Iwata: “Wii Has Lost Momentum & Has No Decent Games”


Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata has publicly admitted the Wii’s momentum has slowed and that a failure to deliver any decent games has soured the public to the console.

His statements were made after the company had to announce a 58% drop in net profits and a 43% drop in Wii sales…

Along with the nosediving sales, he frankly admitted the Wii was having difficulties:

“The Wii has lost momentum. We’ve been unable to keep introducing good software, and the favourable mood towards the console has cooled.”

In April he admitted that “the Wii’s position is perilous,” but it seems he has done nothing much in the mean time to rectify matters.

The recent Wii price cut, made in response to the PS3 Slim’s release, did have a positive effect on hardware sales, but this does not disguise the fact that the most notable Wii title of late is nothing but a remake of a 25-year-old Mario game – possibly Nintendo will have to do better than rehashed fitness games and remade “classics” if it wishes to compete with compelling line-ups from Microsoft and Sony…

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