98% of Korean Women Want Plastic Surgery, 46% Have It


A survey of Korean women in their 20s and 30s found 98% of those asked would have plastic surgery, money permitting, with only 2% objecting to the notion.

The same survey undertaken in 2003 found that 66% would undergo such surgery given a chance, whilst 21% objected to the notion and an additional 13% agreed more with the sentiment that “it’s what’s inside that counts.”

There are no official statistics available on the actual prevalence of cosmetic surgery in Korean society (although Korean women are widely thought to be the most surgically enhanced in the world), but an informal survey of 1,800 Seoul women by a Korean paper found 46% of those they asked admitted to having had facial cosmetic surgery.

Just what the real number is can only be guessed at – many are less likely to admit to such surgery in a face-to-face survey as used here, though equally it seems likely Seoul would have a more fashion-conscious populace, and of course this figure only includes facial operations. Whatever the case, it is certainly a large proportion.


A Korean lady saying “8 out of 10 have had surgey done.”

Source Sankei is unsparing:

“With piracy, fake goods, academic fraud and misrepresentation all rampant in Korean society, perhaps nobody really cares if their beauties are fakes too…”

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