Couple Arrested Over Public Car Sex Show


An exhibitionist couple who invited the general public to watch them have sex in the back of a van have been arrested after bystanders reported a suspicious crowd clustered around their vehicle.

The Fukuoka area couple, a 44-year-old unemployed man and a 33-year-old female chef, invited spectators by way of a local BBS to come and watch them have sex in public.

True to their word, they began having sex in the back of a minivan one evening whilst parked in a public car park. They are said to have successfully summoned ten male spectators.

However, a man passing by, apparently unaware of the spectacle’s particulars, became worried and called police, warning that “people are crowded round a car, I think there might be trouble.”

Police soon arrived and caught the pair in flagrante delicto, and they admitted their antics at the scene. Both were arrested and charged with public indecency.

Via Mainichi.

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