentenced to a lost childhood if he plays doctor with his his friends that all participated in some form or fashion. Even the parent that brought up the incident in anger at what was discovered can not believe the way it has been handled and once the law had it, they would not let go, they went for blood and when the parent tried to retract it, they threatened to take their kids away from them. It is horrible.

      • Man, dont you know women become sexually active at a younger age than men. stereotypical of a woman to make a stereotype. I wouldn’t be surprised if she came back and commented on this again lol.

      • i just read his blog, and it’s really makes me sad on the lack of common sense this law provides. i mean, even a killer don’t get such treatment. is it fair to ruin one’s life forever just because some stupid mistakes that he’s done in his youth? and from what i’ve read, both of them become an offender. even if it was consensual, if you’re underage, then it was rape, according to law. someone with half a common sense can see that it’s wrong, why can those lawyer and judges can’t? seriously, when there’s more than 5000 kid under 5 year old listed as sex offender, clearly something is off.

      • actually girls can rape boys now-a-days however, they usually get off with one special rule about rape…rape implies penetration which for obvious reasons a girl can’t do

        but i would agree with you on 14 year old boys being the majority

        I mean i’m kinda….in that age limit and….my god some of the girls at school….The shit i would do to them….I’d belong in prison 0.0

    • You’re a fucking idiot. I don’t know if you’re serious but if you are it’s people like you that think we’re that much better than animals, start witch hunts and criminalize innocent people to never live a normal life because of your innate ignorance and lack of empathy. The same people who start blaming videogames for the murder on the 5 o’clock news and supported Bush and his WMD search. Get a bloody education. There’s a difference between a minor (subjective to country)that might have been sexually curious and a sweaty old man/woman lusting for young flesh. Consent and rape. There’s a difference.

      • Bullshit. you sir are the idiot. It is nature that lusts after younger ones. Just because you are young doesn’t mean shit. By natural law guys are suppose to look at girls when they are ready for birth. or else the human race would have died long ago.

        Just becuase you are young doesn’t mean shit. You are committing a crime with any girl that is a minor. At least the older guy can support the baby. What can a kid of the same age do, Jack shit.

        • Sex is not just penetration. Also, there IS such a thing called safe sex. If a girl takes her birth control pills and guys use a condom when they do ‘it’, I don’t really see the problem if both consent to it.

          And I think the ‘age’ excuse is a terrible one. If an 18-year-old guy has sex with a girl of 17, he can be charged with rape, even if she consented to it. If she were a year older, no one would have cared. I believe some places make it a 2 year difference, but even then I say, if they both wanted it, why not?

          Most of these convicted kids will be scarred for life now. And why? Just because they were curious and the lawmakers were too narrow-minded to make exceptions.