Kadokawa Proven Right: Otaku Idiots After All


The second DVD release of the much reviled Endless Eight arc of Haruhi was widely expected to be a complete failure, but the disc actually managed 12,708 copies on its release, hardly down from the first DVD.

It seems Kadokawa was right in its calculations about the Haruhi fanbase – they really will buy four DVDs of all but identical content, apparently out of sheer obsession, even as the cast, production staff and less thoroughly brainwashed fans angrily decried their actions.

They were all wrong – it worked.

Quite possibly all four DVDs will go on to sell over 10,000 each, more than most series ever manage – certainly their average sales will be over 10,000.

It is easy to see why many are now saying that the “moe boom” has been hugely damaging to the anime industry, promoting excessive emphasis on just the kind of titles and marketing which will never earn anything but ridicule from the wider potential audiences shows such as Haruhi now all but eschew, and debasing an art form into a nakedly formulaic exercise in moe marketing…

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