Microsoft Bans Xbox 360 Pirates from Own Hard Disks


Microsoft’s recent mass banning of users of modded consoles from Xbox Live apparently did not go far enough – banned users are now learning that they can no longer use their console’s HDD for any meaningful purpose, with installation to the drive no longer possible on a blacklisted console…

An abridged description of the changes:

Firstly, and most obviously, you cannot connect to Xbox Live on this console any more. This means no more game updates (aka title updates), XBLA games, marketplace content, netflix/sky player and so on. There is no way around this, all online capabilities are now disabled PERMANENTLY.

Hard Drive installs are now disabled on the banned console. This means any disk-based games you have will no longer play off of the hard drive.

There is no way to fix this, that functionality is simply gone from the banned 360.

Windows Media Centre functionality is disabled. It is still possible to stream video/music content via the video library.

So, in summary:

Your Banned 360:

* Cannot go on Xbox Live

* Cannot install games to the HDD

* Cannot use Windows Media Centre extender

* Cannot be used to get achievements from backups without corrupting your profile

With no warranty, Internet access, or even hard drive, it might have been kinder just to “brick” the consoles and render them entirely inoperative…

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  • tl:dr, What Microsoft is doing is actually illegal because of US Property Rights laws.

    Microsoft really didn’t think this out. Once they do this the modder will just pawn their system to GAMESTOP since it’s useless now, and the person who buys it from there will be completely outraged that their console no longer works!

    To be honest, I’m surprised people aren’t suing over this, its actually violates property rights regardless of any EULA agreement. Because they paid for ownership and didn’t “Lease” the console, the owner legally has the right to modify any property belonging to them. Which does in fact cover modifying software on a console, just like it does when modifying a PC.

    Microsoft can however legally ban the user’s static IP address from using their online services, but does not have the legal standing to infringe upon the user’s rights to use the console- excluding cases of experiments like alpha/beta tests, in which case a separate console, owned by Microsoft and not the user, is still required for them to legally take away those rights.

    • True!
      Microsoft is illegally infringing upon intellectual rights!

      Microsoft has NO right whatsoever to personally send disabling software and destroy hardware on a 360 that a user has brought!
      Microsoft has NO business banning modded systems until it can prove that those modded systems are being used for pirating!
      Microsoft needs to be SUED.

  • Anonymous says:

    “all online capabilities are now disabled PERMANENTLY.”
    “There is no way to fix this, that functionality is simply gone from the banned 360.”

    As long as all the physical parts are fine, someone will find a way to hack them to work again.

  • I don’t have a problem with this really I wouldnt expect to pirate a game and be able to play it on line on pc this is due to cd keys and now this for xbox what did they expect i mean really did they not read the TOS?

    unless they banned thoose who manualy increased their hard drive sizes instead of accepting the highway robbery that is the official drives. if so then fuck you MS

  • OK OK, i’ve had modded console for a long time and i accept the ban, i know i’ve screwed lots of money out of this with back up games over the years.
    This is not the way to win a console war though as i know a lot of others who will not be getting new consoles and are switching to ps3 (slighty more reiable) i will not be though, i’l just sit playing off-line, no way am i gonna give $Gatesy£ any more money, its already my third console (first one not modded RROD)
    And whats with wrecking th HDD too…MS are as popular as the HD DVD.

    • No, he doesn’t. The fact is that most people who play ‘ripped’ games are waiting until they are ‘out of sale’ and not being sold anymore before playing those games.

      So, Microsoft is losing NO money whatsoever from that, just like PC game companies are not losing any money from that.

      • Do you really believe a word of that? Do you really think, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, that most pirates are waiting until games are no longer new (or, as you put it “out of sale”) before stealing a copy of that piece of shit everyone stopped playing two months ago?

        Because I have a lovely summer-home in Antarctica I think you might be interested in.

  • Perhaps if industries moved away from milking the same franchise over and over, people would start paying for ACTUAL innovation.

    Although the biggest movies in recent times have been the big budget sequels, so I doubt they’ll stop pandering to what they think are common interests.

  • I guess this means you keep two Xboxes: One that’s not messed with and one that is. Use the one that’s not messed with to get your stuff, then take it offline long enough to transfer stuff to the other one that you must never connect to the internet.

  • Wow, expect to see a lot of useless bricked XBOX360s in the resale market soon. I can just imagine all the happy kids who will get their christmas XBOXs and shortly after find out that the system is basicly unuseable because mom or dad bought it on e-bay (and got a great deal). As usual, Microsoft fails.

  • kinda bad move by microsoft. if they really want to win the console wars they should just leave the 360 alone. 360 users already have to deal with a ton of technical and hardware shit to play games, they don’t need even more.

  • it would be better if they just combine the 360 and pc into one. xbox live is just a waste of money if you’re too busy making money. well someday xbox live will be extinct and everything u achieve will be gone, beside that who will you trust with your 360 when u die???

  • LOL This isn’t gonna stop anything.. there’s Always a way to get around things and there’s always a fix, just wait and see, within time they’ll have to do something else to stop it..

    I Think this is just an act of desperation however due to the fact their sales are plummeting now that the PS3 is actually at a sane price range..

    • Actually, the PS3 is still a little overpriced still….. if they dropped another 50 dollars this holiday season, then it would be in the “MUST GET FOR MYSELF AND MY FAMILY!” category…. even more than the XBox360, which I have already ordered from Newegg.

  • At the end of the day, by bricking the install feature of your hard drive they violate several consumer protection laws. At purchase you can do whatever you want with your console. Take a sledgehammer to it, crack it open and disassemble it, throw it in your pool. They disabled features and damaged the saves on your physical property. You own your save games, you own the drive and system. They are essentially damaging your physical property and therefore someone should file a lawsuit. Someone should simply go buy a 360, modify it because they are curious to see if they can do it, do nothing illegal, and then file a lawsuit against Microsoft after they get banned.

    Microsoft has every right to block you from xbox live for modifying your system, they have no legal right to damage it in the process.

    As much as every pirate out there deserves to be taught a lesson, Microsoft needs to play by the rules. Two wrongs never make a right.

    • Actually, they don’t have any ‘legal right’ to block you from XBox Live, unless your ‘modified console’ is giving you benefits that other people don’t have, such as ‘changing game data’.

      If the mods aren’t doing that…. Microsoft should back off, because there is no justification for banning in that case.
      Now, if the mods do that…. THEN Microsoft can say “You are banned! FOREVER!” but they then have to PROVE that you were changing data, which is easy to do if they have records that show that bullets were doing no damage to you in a game when they were supposed to be doing massive damage.

      As I have said before…. the ONLY reason these things have not been slapped down is because people have been unwilling to challenge them out of fear of being called a ‘pirate’… personally, if I was banned and called a ‘pirate’ (I do pirate OLDER, OUT OF SALE games)…. I would be REAL pissed off and would be blowing flames out of my mouth hotter than the corona of the sun.

      Basically….. I would be Microsoft’s WORST ENEMY and WORST NIGHTMARE! A consumer who doesn’t feel that it is ‘wrong’ to ‘pirate’ something that isn’t being sold anymore when it is down at a price range where he can afford it, and will be willing to admit that in court and challenge the DMCA.

      • M$ has more money, and more (and probably better) lawyers than you do.

        (Writing from the U.S. here) A legal secretary told me in 1985 that it cost $10K in legal fees, up front, to initiate a lawsuit (if you win, you’ll get the money back, IF you can collect from the defendant).

        The only way I can imagine financing a lawsuit like this against M$ is if it were a class-action suit, AND the your attorneys took it on a contingency basis, which they won’t do UNLESS they think (a) they’ve got a good chance of winning, and (b) they think they’ll be able to actually collect from the defendant(s).

  • Hm. Serves them right. Dirty software pirates, violating the EULA that they agreed to in the first place. A thief by a different name is still a thief.

    Mysterious Voice: “I agree with your statement, but you’re directing it to the wrong person. Pirates are simply people who are too poor to purchase a $60 game for whatever reason. They’re simply getting the power to play the game, something that Micro$hit would deny them. And to top it off, the customer has to pay for the damage. If that isn’t thievery I don’t know what is.”

    Tch. There you go again falling for the same freudian excuses. Have you ever contemplated the fact that they’re lying and you’re simply buying the bait? Also, do you complain about having to pay for the plumber to fix the plumbing?

    Mysterious Voice: “I’d simply fix it myself, just like I’d mod the console to remove the ban.”

    Oh, really? Well here’s an interesting thing for you to contemplate: What if Sony were the one doing this kind of thing. I assure you you’d turn on them quite quickly.

    Mysterious Voice: “That’s assuming Sony would do that sort of thing, which they won’t because the PS3 is basically impervious.”

    Oh, just you wait…

  • lol, microsoft is so stupid, they probably spent a couple million dollars coming up with the idea, putting it into action, and trying to make it fool-proof. Now in about two weeks some hacker is going to find the loophole that was overlooked. and the instruction manual to bypass all microsoft’s bullshit will be online later that day. all in all, they just wasted their fucking time and money. Glad i sold my xbox360 so i don’t have to worry about this ignorant shit.

    -the beast

    • Only if you can get a unit which doesn’t have the newer MS patches applied.

      Felix Domke, Michael Steil, Free60 Project; 11 August 2009

      Dangerous Xbox 360 Update Killing Homebrew

      On Tuesday, Microsoft has released an Xbox 360 software update that overwrites the first stage bootloader of the system. Although there have been numerous software updates for Microsoft’s gaming console in the past, this is the first one to overwrite the vital boot block. Any failure while updating this will break the Xbox 360 beyond repair. Statistics from other systems have shown that about one in a thousand bootloader updates goes wrong, and unless Microsoft has a novel solution to this problem, this puts tens of thousands of Xboxes at risk.

      It seems that this update is being done to fix a vulnerability already known to the Free60 Project. This vulnerability has been successfully exploited to run arbitrary code, and a complete end user compatible hack has been in development for some time and is planned to be released on shortly. It will allow users to take back control of their Xboxes and run arbitrary code like homebrew applications or Linux right after turning on the console and without the need of a modchip, finally opening up the Xbox 360 to a level of hacking as the original Xbox.

      Because of the dangerousness of the update and the homebrew lockout, the Free60 Project advises all Xbox 360 users to not update their systems to the latest software version. The Project website at will provide the latest information on this ongoing topic, including the final hack software.

  • i think people should remember how many red rings of death we have put up with, i was lied to from the very start, f*ck m$, all xboxers should play copies save money and buy ps3 n games for FREE online play and content

  • I still haven’t been caught. =P
    You can only get banned for having a bad rip of a game.
    There’s a bad rip of MW2 going around, and people think it’s real.
    That’s why there’s been more bans than usual lately.
    Microsoft is using this to their advantage to scare some people. (;

    • YEP! And that’s what is going to get Microsoft in a shitload of trouble…. the aftermarket sellers, who will have modified their consoles and then sell them online to ‘smucks’ who do not know they are modified.

      I see a BIG OLD LAWSUIT in Microsoft’s future, and it’s going to cost them BILLIONS if the people wish to be ‘nasty’ about this.

      It’s as I have told people MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY times……. you are not allowed to break into someone’s home because you think they have stolen your computer, so why should someone be allowed to basically ‘break in’ to your game console, say “MODIFIED! PIRATE!” and then make it a paperweight…. answer: NO REASON!

      It goes against NUMEROUS laws, and those TOS agreements that supposedly “allow it”…. NOT ENFORCEABLE IN COURT! The only reason people keep on pointing at them…. they have never been challenged in a court of law, so the idiots out there keep on saying “They haven’t been challenged therefore they are valid!” They said that same bullshit about the anti-homosexual laws and ‘sodomy’ laws…. and guess what? When they were finally challenged, what did the courts say? UNCONSTITUTIONAL! (sing that last word with me in four part barbershop… actually, nine part Supreme Court harmony)

  • I’ve seen lots of “fuck the pirates”, and “we pirate ’cause we want free stuff”-type posts. Game makers howl at all the money they say they are losing due to people making and using illegal copies of their games.

    An observation: there’s a place I go to where I borrow books, music CDs, movie DVDs, etc. – for free!

    It’s called “the public library”.

    I don’t hear book publishers howling about how letting people borrow books from libraries without paying for them is costing them tons of money.

    Hmmm . . .

    • Hm, I see you have a point there. I guess the answer to that is the public libraries have an obligation to make the citizens more cultivated, thru books and other media. I mean, they don’t stock pr0n or Playboy in the library. And the number of copies in circulation isn’t great enough to put the publishers out of business.

        • Hey, it’s still the frigging same thing. Microsoft is only getting paid ONCE for a game, and then it is being lent out to 10 or 20 other people…. which means that on a 50 dollar game, they are ‘losing’ 500 dollars to 1000 dollars in sales in most cases.

          Nothing different from the above than from piracy, Microsoft still isn’t getting the money out of the people who are renting/borrowing the thing from the library.

  • This is why I like non-online consoles without all of that stuff. There’s a possibility that the other companies could do the same type of thing with their semi web-based consoles if they wanted to (cutting you off and such), but no matter what they say, they can’t touch your PS2 or your Gamecube. Of course, I’m not a pirate, so none of this stuff applies to me anyway….

  • All I can say is HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!
    When will people realise the they where stupid for buying anything that is made by or owned by Microsoft.
    LMFO OWNED!!! Sales will drop even more, and is sony laughing their ass off as MS scroored on owngoal. xD

  • Unless the ToS explicitly said that the console could be disabled the “you agreed to the ToS” argument does not fly. I also believe that in the US there is a law allowing legal backups of games you own. These people probably have good justification to take MS to court.

    Whether they could win or not (money wins over truth every time) is another story.

    • It doesn’t say your console could be disabled, but it does essentially say they (M$) can’t be held responsible for any damages to the console if you don’t use it as agreed upon in the terms of service.

      If you decide to modify your console, you’re already breaking the ToS. And as such, you bare the risk of having your console bricked.

      Here’s a fancy analogy: if you decide to modify your toaster to shoot laser beams, that’s up to you. It’s your toaster. But if the appliance suddenly stops toasting bread for whatever reason, you don’t have a right complain to the toaster company since you didn’t use the product as intended. Going back, the Xbox was NEVER intended to play pirated/copied games.

      Strange how some people complain that it’s M$’s fault that their Xbox is essentially bricked. They refuse to acknowledge that it’s actually THEIR fault for not following the rules and deciding to mod their consoles, despite repeated warnings from M$.

      • Facetious argument. The toaster argument doesn’t fly, because you are changing a bunch of stuff in it and changing it’s PRIMARY PURPOSE.

        With modding an XBox360, you are not doing that in the slightest, and unless Microsoft does something like this asinine bullshit, your console will keep on working…. FOREVER, in almost all cases, unless the hardware fails, which it could do on an UNMODIFIED console.

        There is a difference between ‘act of dog/god’ and someone coming into your home, scanning your console/computer, deciding that you have an ‘illegal version’ and bricking your console/computer!

        TOTALLY FRIGGING DIFFERENT, and the law and order loonies like you just cannot get that. They think “TOS IS SACRED! LAW IS SACRED!” and shut off their brains.

  • well, sounds like microsoft is shooting itself in the foot again.

    “I know you guys had to modify our inferior product to make it more worthwhile and for that we are punishing you. Wait, wait! Don’t go! What do you mean you guess you will only be playing your PS3 from now on?!?”


  • There is no justice in this world, things simply happen.

    Microsoft will keep trying to fuck the modders and they will try to keep modding.

    This time Microsoft clearly won but I don’t believe that the lost functionality can’t be fixed.
    Modders won’t give up they will find a way and Microsoft will find a way against them and so on.

  • It should be noted though that there are no 360 games, except the ones exclusive the the xbox live arcade and indie games download services, that require a hard drive install.

    Except FFXI, which is an online game anyways, and Forza 3 which doesn’t technically require an install but it wasn’t really designed to play off the disc.

  • well game developers are trying to get around pirates now as well by offering exclusive content to “each individual game”. For example in Dragon Age: Origins each individual game comes with a redeem code for an extra character and another pseudo story/quest line. I think on the steam store you get more since you do not receive any actual physical item. This was also a tactic to stop “Used Game” sales(another money sink that game developers and publishers are trying to get rid of), force the person to buy new copy if you want that content or pay extra for it via bioware store or xbox live marketplace if you got the “Used” version.

  • IMO this reeks (of desperation). They, for the past several years haven’t done anything this extreme to pirates. Now, quite suddenly, they go full retard? Seems (to me) that the PS3’s recent surge of sales has prompted this behavior.

    Basically M$ can no longer afford to lose (any) sales, and thus, will force pirates to buy official games, and new systems by rendering their old ones nearly useless.

    • No, if you’d read his articles, you’d know he’s a registered Sony cocksucker, pardon my language.

      Yes, the pardon my language above is necessary. I don’t like to swear unless I’m proving a point. No, unessecary swearing is Mysterious Voice’s department, right?

      Mysterious Voice: “I’m just not gonna take the bait, troll.”

  • /salute Microsoft.

    Keep sinking the ships of the pirates. They are PARASITES and are WORTHLESS to the gaming community. They don’t buy games, they don’t support the developers, which means they don’t support the future of gaming.


    • There are three types of people in this world:
      1) The ones who blindly buy anything they think is good, regardless of whether or not it sucks later on.
      2) The “try before you buy” people. These people download the product and buy it if they like it.
      3) The people who wouldn’t buy even if they had the money. They download because it’s free, not so much because they like the product.

      The (gaming) industry has its eyes on group #3 for obvious reasons. However, by disabling the systems/games for everyone who downloads, they ALSO hurt those who plan on buying the game after they had the chance to judge it after they downloaded it. Given that these people WOULD support the makers by buying the games if they liked it, wouldn’t this mean that Microsoft is shooting itself in the foot with this kind of practice? Die-hard fans won’t be enough to fully sustain the industry, so if this continues, MS will lose even MORE money on the XBox. Pretty sure this will eventually result in them discontinuing the console altogether if they can no longer make a profit from it. If that happens, it’s the company’s own damn fault for being too short-sighted and NOT that of the ‘pirates’ (who will surely end up being blamed anyway).

    • You’re right my friend. But I play pirated games because I WANT gaming industry to fall apart. So maby games are released nowadays, not all of them are decent, but still they’re killing too much of my time. And it just impossible for me not to play a good game when I can just download it for free. And there goes my time again. Those damn games better gone.

  • So MS charge you to play online AND fuck up the console that you, the consumer, payed for?!

    Fuck that, I’m sticking with Sony and Nintendo. MS can choke on a dick. They shouldn’t be making consoles in the first place.

  • 1. On a non-banned 360, turn on your console with a memory unit that does NOT contain your corrupted game profile.
    2. Recover your XBL profile to a memory card on your non-banned console
    3. Turn your non-banned console off.
    4. Plug in your hard drive/memory card with your corrupted saves to your non-banned console.
    5. Go to System settings -> Memory -> (your “corrupted” memory unit) -> Gamer Profiles and select your corrupted profile.
    6. Select delete and make sure you select DELETE PROFILE ONLY. FAILURE TO DO SO WILL DELETE ALL OF YOUR SAVES
    7. Turn your console off
    8. Put it your memory unit with your “corrupt” saves
    9. Also insert your memory unit with the gamertag you recovered from XBL earlier
    10. System settings -> Memory -> (memory unit with recovered gamertag) -> Move -> Your gamertag
    11. Move your gamertag to your Memory unit with your previously corrupt saves and you should be good to go.

  • And this is why 360 sucked. Well, this is the nail for the coffin for those who pirate games. But this won’t help it sell. PS2, NDS, Wii and PSP, despite the modding, game-pirating and ROMs, managed to sell. Sony and Nintendo somehow think it the above will help sell their consoles. And there are those *ahem Westernfags and Japanese* who are willing to pay for games, so they have no problem with that. Microsoft can’t see it as an opportunity to sell their console.

    Also, pirated games shouldn’t be the console’s concern, but the developers.

  • I’m more amused by the fact that they have the ability to lock down the entire console remotely. Did they already have this planned from the start? Anyone with the first wave of XBOX 360 that is still working wanna testify? Does the lock down work on the first batch of consoles released?

  • Now XBOX 360 lost its ONLY selling point against the PS3…

    well i guess they’ve sold enough for the past few years, maybe this was planned all along. (Sell as much console and grab as many users as possible by using the ‘pirate-able’ selling point against the better console PS3, then make it ‘unpirate-able’ when the sales slows down, now 360 users need to buy the games)

    • Was its only selling point the HDD harddrive installation or where is the connection to the article?

      If you are talking about pirated games, they still work like a charm if you play offline

      360 with 50 games 200€
      PS3 with 50 games >3000€

      that’s a fucking lot and one hell of a selling point in my book…even if i get banned or RRoD’ed 10 times IT IS CHEAPER. That has nothing to do with blind fanboyism but simple math.

      • what sucks is that offline, you lose a lot of the experience the 360 offered

        some games were MADE for online

        so If you want those, you’re gonna have to pay… or see if the PS3 has that game too (plus free online)

        either way, it’s all about the money

  • So let me get this straight.

    As long as I disconnect my 360 from the internet, they can’t do shit? Hmm….

    If thats so, then I don’t see a problem at all since I don’t use Live at all.

  • i had a ps2 (RIP) now, i bought a ot of pirated games… but once a relative traveled to USA, i gave her my savings and bought FFX, FFX-2, and Kingdow Hearts, maybe the games i most enjoy, not because i wante to play, i already finished them two times each, was beacause i really apreciated those games…

    i’m also a south american…. not poor, no if you cthink on what i earn (i’m a student) + what my parents give me… i don’t have enough money not even to buy a WII… thaat is worth Us$400 ($800.000pesos), and that is the cheapest.

  • Why isn’t xbox360 region free? I mean Microsoft needs to get with the times…Half the people I know that mod, do it to play other region games. well the other half are idiots, if they log onto LIVE. Shit even Sony was wise enough to let all systems play any regions games.

  • the right punishment for people who give money to microsoft. not a new fact that microsoft ppl are ……. (choose your preferred title)
    hope they go bankrupt in the end, so the market will be free of their sh|tty products (sony too, of course).

  • This article is proof that personal property and the concept of “intellectual property” can never co-exist. The concept of “Intellectual Property” (which should more accurately be called Intellectual Poverty, or Intellectual Monopoly Protectionism (IMP)) threatens personal freedom everywhere. If the IMP march is allowed to continue, how long before “thought crime” becomes a reality???

      • Judges in the past have disagreed with you. Legalese and walls of TL;DR doesn’t give the Corporations the right to, say, brick your console. I know Sony got in trouble for just that.

        Moreover, this isn’t about using LIVE. What if someone just wanted an update (and updated via disc)?

        Again, it would be one thing if they denied you the privilege of going on LIVE, but this goes far beyond that, and infringes on your Digital Rights to your Personal Property.

        • If you update via disc the console will not become banned. You have to connect to live for that to happen. Also, the console isn’t bricked, just loses some extra features that aren’t necessary for it to play games.

  • Microsoft is actually kinda losing money here. Two friends of mine were planning to buy an Xbox and later on mod it, but now Ms won’t even get the money from purchased consoles. If two people from only my peers were planning it, imagine how many were planning the same around the world..

  • Lol how people think MS is not allowed to alter THEIR software to render YOUR hardware useless. It’s just like Sonys efforts against piracy on the PSP (Hey guys they took away my possibility to play isos on my 1.50 fw..RAGERAGERAGE).

    Funfact: Your HDD is still working…on other consoles, so it’s not broken. If you don’t want “updates” how i call the ban-parameters, do not visit Live. MS can do whatever they want, if you want to use Live or if you want to play new games (which often require system updates). If you take that into consideration, the hardware is yours, but neither is the software nor the guarantee to be able to use MS services or even games.

    No cyber terrorism here, just a bunch of butthurt “i want everything now and forever” fags and the obligatory Sonyfan bunch.

  • Ooh microsoft have stepped in a load of shit here.

    In most countries disabling the actual console itself is an act of criminal vandalism. Most all of Europe swings this way.

    Microsoft are going to be in a super painful world of hurt (with extra suffering) for intentionally breaking goods that consumers have bought. Whether said goods were modified after the sale makes absolutely no difference.

    • Yep, you hit the nail right on the head. It doesn’t matter that the consoles were modified so that they COULD have played pirated games…. it only matters that Microsoft didn’t prove, in any way, that people definitely WERE playing pirated games, which you have to do before you can ‘damage’ or take any property that someone has.

      You have to prove that they have actually COMMITTED A CRIME, and Microsoft didn’t do this…. they just assumed “Everyone with a modified console is a pirate! NYAH!”

      They are going to get slammed for it, I am sure, in any country INCLUDING the United States, if anyone gets off their duffs and challenges this in court.

  • LOL, you go on Xbox Live with your hacked console and you get banned? Really? No one saw that coming? It’s not fucking rocket science people, you hack your x360, you’re taking your chances going online. Stop being a bunch of motherfucking whiny bitches, they’ll have a workaround in a day or two and it’ll be fine. Unless you’re one of those retards who paid someone you saw in the classified ads to do it for you, in which case you probably are fucked unless you pay them again.

    • Please RTFA.

      This isn’t about people being banned from LIVE. This is about MS going into the personal property of others and messing with one’s own digital rights. This is, or should be in any country that respects the First Sale Doctrine, illegal.

        • This isn’t a first year law course now is it? Wikipedia might not be the best cite, but it’s certainly a lot more credible than just saying “the law is like this because I say so” and not citing anything at all. And if the other person refuses to cite anything, why bother going to any more trouble than is necessary?

          And it should be pretty obvious that I was being sarcastic with the chief justice comment, my point is that anyone on the internet can claim to be anyone. It doesn’t do shit for your argument.

        • I guess you’d better make a copy of your 360 in case MS disables the HD installs then. Oh wait, you mean “making copies of copyrighted material” actually has nothing whatsoever to do with being able to modify your console or not? Fancy that.

          I work as a Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court so I totally know what I’m talking about here.

        • Wrong. The fact is that the First Sale Doctrine, as well as other laws, DOES say that you can make extra copies of the copyrighted material in order to ‘protect your investment’.

          I work as a lawyer’s assistant so I frigging well know law, and the former anonymous is RIGHT ON THE MONEY.

        • Did you even bother reading the wikipedia article I linked to? First Sale Doctrine in the US means that you can resell a copyrighted product without worrying about violating copyright. That’s it. It also specifically says you cannot make extra copies of the copyrighted material, which is definitely not “it’s mine to do whatever I like with” as you claim.

          You fail at law. Try harder.

        • I don’t know what kind of Authoritarian country you come from, but in my country the First Sale Doctrine means when I buy something, it is mine.
          I can resell it, eat it, burn it (provided that’s legal in my area), or modify it. Now there’s some bullshit about the DMCA and similar laws that say you don’t have rights to modify your own products do to the over-reaching, ever-extending arm called Copyright Monopoly, but that is blatantly unconstitutional in my country (the United States of America).

          For those that doubt me, check out the Copyright Clause. Note the part about LIMITED TERMS (read: not extendable every time mickey mouse is set to become Free, in other words the unlimited terms we currently have). Also note it says “To promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts”. If copyright monopoly and patent monopoly is no longer promoting the arts and useful sciences, and is instead hindering them, as it is today, then copyright monopoly and patent monopoly are unconstitutional.

        • You mong. The first sale doctrine means that after you purchase the console, it’s your property. Likewise with e.g. CDs: you bought it, it’s yours. Data on the CD and software on the hard disk may well be licensed, but effectively damaging the system is illegal illegal illegal regardless of licensing chicanery.

          No reasonable person would say that the hardware of the console is “licensed” to the user in exchange for him purchasing the very physical, very real xbox 360 flashy cardboard package from a video game store.

  • Everything that is said in the summary is legal if you look at the terms of use moding and such will break it. You agree to the terms when you make your xbox live account and all microsoft is doing is making the console just a console like how the playstation 2 and every other system was before online. And some might say they can’t snoop into my system every company or takes nonpersonal data especially if you are connecting to that companies servers.

  • This is an interesting turn of events.

    I thought the initials bans ain’t gonna hurt much off M$, if they’re gonna get hurt at all. This though…

    However, I decline to make a statement as if it’s obvious. Though, $ony will most likely benefit from this in one way or another, EXCEPT if $ony also follows suit. PLOT TWIST!

  • I know this is not the case for most modded consoles, but there other reasons to mod a console other than game piracy. There are many aspiring game designers out there who rely heavily on the home-brew scene for recognition and there are many home-brew apps that add to the functionality of the console.

    I don’t own a 360 and have no plans to own one in the foreseeable future, largely in part to MS’s shady tactics.

  • Microsoft are really trying to multi-task here

    they want people to re-buy their consoles, even after they bought one and spent the $100 or so to mod their freaking system

    sure their getting rid of pirates, but they might be pissing off a lot of ‘fans’ of the system who loved to pirate their games

    and I really doubt (unless they’re morons) that they’ll buy the system again

    though RRoD has pretty much been an idiot magnet for years… >.>

  • Isn’t this illegal??? Hack & brake someone’s “property”…

    Is it LEGAL for M$ to peek & keep track of what & how someone uses his consoles (or PC), & then silently brake it if they don’t like how he use it?

    I think this is consider invasion of privacy & remote sabotage of digital device.

  • Woh, woh, woh, hold on a second. I know it’s perfectly legal to not let people the privilege of using xbox LIVE, and that’s one thing, but going into peoples’ personal property and not letting them install legally owned products? Who owns your xbox 360, you or MS? Did you go to the store and buy it? Should we allow this?

    No, this is illegal. This is a suspension of the basic Right of First Sale. And without even so much as a legal case. Just because you were accused. We’re just going to trust MS as our own personal ‘big brother’? Seriously?

    • And since when is it microsofts responsibility to control what you do with the stuff you claim to be your property? If you install stuff on it that makes certain features stop working, isn’t that YOUR fault?

    • You do need to actually read the Agreement that comes with your Xbox.

      I’m not too sure about the 360, since I don’t actually own one, but I do remember the Xbox had a clause that stated you don’t actually own the Xbox. Literally.

      Like, its on indefinite loan to you, and can be reclaimed at any time if you break any of the rules in the agreement.

    • This. The whole “accused therefore you are guilty” law that the companies are starting to create is making me sick. The new internet copyright bill that’s being written right now that will deprive you of internet service if you are simply accused, not proven guilty, up to 3 times is going by a similar model.

      It is also one thing to deny someone of a service that they are providing, but to make a hardware that has been fully paid for unusable is certainly questionable.

      I have a modded PSP that use to play my PSX collection that I do not wish to pay for again or wait until it is released on the PSN. If Sony were to go the same route, they would make my memory stick slot useless and take away the right for me to play the hardware(PSP) and the games that I legally own. There is something wrong with that. Letting companies have the control over what THEY want us to have is NEVER a good idea.

      I mean, I can’t say that the pirates didn’t deserve it. However, as the old saying goes, give the big corporations an inch and they WILL take a mile.

    • And this is why I will never give microsoft anymore of my money. I bought Windows XP Pro, and I like to format my machine offen due to windows being a piece of crap. So a little while ago they disabled my copy saying it had be activated to many times, and wanted me to buy another.

      Had I known they would disable my copy I wouldn’t have formatted as many times. And that was the last time I paid for a microsoft product.

      I wanted to buy a 360 but I think this pretty much settles things, so microsoft makes money from the consoles and then disables a bunch of features? Pirate or not this isn’t right.

    • We can all have some laughs when (if) that happens.
      But speaking a bit more seriously, I think what MS is doing is in fact making some XBox360 owners unhappy while at the same time scaring off potential buyers. I mean if someone who was interested in buying an XBox360 found out that MS was having a ban wave, that person would be too scared of buying a console that they may get banned on. Lets also not forget the RRoD is also very well known. Good thing MS doesn’t make computers. What a disaster that would be.

  • Just another chapter in the technological war between companies who want to control their products after they’ve been sold, and people who want to what THEY want with those products.

    I wonder if anybody’s had their UN-modded xbox360 broken by MS’ banning techniques, and whether they’ve sued MS for it.

    It’s not just the cost of the hardware that would be ‘lost’, it’s all the time the users spent earning achievements, etc. – stuff that would NOT be recovered if MS simply sent them a fresh xbox360.

  • What’s with the hate?
    So you can’t install games on your HD when you get caught pirating your xbox. This feature isn’t even a year old yet. How come people think there’s some kind of law that entitles you to this feature when you hack your xbox.

    • Well technically I suppose a case could be made for conversion (a tort where basically someone jacked or destroyed your personal property). I don’t think anyone consented to having their system essentially destroyed.

      • They haven’t broken your device. Be happy it still plays games, there’s no reason for it to play games at all once you’ve modified it. You would’ve had a case if you hadn’t touched the thing.

        • First Posting Idiot says:

          Anon 20:46 , You’re a F***ing idiot.

          Stop trying to justify pirating by saying you can do what you want with your console. Truth is, you can’t. You agreed to the terms when you bought the console and subscribed for Xbox live. Don’t bring up the “personal freedom” argument when you probably just clicked accept before reading anything.

          And, it doesn’t matter if an item can be replicated or shared. By copying a game you would’ve otherwise paid for, you’re stealing sales from a company. This is why small companies go under.

          If you’re going to pirate, go ahead, just don’t BS yourself and us with fake excuses.

        • Pirating game IS stealing.

          Whoever says there is a difference between the two are just pirates who are trying to justify their own actions.

          The punishment for stealing was(or still is, in some part of the world today) that the thief gets his hands chopped off, you people are lucky M$ didn’t rig your controllers to blow up/your hands off when you try to play your pirated games…

        • personal freedom? I’m all for freedom but what you are talking about is anarchy. People just do as they please no matter who it harms. Piracy harms everyone who buys games. You steal from a company and they either become unable to produce more games (if enough people do it) or they just roll the cost right into the legitimate consumers. ownership of a console doesn’t legitimize thievery anymore than ownership of a crowbar makes it ok to be a burglar, or ownership of a gun makes it ok to be a murderer.

        • Stealing would require depriving someone of something. We aren’t talking about people who walk out of Best Buys with a game they didn’t buy (and thus, Best Buy no longer has). We’re talking about copying, replicating. Actually, we aren’t even talking about that, we’re talking about trying to take ownership of your own console. This is a grave threat to personal freedom.

    • Mabye they’re learning from the psp3000 and pspGo strategy

      Hey look, they’ve made them pretty much hax proof, lost a lotta sales! Sounds like money in that letz du itt yaa.

      Lol, I know its a pretty shallow depiction but hey

      • “Uh, if someone is [sharing] games, they’re not exactly fans. Losers that [copy] their games aren’t going to turn to the PS3, where [sharing] is impossible.”
        Fixed. Now try to defend what you just said.

        Also, ever hear of ‘try before you buy’? Prove that sharing or other violations of Copyright Monopoly is /always/ harmful.

        • @19:50

          So what about us pirates that buy the game, return it/trade it in, and then go download a copy? How have we stolen from the companies?

          I still buy games. Hell, most of the games I pirate, I’ve bought CE of them. So I spent MORE than many other legit gamers. But because I modded my 360 so I can play foreign games, I’m a villain?

          MS has the right to ban us, because we did break our “agreement” with them by modding the systems. But they should seriously take a look at why so many people are willing to take that risk and mod their systems. It’s not basement dwelling nefarious types, as they’d have us think so often. It’s average, everyday people, that are the true faces of the modding community.

        • Yes. Piracy is still worse, because $40 is still $40.

          In your little analogy, you forgot one point. In order for that used $40 game to end up on the shelf to begin with, -somebody- had to spend the $60 on it.

          Then they traded it in. And you paid $40 for it. Now that $60 game now has racked up $100.

          As for me, since I don’t have a lot of expendible cash to throw a my games, I’ve managed in such a way as to keep my games revolving enough to get the ones I want. I’ll go into a local Gamestop and maybe buy six $20-$40 used games in a given space of time. I’ll play them through until I’m done with them. Then when that one big game comes in that I’m -willing- to spend the $60 on, I’ll bring all those used games I had and trade them in toward that game I want and I manage to get my game for $20 or less.

          There’s always a -legal- way around getting the game you want when you don’t have that much money to work with, you just have to use your brain a little, have a good grasp of basic math, and be willing to hold down a job that pays a little.

        • Consider this though.

          Is piracy any better than buying used?

          Say X game comes out and Consumer doesn’t feel like paying $60 for it so he sits around and waits till Gamestop has a used copy for $40.

          Now, say X game comes out and Pirate doesn’t feel like paying $60 for it either and torrents it.

          Both scenarios neither the developer isn’t getting any money out of it. The only real difference is Gamestop isn’t getting any money either. So in the end, if the game is something the Consumer was going to buy used anyway, is piracy really any worse than buying it used?

        • The difference between pirating and trading/lending a game is this:

          Only one copy is being used. Theoretically, either the game is returned to the original owner and the borrower has to buy their own copy if they want to continue playing.

          I stand 100% behind ‘if you can’t pay, you shouldn’t play’. There are a wealth of people behind that game you’re playing–don’t try and pretend that not paying for it is harmless.

          What infuriates me about pirates is not that people pirate–I’m guilty of it to. It’s those who try to defend it as a matter of personal freedom and right, not privilege, to have these things they can’t pay for. Own up to what you’re doing, if you’re going to do it. Don’t tell me ‘it’s about personal freedom’, ‘I only do it because I can’t pay’, or any such guff.

          Don’t get mad just ‘cuz you got caught, trying to justify something that violates their EULA. Own up to it.

        • kinda miss the good old days where we bought many genesis games and lended it to other people.
          I mean i had 32 of my own games,but i played over 200 of them becouse of friends and cousin and we also had a legal renting store close by.

          Today people could still lend games to eachother,but the game industry doesn’t want that,since that means less money for them,possibilities of getting a crack and not buy the game.

          I think lending games to others should still be allowed.
          Since it never was so moraly wrong.

        • Again, and again I hear this failed argument “poor people don’t deserve to play our games”.

          What you are basically claiming is that people should be denied a form of entertainment, that incurs no cost to anyone, just because some fat corporate asshole has decided they don’t care about selling their product to that person for a reasonable price.
          I’m not sure if you realize this, but there is nothing more egoistic than denying someone anything (weather it’s entertainment or necessity), just because you can (and loose next to nothing in the process). If you are fine with being more egoistic than a god damn satanist (I swear this wasn’t intended as a pun), then I have no argument against you. If you however think of yourself as “help the poor 3rd world children” kind of person, then you are a true hypocrite. Oh yeah, 3rd world children need to have fun too. Instead, they are slaving away at some factory to support your way of life. All the benefits of being a slaver and you don’t even have to feel bad about it, what a great deal, isn’t it?

          Sorry about getting sidetracked. Anyway, my point is this. Even people in poor countries can save up enough money to buy a $300 X-Box. It takes months, but it’s not impossible. However, as you may realize, anyone who can’t cough up $300 in a month is probably not able to keep up with the ridiculously expensive games on the market. These people may or may not buy some games, but they are definitely not the cheap bustards like your friends who refuse to buy their games just because they can.

          As for lending/renting, the video game industry has been trying hard to stamp out this practice for ages. Install limitations and DLC available only on first purchase are just tips of the iceberg. If they could, they would gladly lock each disk to a unique console.

          p.s. Hackers don’t “pirate” anything. Anyone with enough skills to be called a hacker is probably getting 10x the size of your paycheck.

        • Most fiction sucked before digital file sharing, and most fiction still sucks. What does this have to do with MS damaging your personal property?

          Renting? I don’t know if a product is even worth 5 dollars (or whatever rentals cost these days) until after I tried it. Hell, many aren’t worth my bandwidth. Also, I typically use PC, a world where renting basically doesn’t exist. And let me say this: games that I cannot test the full version of, I rarely buy. I’ve bought a great deal of games and other fictional works that I would have never considered buying were it not for file sharing. In other words, file sharing increases my chances of buying a product.

          Moreover, crap works of fiction by monolithic companies are actually MORE damaged by file sharing than small developers. In fact, some indy films and indy music artists have used torrents as free advertising (either officially or via unofficial intentional leaks).

          And you still haven’t explained why The State needs to uphold a Monopoly against the will of The People. Lets face it, if people don’t think your product is worth the money you are charging, that’s your real problem.

        • Thats the reason that cinemas, comics, music and games is so much regurgitated crap, because the moment someone does something new and inventive, all the tosspot hackers pirate it and, unless its a monolithic entity like EA, get basically destroyed due to the loss of sales. And the monoliths continue on spouting out the next Madden, Final Fantasy or Half, because its what the masses will convince mummy and daddy to buy them.

          Try before you buy? Try renting or playing a demo. And sharing a game is hard. Geez, I must have missed the bit where console games have unique codes that allow them to only be played on one console. Maybe you could… *gasp* Lend them your copy. Altho… that would mean you wouldn’t be able to play it?! And that would involve trusting your friends to give it back!

          And if you’re too poor to buy legit copies, then you obviously shouldn’t be buying a console in the first place. You could just use a brick for a doorstop instead.

          Scathing response aside, where is this ‘PS3 is unpiratable’ stream coming from, when I’ve seen plenty of PS3 ISOs floating around?

      • No, they are fans, they are generally just broke. Surely even a pirate buys one or two games at some point… that is some sort of contribution. Of course after this I’m sure they never will again though.

      • So you’re saying that you buy all your software, movies and mp3s?
        What a saint you are.

        Really, I wouldn’t say that people who pirate games on the X-Box are anti-Microsoft.
        I, for example, own a pirated copy of Photoshop. I love photoshop. But I simply can’t afford it. That’s the facts.

        I wouldn’t say that I’m a “Loser” for pirating it either.

        • Fatimmortal – Anyone who is a PC gamer (like you and me) would have already realized that Steam isn’t available on the 360. I guess they didn’t read far enough to know and just made a blind accusation.

          Welcome to the Internet. Grab a trench.

        • @anon 20:53 damn you are right photoshop… its meaningful that its actually pirated i mean in my country your going to dish out 56Kphp just for a piece of software…. JUST FREAKIN ONE! what about illustrator and the rest…. and im happy about it… yeah pirate works in many ways as for xbox yes i firmly approve that if they want something else that having people buy multiple consoles (one per region) i guess this is a waste of resource again… mother nature is at best the greatest threat to all and windows does not care about that.. talk about political justice..

        • Hi, I’m Anon 20:25.

          To Anon 21:32 and 22:16: It’s amazing.

          You’ve assumed:

          (a) I own an xbox360 (I never have);

          (b) I’ve modded my non-existant xbox360 (I haven’t);

          (c) I’ve pirated games for my non-existant, modded xbox360 (I haven’t);

          (d) I’ve signed up for XBL to use my non-existant, modded xbox360’s presumbaly-pirated games on (I haven’t); and

          (e) I’ve had my non-existant, modded xbox360 banned via my non-existant XBL account (I haven’t).

          Have you any more inaccurate assumptions you’d like to make?

        • Kyon Theorist says:

          The console sales wouldn’t be “driven up” if people hadn’t modified their consoles in the first place. Plus every 360 sold is a loss of money for them not a gain, they make money off of software not hardware. If they could just disable the ability to use your mods they would do that instead. Trust me.

        • Ah, but here’s the thing.

          You get console banned, and you have hundreds of dollars in Xbox 360 games, what are you going to do?

          Especially if you’re someone who spends all their time on XBL?

          Most people would suck it up, and buy a new console.

          It’s nice how Microsoft can drive up console sales without actually doing anything to make the console better. If anything, the exact opposite.

        • ya, which will means your on the losing end either way, but what about the ppl with the extra money but just wana save on pirated games so they can use their money to do other things? if given the choice of legal 360 or legal ps3, who you think will win out?

        • Darkrockslizer says:

          Not really. If I cannot afford to buy official games for XboX then that would be even more true for PS3.

          I would love to buy the originals if only:

          1) the wages in my country would not be exactly 9 times lesser for every kind of job compared to the developed states;
          2) the prices of consoles and games would not be up to 2 times the price you get them for in US due to shipping restrictions and import taxes (I’m living in Eastern Europe >_> )

    • People who still buy 360’s are idiots. Breaks down easily and after warranty you are forced to buy a new one because if it breaks you will be banned if you try to fix it yourself.
      Seriously 360 community is filled with trailer trash idiots.

    • Yeah, this way those people with banned consoles will be forced to buy a new one. M$ knows that they won’t be able to beat the PS3’s momentum now that more people are buying PS3 than 360 so they choose to make older consumers buy more of their shitty conosle.
      Typical M$

        • I have no idea how things look like from their perspective?

          Hell, I was a pirate too. Oh wait, I’m still a pirate.

          I know what it’s like to not be able to play the games I like.

          It was only up until I got myself a job, instead of spending my free time at home doing nothing.

        • PS3 isn’t getting much modder attention because of the relative rarity of BR burners capable of out-of-spec recording and the significantly higher costs of the recording hardware and associated media compared to DVD.

          @fatimmortal Don’t be quick to judge people from your high horse. People who illegally copy software may not be the most law abiding citizens but I’m sure as hell you have no idea how things look like from their perspective.
          The word “asshole” assumes self-centric egoism that disregards the position of other people – in other words, arrogance.

        • Apparently, alot of gamers who knew what games are will buy original copies though they played the pirated versions.

          People play pirated games not because they are cheap scape but people who are not as rich as you who think every game deserves to be funded.

          For me I choose which game deserves to be bought original. If the game convinces me that the developers have put in enough effort to create the game, then I will get the original though I have already played the game over. For me, I feel that the developers have delivered and therefore I am due to pay for the game. If the game fails to meet my expectations, then why should I pay for it?

          Gamers are paid to be entertained. So the question goes to the Xbox360 owners who got Tales of Verspera. Do you think the amount of money you have spend on this game worth it? Do you think that the company who published the game deserve your money?

      • there is a misunderstanding here. Assuming that every modded console = pirated games is a mistake. There is still a chance that the owner of the modded console would have bought the original game.

        unless MS can conform that the user is in actual fact trying to install a pirated copy of the game, then they have no Right to block the user from doing what they want.

        Even if the console is modded, there should be a way of telling if the current game is pirated or not. Assuming that all the titles are pirated is the wrong way of going about it. And MS have no right to disable the device without any proof that the user did indeed use pirated games.

        I own a modded console, I mistakenly assumed that since it have been cracked it would allow me to play games from another region (Dream “C” Club). But do I own my games and have no intention of getting “pirated” games? then the answer is “YES”.

        The PS3 is still my primary console, if there is a game to comes on both console, then I am getting the PS3 version. I only wanted the xbox360 for their exclusive titles, especially the Japanese ones. But now I regret wasting my money on this extra loud console (that my brother calls “a small airplane”). And MS is NOT helping me love it.

        • It goes to show Microsoft loves spying on their consumers. Kinnect has facial recognition software and guess where your facial profile gets sent??? Directly to Microsoft. It’s like a friggin policing grid or a police state. Personally, Microsoft has too much power and it’s gone to their heads.

        • Anonymous says:

          just so you know, my friend owns an XBox and we live in israel it takes A WHOLE FUCKING MONTH for it to come back AND THAT’S CONSIDERED FAST! usually it takes 2-3 months for it to come back, if you call THAT service that should be considered fair with the draconian rules applied against these lame and dumbly designed machines, then you should go keep licking microsofts ass and then maybe you’ll get attention from their big fat corporate ass. btw modding the X holders to be made from C\C ( is considered bannable, go figure.

        • Dude, your 360 is loud? What the hell did you do to it? Mine is very quiet, and has been from when I first got it. Now it’s even quieter that I’ve been using the install to drive feature.

          My PS3 on the other hand is in competition with my vacuum for the noise it makes.

          And so what if Microsoft chooses to do what it wants to protect its own interests. It clearly states in the EULA of what you can and cannot do, and if they feel you’ve broken those terms, then that’s just tough luck. And no, ignorance (because you haven’t read the EULA in its entirity) isn’t a viable means of defense against any action taken my Microsoft.

          Play by the rules, buy your games normally, play them honestly, don’t mod anything and you have nothing to worry about.

          Seriously, it seems that the only ones upset and complaining about this are those who are doing it.

          Besides, inside those “evil corporate empires” are normal people just trying to make a living. Why in the hell would you want take that away or put it in jeopardy just because you wanted to play a free game.

          Seriously, just man up and pay like the rest of us and stop complaining already. There’s no such thing as a “free lunch.”

        • yuriphoria hits the nail on the head.

          People should be researching how to break these locks and talking to their nearest ‘hacker friend’ about finding a way to ‘change’ the firmware on these machines so that they are now able to run normally while telling Microsoft’s servers “Sorry…. already got the latest version of your firmware/breakware!” until someone has ‘cracked’ the new firmware once again.

          Microsoft is pushing the boundaries of what the law in the United States says is ‘reasonable’ for them to do….. if you want them to stop doing this shit, you have to hit them in the pocketbook.

        • Actually EULAs are not really binding (neither are TOS) they can sell your info to Russian spammers without much problem and equally they can’t sent the FBI after you just for braking the EULA hence why they need the DMCA.

          But good luck suing MS for damages. No you only got two options:

          One, don’t buy into this shit, or at least don’t be an xbox fanboy, try make console and corporate fanboyism uncool, no one deserves unconditional faith, not MS, not Sony, not Nintendo.

          Two donate to, join or start a group to break these locks. Remember, the console was near bricked for being modded, modding means making the console serve its owner, not its maker, these lock can be futher modded out.

        • actually theres something behind this comment the fact you need windows’ approval if you upgrade your rig too much than what is saved into your mobo’s cmos or something like that you know windows tagging your PC specs and its hardware

        • Read the EULA for Vista sometime. Microsoft claims the right to remotely disable any application they don’t like. If they decided, say, OpenOffice was cutting too deeply into their sales of MS Office, they could flip a switch tomorrow and make all Internet-connected copies of Windows refuse to install or run OpenOffice.

        • Microsoft has way to much remote access to systems. I am changing all my hardware to Linux systems. I am so tired of their remote shutdowns and license Nazism (I do not pirate microsoft products, I do not own an xbox, I own many computers in my house and I mod them fairly regularly so I get tired of the registry nonsense when they are all legal copies of the O/s I purchased (full copies))

        • Yes, I guess if I accidentally rip my 360 open, accidentally mod the drive and accidentally torrent and burn a couple games for it, I could be in quite a sticky situation indeed.

          From all reports, it’s pretty clear when a console’s been tampered with.

        • I’m pretty sure MS have the “right” to do anything they like if you break their terms of service.

          It clearly states in the EULA and elsewhere that modifying the console isn’t allowed.

        • Here is where I look forward to the rapid decline to the popularity of the xbox 360…

          Not really anywhere on the console war myself but for some reason I get a war fuzzy feeling when a company like Microsoft screws over its customers good or bad and then frantically tries to do something about it later

        • Bullshit. Sony did not design the PS3 to be region free. Their policy when you publish a game is so you have to make it region free or get Sony’s blessing to do otherwise. There is no way in hell that you can have a system designed to be region free then have the DLC be region locked.

          I hate clueless fucktards.

        • Let the person who has never pirated anything in their lives(music, movies, ect.) cast the first stone!!! Becauz I can guarantee you that just about all you people who cry “stealing is wrong!” have illegally downloaded music on their iPod or has watched/bought a pirated movie OR know people that downloads music illegally or has pirated movies AND I’m willing to bet your not going to turn them/yourself in to police. HYPOCRISY ANYONE!? Get up off ur high horse cuz in a honesty many of you people are no different or don’t have the balls to act on what you say!!!

        • actually theres something behind this comment the fact you need windows’ approval if you upgrade your rig too much than what is saved into your mobo’s cmos or something like that you know windows tagging your PC specs and its hardware

          Only with OEM versions, those are supposed to be sold along with the system and Microsoft provides no support for OEM. Support should be provided by the system builder itself system builder itself (HP, Dell, etc).
          Microsofts definition of a system iirc was a motherboard, CPU, powersupply and either a harddisk or solid state disk.
          (There’s something about needing to sell the system in their EULA as well, but they’ll already let it be known they will take no action against people who buy it to run on their homebuild rig – They’d rather have you running windows than something else after all)

          Retail version isn’t bound to hardware, you can move it from one system to another and support is available from Microsoft itself.

        • Doesn’t matter what their purpose for modding the 360 was. Modding it violates the terms and conditions they agreed to when they signed up for Live, and as a consequence of violating those terms and conditions, they can no longer connect to Live. Pretty cut and dry.

        • @Darkrockslizer
          pirated 360 games usually come with some sort of stealthpatch to prevent microsoft from detecting pirated games.
          People always thought that this was enough to protect them from a Live ban or some sort of anti-piracy measures, it seems that this was just false hope.

          It’s just naive to think that 360 games don’t come with a protection like PC games do. It’s just stupid to play pirated games on xbox live… its like playing World of Warcraft with illegal methods on the official servers.
          Of course they’ll find out sooner or later…

          People can be happy about the fact that Microsoft wont say which accounts got banned, in case some publisher wants those informations to file lawsuits against the pirates. GAR GAR. At least, thats what they said… and its part of their ToS that they wont give out Account details for whatever reasons.

        • PSP and PS3 were designed to be region free, so the devs have to make them region free. Microsoft lets it up to the devs. Some of them will make their games region free, and most of them will make it region locked.

          That being said, on PS3, I’ve seen some games support, only 480i or only 540i, making people with SDTV region locked if they don’t live in the right region. But it doesn’t apply to HD since it’s a general resolution all around the world.

        • Wii is region coded, much more so than the 360.

          There are actually a fair few games that don’t have region coding on the 360, notably Microsoft, Koei and Bioware games. since MS doesn’t region block their own games you can bet its certain publishers themselves putting the region coding on the DVDs, so they can gouge some markets (IE Australia).

          Unfortunately, Japanese publishers do have a habit of putting region coding on their games, hence why I cry at Dream Club or Death Smiles.

          Wii doesn’t have any zero region games, alas, which is the main reason I don’t have one.

        • > wouldn’t it give them more money?

          Chances are, games are released at different prices in different regions. So they’d end up losing money if people always import stuff from the cheapest region.

        • The only reason I mod my consoles is so I can play euro and jap games. If they what me to stop modding then make the shit region free. I don’t understand why they don’t, wouldn’t it give them more money?

        • Darkrockslizer says:

          Well it detects mods in console not the game. A non-modded one will simply not recognize it.

          And btw

          1) I am too poor to buy official games for my modded XboX however
          2) I am also too poor to pay for XboX Live feature;
          3) I did not buy any additional HDDs to save money when I purchased the console,

          so this still doesn’t concern me. XD

        • @ > How do you know they aren’t fathers with kids who may scratch up the original copy, and thus use legal backups?

          I’m sure 4 people are outraged that this has happened to them. The rest are doubtless just angry they got caught.

        • How do you know they are playing pirated games? Because MS says so? How do you know they aren’t fathers with kids who may scratch up the original copy, and thus use legal backups?

          Who’s 360 is it?

  • Too all you people QQ’ing about MS disabling the ability to save to the HDD. Maybe what MS SHOULD have done was reported to the authorities all the addresses of people who had modded xbox’s/pirated games on their system and then let the system confiscate and press charges. Be glad all you got off with is a small $299 fine (if you decide to buy another 360).

  • Has anyone ever considered that Microsoft is taking down piracy because the DEVELOPERS are complaining?

    It would make sense.

    “People aren’t buying the games I spend my career on and because of this I’m not making the scratch I deserve.”

    I don’t know about you, but I would be absolutely enraged with this. If developers aren’t making money, then they aren’t going to be too interested in making more games. And as a typical consumer of video games this makes me angry, too.

    I’ve noticed with Nintendo – people are pirating more and more and there have been many delays in getting games to the USA, etc. I thesis it’s also because they either can’t afford to keep some of their translators(multimillion companies like Microsoft and Google have had to let go of a lot of their workers, too, so there’s no use in saying they should have enough money to keep everyone) I know it does take time, but they have been slow this year.

    Crime doesn’t pay, and I don’t feel sorry for the people who choose to pirate and mod’.
    I know it’s yours, you bought and should be free to modify your 360 to how you see fit, but when you agree to certain rules and break them it’s what you should expect.

    No use in complaining, is all I mean.

  • This is awesomeness, I wish this would be done to the PC computers who hack all the online MMO games, kill their hard drives for using botters and automated scripting in the online MMOs. I wish this would happen to them all. So, the online Xbox360 games could now be fun to play as all the hackers have just been taken out of them?

    • I find it funny that some people here try to defend piracy and somehow make it sound like what they’re doing is actually good for the gaming community.
      Here’s a little shocker for you: it’s not.
      I’d rather just hear these people say they pirate games simply because they want to play the games for free… and leave it at that.
      On a related note, here’s an interesting article on PC game piracy that I found was well researched and answers some of the most common pro-piracy arguments:

      • Thanks for that, very good article.

        The most shocking/funny was people that call tech support for probs with pirated games.

        Thats like stealing a car from a dealership, then coming back the next day to complain about the broken window used to steal the car.

        On another funny note, you pc gamers love to call the fanboys consolefags, but in reality your pc games are really console ports. Whos a fag now?