Sex Slave Jailed for Owning “650 Man Contract” Sex Slave


A sex slave who was imported into Australia on the condition that she pay her way by having sex with 650 men has been jailed for herself owning a sex slave, whom she in turn forced to service 650 men.

The 37-year-old woman was originally imported into Australia in 1997 on the condition she work as a prostitute and service 650 clients, but later progressed to recruiting her own prostitute directly in Thailand during 2003, having her work in Melbourne brothels.

The woman was supposedly on friendly terms with her slave, housing her and providing assistance, but kept her “supervised in almost every aspect of her daily life,” seizing her passport and having her pretend to be a religious refugee. The judge condemned her for profiting from such a “highly exploitative” arrangement.

The judge sentenced her to 6 years for her role in enslaving the Thai woman.

The judge also sentenced a 40-year-old Thai man to 14 and a half years for orchestrating the scheme and owning numerous Thai girls kept under similar arrangements.

Via The Age.

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