“Elementary Schoolers Need Sex Too!”


Condemnation of school romance has led to some spirited support of the rights of children to experience romance and the inevitable sexual relations which are a natural part of this.

The Yahoo! questioner voiced disapproval at youngsters brazen enough to succumb to their natural hormonal drives:

“Aren’t these brats annoying when it comes to romance? I think love for kids in elementary and middle school is too early!

With the age of sexual activity becoming lower it invites sexual diseases and pregnancy. They should be forbidden from love and sex until old enough to marry. Worry about love when you are ready to worry about marriage!”

The children in question soon gave the questioner a piece of their minds:

“Love is necessary for elementary and middle-school children.”

“Age is irrelevant. By dating you can gain expeience which allows you to better understand your partner.”

“Don’t underestimate the capacity of kids for love!”

“You didn’t have any romantic experiences at school did you?”

2ch sums up the opposition to school romance as “the tears of virgins.”

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