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Train Chikan Gropes & Rapes Schoolgirl “I Couldn’t Stand It”


Police have arrested a chikan who brazenly assaulted a schoolgirl on a train, dragging her off to the station toilets in order to rape her.

The man, a 49-year-old IT worker, groped the nether regions of 15-year-old high school girl one morning on a train and followed her onto the platform of a Shinjuku subway station when she went to change trains.

He then punched her in the stomach and then ordered her to “come over here.”

He took her to a male public toilet some 200m away, where he raped her.

The assailant was not captured even after inflicting this outrage on the girl, as arresting the felon took police a whole month, from the start of October when the attack occurred to the end of October when they finally made an arrest, based on evidence from CCTV cameras.

He fully admits the crimes, saying “I groped the schoolgirl on the train, then took her to the toilets and raped her.” Explaining his bestial conduct, he says “I just couldn’t stand it any more, I had to do her.”

Although of course there is no question of the admitted rapist being entirely at fault, it is almost unbelievable that the girl chose to accompany him to a secluded spot 200m away when surrounded by the general public and station staff in the middle of the busy morning commute, with his every intent being obvious from his actions on the train…

Via Jiji.

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  • I mean, just kill all rapist?! o.o
    Best solution to get this type of men from earth. I would defend a girl any time, but i wonder if i would get charged if i “accidently” kill him in range because he laid his filthy hands on a girl. ô.o
    I guess i would get a life sentence. =.=

    But really, nobody helped? -.-

  • ah humanity, the most fucked up specie on the face of this beautiful planet. pathetic worms we are, scumbbing to even the most simple primal urges. when said primal urges causes man to take action, he is condemed by his fellows, who all equally lust for the same thing. Three million fucking years of evolution, and this is where we are, not much better than an animal but still we impose superficial values on ourselves and others around us. Those who sees themselves as martys of this new world order are nothing but damned hypocrits. this world, needs a new leader, a light to guide them, much like religion has blinded the fools, but better. Humans should allow nature to do its share, only the strong should survive. The week and the meek can burn, and those who allow themselves to be taken advantage of, should not be allowed to complain.
    Hitler, might have been right.

  • Anonymous says:

    Of course she followed him, the dude preceded his demand for compliance with a punch to the gut. I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt and assume she thought it was either be raped or be horribly savaged then raped.

  • Anonymous says:

    man its outrageous to imply it was her fault, the guy punched her in the stomach and is going to intimidate her, he probably would of killed her if she didnt come with him whether she is a virgin or not doesnt change it from rape. Rape isnt about the sex, the rapist does it because of the power he feels.

    If she wasnt a virgin it may of been less painful for her but no less traumatic.

  • What an ass I say cover his genitalia in fish oil and shove hungry ferrets down his pants.
    I mean really you can buy school girl sex there or just have a prostitute dress up as a school girl so why rape?

    This is a tragedy but the worst part is what often happens when authorities over react because of a call to arms by the moral right see the US.
    I say they should just legalize tasers then the grouping will quickly drop to acceptable levels.

  • If this stupid slut would have known her only role in life is to sexualy service men(as all women should) then this wouldnt be an issue. Any man should be free to have sex with whom ever he chosses and it should be illegal for a female of any age to say no.

    • So basically, what you’re insinuating judging by the comment, 22:27, is that if the shoe was on the other foot, you would be forced to sexually service a stranger that you have never met before in your life, based soley on the gender you were born and raised up as, with an extensive history, both intellectually, mentally, emotionally, and socially, even despite the degrees you may have obtained in your lifetime to be a Lawyer, Doctor, or other highly-intellectually taxing job that pays well, you would be nothing more than a cum-slut for a random hobo on the street, who may have contacted herpes?

      As well, if a man is allowed to choose anyone who he may have sex with and the ‘victim’ cannot say no as required by law, and he chose you as his little sex-bucket of joy, and forced you to dres up in a cute little schoolgirl outfit while he fucks your mouth and ass sore, would you -still- say this?

      I doubt it.

    • People failing to help is a defence mechanism.
      1. Guy in UK runs from his house and lays into a gang breaking into his car. He ends up dead.
      2. Similar scene in UK. This guy lays into the mob and breaks some thug’s jaw. He got charged with assault and went to jail.
      The system turns us into cowards.
      The trait of being frightened to get involved is common worldwide, but is worse in Asia. I live in China and saw (from floor 5) a crowd gather round a screaming woman. She kept running up to, and touching, a ‘bundle’ against the wall of the apartment block. People stopped and stared, but nobody did a thing to help. People started using their mobile phones – not to call the emergency services – to call their mates to come and watch the show.
      Eventually I learned that the ‘bundle’ was her husband who’d jumped from an 11th floor window. He had a history of mental problems. It would be comforting to assume he was dead soon after hitting the ground. He was when they got him to hospital, but who knows?
      Do her neighbours suffer any angst for not helping? Do the passengers on that Japanese train lose any sleep when they discover that girl got raped?
      Probably not.

      To Anonymous/22.27 who thinks females should not be allowed to refuse him – I guess you’re joking. If not…
      I bet you don’t have a girlfriend!
      Line 1. The words ‘would have’ need to be deleted and replaced with ‘had’. (You’re American?)
      Line 2. You need a space between ‘men’ and the bracket.
      Line 2. You need an apostrophe after the ‘n’ in ‘wouldnt’.
      Line 3. The word ‘chooses’ is spelt like this.
      And if you believe that any man should be free to have sex with whomever (yes – it’s one word!) he CHOOSES, then I hope you get your arse reamed next time you catch a train. I’ll be the one standing round watching!

    • I’m no moral fag by any means in fact I consider moral fags my mortal enemies but this guy should be locked up.
      This is not someone who had consensual sex with a minor he raped her like an animal with no self control.

  • They should send that guy to prison in the U.S. and let news that he’s a rapist who assaulted a 15 y/o schoolgirl hit the general pop. I’m sure that will open his eyes (and ass) to his horrible crimes, and the severity of them.

    • He will be punished accordingly and might even get abused with a broom handle by Yakuza.
      As for mentioning the US prison system the US justice system is a cancerous mole that should be burned off the face of the earth ASAP.

    • If thats the loli I pretty much dropped the game after that scene, I like loli’s but I prefer them to be enjoying themselves, she clearly wasn’t and was even crying and begging him to stop the entire time. I am surprized it took this long for rapelay to get banned tbh. I mean the scene with the mother and the 2nd oldest girl wasn’t that bad, but the loli just made me not wanna play anymore.

  • Its also possible she did cry for help and no one cared to stop it since she wasn’t their friend/daughter/sister and/or assumed someone else would stop it.

    Look at the scene in Richmond, 20 people did nothing to stop another 5/10 people from raping a poor highschool girl.

    Humanity has degraded..”someone else will do something..” mentality

  • This whole comment rating thing is not really working out…

    That and why is the girl that’s at fault for not “doing anything”, why don’t guys STOP RAPING GIRLS you disgusting 3D pigs.

  • Who would give damn about a girl’s virginity if they aren’t completely sick or a f*cking moron. By the way,”it is almost unbelievable that the girl chose to accompany him to a secluded spot 200m away when surrounded by the general public and station staff in the middle of the busy morning commute, with his every intent being obvious from his actions on the train…” nice point you got there Artefact.

  • Maybe he was just trying to say hello to a cute little girl on the way home~~

    And talking seriously, probably he had a very bad day at work, was really depressed, human nature makes males _need_ to fuck somewhat frequently (thats why we fap everyday).. and well… a loli is a loli, much more arousing than older women.
    He was wrong in punching her, but I dont know how to blame a poor depressive tired male that probably had to work lots of hours and just couldnt stand against his human nature at the end of the day.. plus he even admitted the act….
    I will probably get negative points but well, I talk from an objective way.

    Basically I think laws are wrong, 3d women are overrated by the world itself.

  • kawaii chikan desu ne supa kawaii ps3 xbox baka desu. seriously this sight would be interesting if it just layed off the fucking wapisms and stopped thinking everything from japan is superior.

  • I think he had that japanese stomach punching fetish you can see vids on the internet. Basically it a guy punching a girl in the stomach and she crumples to the ground and they do it a bunch a times usually in different outfits.

  • I ride the train everyday and I just can’t picture that happening here where I live(brazil), I’ve never witsened any case of gropping or any other crime.
    With minimal security and men who aren’t total pussies that would never happen.
    I guess Japan doesn’t have the last one, which may be one of the reasons the japanese ladies don’t wanna get with them.

  • I knew a fellow on another forum who took action against a rapist and went to prison for assault. He said it was a small compensation for for the privilege of beating the s*%# out out of the guy. Said his only regret was that he didn’t kill him while he had the chance. Justice just doesn’t exist like it used to.

  • Kyon Theorist says:

    I sometimes wonder if the Japanese people will ever grow out of this. They have a million ways to show submissiveness and it practically oozes out of them. I realize that it’s a scary situation to be in, but from the sounds of it there are even less scary and dangerous situations where the person being groped, assaulted, raped etc. didn’t even bother trying to get help or help themselves. It’s not something you could just magically change overnight but I really hope they as a society truly see this as a problem to overcome and not a problem to live with.

  • I thought you’re supposed to punch the girl AFTER you have sex with her. Like, to get rid of the baby, you know.

    The girl should’ve called for help the first chance she had though, especially since she was groped first on the train…

  • Yeah, at 15 it’s pretty easy to be physiologically abused and intimidated, it’s really no surprise she followed him out of fear. Though I know Sankaku tries to un-demonize(I would use a thesaurus for a better word, but what’s the fun in that? Orwell invented his own words, so did Shakespeare, now I do.) the violators quite often.

    • thats becuz ur weak….i had a jackass stick a fucking gun in my face when i was 13! do u know what i did?! i kick his fucking ass! and thats no lie, if u dont believe me idc, eitherway if u let urself become a victim ur weak!

    • i can safely say that when your 15 YEARS of age somone has to say when your in trouble yell for help? theres no fear when you need help for somthing o say like a fire or medical emergency soo why not yell when there are (i can imagine that the police had to have been somwhere in ear shot) people in a crouded subway station! yell fire, rape , bomb, anyting to get the croud going to get the hell outta there….seems to me that she was like fuck it… but then i wasnt her nor was i there so i dont know what the hell ACTUALY happend what the situation was or what she ws thinking at the time. maby she did yell and to no avail…or seems to me like 200m is a very far walk, cause he couldnt have dragged her all that way w/o being spoted….could he?

    • “Although of course there is no question of the admitted rapist being entirely at fault, it is almost unbelievable that the girl chose to accompany him to a secluded spot 200m away when surrounded by the general public and station staff in the middle of the busy morning commute, with his every intent being obvious from his actions on the train…”

      That only shows how much you dunnoe abt Japan.

      The strike the nail sticking out adage will take (many) generations if ever to go away.

      • It’s like if you’re in some cramped bathroom, and you see a huge fucking spider on the ceiling. You would most likely freeze-up in fear, rather than scream and jump back instantly. Of course that’s implying that you’re as much of a pussy as I am when it comes to spiders…

      • Oh rly…

        A cat scared me and I couldn’t even scream…

        you call screaming and running easy?

        People are different, you can say that it’s easy but for other’s it’s not.

        You can call me a scaredy cat or whatever, just don’t think so close minded…

      • Danielnoctis says:

        But I think there’s a problem when you guys over at Sankaku accompany filthy news with sexy pictures.By depicting a chikan for example, grouping a hot girl in your trademark way, you end up adding fuel to the fire.

        I know it drags more attention and views(sex sells),there’s nothing worst than an ordinary boring news and deviants won’t commit their acts because of a picture.
        but a continual display of such acts as hot can seriously inspire people into committing acts such as grouping(not heavier ones of course)

        I know it’s easier said then done but at least try to be a bit more ingenious when it comes to depicting this acts,like you’ve done it with the galleries.

      • The appearance of undemonizing the molesters may also come from the comments, where numerous Internet Tough Perverts smarm and sneer about how awesome the rapists are and how they’d love to rape little girls and so on.

        I know that you as the writer of the articles have no control over this, and it looks like many such comments are getting voted down now (at least a little), but it certainly does add to the impression some people could get of Sankaku as a den of rapist-supporters.

        • Maybe some people actually have their own views instead of just jumping on that good olde lynch mob bandwagon. Criminals shouldn’t be demonized in the first place, there shouldn’t be a need for it. But humanity is pretty hopeless, so go ahead and encourage the moralists to fail saving real victims with their hysteria campaigns, by banning all the harmless stuff.

        • Well, someone has to support rapists. They’re considered worse than murderers now, but they are just a sign of a more fundamental problem with our society. The “N% of [insert country here] men aren’t married and don’t have girlfriends” one, i believe.

      • I think I understand what Driznit means. It’s not so much that Sankaku writers try to “un-demonize” the perpetrators in the articles but that it seems like the victims in these situations are often (and unnecessarily, in this case especially) called out for not doing enough to prevent what happened to them.

        Fifteen is an extremely young age. She was probably terrified – he’d already punched her, after all. Maybe she did struggle and cry for help, but people thought she was a disobedient child with her father. Though you say you are being sceptical [sic] (I think in this case you mean suspicious) of “mass media misandry” the tone in the article is more directed towards the girl herself than the journalist.

        • @y0k41

          Just go do some Muay Thai or BJJ and be the hero for once. I used to be like you, afraid of what might happen if i tried to help or to retaliate, but since i’ve been training Muaythai+BJJ, i’ve felt much more confident when confronted to those kind of situations. I’m a french born chinese btw.

        • You know, I think I can relate to those people around her who did nothing, sadly. I mean, I would somewhat be in denial, and be afraid that if I did try to help, it ends up being a misunderstanding and nothing was happening to start with, making a big fool out of myself. Don’t get me wrong, If someone told me a hypothetical situation like that, I’d say I’d help right away, but when it’s in person and happening right in front of me, it’s like an instinctive reaction saying to not get involved.
          Perhaps it really is a trait carried down by japanese people(I’m half), I just hope people will be able to overcome it more often.

        • it pisses me off that when anon 17:10 was denying them they tell her that she is rude and still molest her.
          Fucking psychopatic men,they all had a screw lose in their head and there are many people who act so ignorant that would be consideres psychopatic.

        • 15 isn’t young at all. People seem to like treating anyone under 18 these days as a toddler but that’s rubbish. She could have just as well been an office lady and yet would have reacted in the same way, or a younger girl and might have shouted out and run away.
          The principles and assumptions of modern society don’t match up with basic human nature.

        • My knowledge of Japanese culture is restricted to anime and hentai. Some themes are common and must have some basis in truth.

          Japanese are inclined to avoid confrontation and unruly actions in public and when sober. They are excessively afraid of doing something embarrassing which would make them stand out.

          When seeing something like bullying or harassment they don’t step in, but look away, or blame the victim for somehow attracting unwelcome attention. When being assaulted, the target of the violence in addition to fear and being dominated also worries about ‘standing out’ and causing a commotion.

          Pretty sweet situation for bullies and molesters.

          Oh and point of information. Even sluts, prostitutes, and non-virgins are entitled to say no and not be raped.

        • Fear and ‘apathy’ are residue-instincts from when we still lived out in the plains some thousand years ago.

          It’s quite simple really, she were perceived to be too weak and not closely enough related to be worth the effort and possible risk involved.

        • This attitude comes out of fear for their own survival. They are afraid to try and stop a criminal because they fear for there life and they also think about the persons in there life.
          They think: “What if he pulls a knife and stabs me? Or he hits me somewhere leaving me with a permanent problem? I have kids to take care of or i just got married or i didn’t even had sex yet. I don’t want to risk my life.”

          There even some who think. “It’s none of my business let someone else help. No one would help me anyway. Why should i be the hero?”

          Yes fear and apathy makes people like that.

        • I know it’s been written before, but I’ll write it again: “What the hell is wrong with those people and their society?!”

          It’s like they have some sort of huge void of caring, void of sense of responsibility, coupled with denial.

          It makes me think of the German citizens living in cities near the Nazi extermination camps of WW II. After the war, the citizens were interviewed, and said, essentially, “No, I didn’t notice anything unusual.”

          They were lying to themselves (and perhaps they believed that lie) and to the interviewers.

          Cremation of human bodies produces a distinct, sickly-sweet smell; I don’t know better how to describe it than that.

          In the city where I live (U.S.A.) some perv snatched a 3-year old baby out of a stroller and ran off the train with it. The baby’s mother screamed, but was so shocked she didn’t move. A random male passenger jumped off the train and chased the perv, punched him down and recovered the baby. The perv ran off, but police got good descriptions of him and caught him later that same day.

          They had the whole pantin’ pack out hunting that guy’s ass down. The cops weren’t issuing speeding tickets, or parking citations, or other little crap like that, they were all out LOOKING HARD for the guy. They had a police sketch out on all the news channels, they were taking flyers around to gas stations, Mini-Marts, whatever talking to clerks, customers, loiterers and bums – and they got the guy.

          The “shou ga nai wa” attitude is unacceptable.

        • Agreed. I once asked my mom what she would do if someone is holding a gun but is not pointing at her. Like most people the answer they chose was to run away. Obviously that is not the answer because that will give time for the shooter to shoot you. Instead you should attack the shooter before he shoots you.

        • It’s pretty stupid to expect terrified immature people to act rationally in a crisis situation.

          It’s been proven scientifically that most people, when faced with something like that, freeze up and can’t think anymore.

          I’m a girl, and I’ve been assaulted on a train, and it was in plain sight (3 guys cornered me next to a door, it wasn’t too crowded). Up until then they were simply not allowing me to move from one place, and were trying to flirt with me. I calmly and politely told them to leave me alone, and they accused me of being rude for no reason. At one point one moved in to physically touch me, and I pushed him away and said very firmly LEAVE me in peace! They immediatelly changed tune from mildly threatening to lifting their arm to hit me in the face. I’ve never been more scared in my life. They really enjoyed me cowering in fear. They also told me: “how rude of you, do you want me to break every bone in your face”? Can you imagine, being a frail teenager and having 3 burly men threatening to beat the shit out of you? And you know what people around did? Nothing. They were looking away, embarrased by the situation. That alone took whatever guts I had.

          So yeah, I’m not surprised she did whatever that piece of shit told her to. When threatened with worse, what can you do?

          Anyways, I hope he gets what’s coming to him in prison.

        • Marine-RX179 says:

          Also not to mention even if she did call for help, people might not help as they do not want get involved…I mean if someone did jump in beat up the guy and rescue the girl, would he end up being a hero like we see in TV drama, or end up as someone being charged with assault because of how idiotically law and courts work in reality thesedays? (i.e. Father arrested for kissing daughter; dude got arrested for being naked in his own home etc)

        • Anonymous says:

          I go to a community college in the US that fortunately takes in lots of international students. I mean lots and I mean everywhere.
          So I was driving my female Japanese friend (school project related) to the library and we were talking about beauty. I like her so the conversation focused on her interests. When I asked if she had been with a man, she was shocked and didn’t answer. Even when I clarified that her personal life was her choice to disclose and she replied “it’s okay”, she still didn’t answer.
          I get the impression that this 19 year old Japanese schoolgirl hasn’t been with anyone but herself.

        • for anonymous on top:

          to stereotype,that’s only u can do?
          1- i suppose,u idiots never have been in japan.
          2- the only thing u are able to do,is jerking off in front of some japanese porn or hentai…
          and u think u know everything about this culture?ridiculous.
          i have been living in tokyo 7 years already,and believe me, regular girls are so fucking hard to get.only club girls and yellow-cab girls and prostitutes are easy to get.the rest…good luck my friends..

        • Yes. This is true. Plenty plenty plenty of Japanese schoolgirls haven’t even been kissed, let alone slept with man. Hell, I live in the place now and my girlfriend of 1 year was a virgin until her mid-twenties 20s when I got to her.

          However, she was also sexually assaulted at a young age by some sick fucks like this sexless IT worker. Sorry guys, but between 40 year old man who can’t keep his shit together and a 15 year old student on her way home/to juku/whatever, I know where my sympathies lie.

        • I agree with Miroku, I mean what kind of a warped view of Japan do you have if you think that every girl there has lost their virginity by age 15? I mean, yea lots of the articles here include things like that, but news is mostly about BAD things happening, because, sadly, it’s more interesting that way, so typically they don’t bother printing out the good, less entertaining stories.

        • Oh [b]c’mon[/b], guys (and yes, I’m sure most of the posters here [i]are[/i] male). Virginity might be rarer nowadays than it might have in the past in Japan, but it’s still possible.

          You’re being naive if you believe [i]all[/i] girls are sluts (or even sexually active) at age 15.

        • That’s because k is a closet rapist, whom is probably furiously masturbating over the fact that an underage schoolgirl got her hymen penetrated by an elderly man in a trainstation washroom.

          I know I am.