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Nintendo DSi LL Announced, Disaster Predicted


Nintendo has attracted no small disappointment with its revised DS console, with the new “handheld” having been given 25% larger screen than the DSi at the expense of a 33% increase in weight and a substantially more bulky design.

Worse yet, the screen is the same resolution as the previous model, only larger…

You can see a scale comparison of just how bloated the new unit is below, with the old unit superimposed on the new:


The main upgrade is of course the 4.2 inch screen, up from 3.25 (resolution unchanged).

Battery life increases to 3 hours again, but weight goes from 214g to 314g, and the unit fattens to 16.1cm by 9.14cm from 13.7cm by 7.49cm. Otherwise the unit is essentially unchanged from the DSi.

The price is in the region of ¥20,000.

Most DS fans seem to be wondering how they could ever fit this in their pockets, although Love Plus fans optimistically remark that now they will have more screen space to kiss

In any case, it seems the new model, is far from the PSP killer some had hoped for, in fact it may be fair to say it is Nintendo’s answer to the PSP Go, generally regarded as a dismal flop (although at 158g it is almost half the weight).

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