Loli Ban Revived


The LDP has recovered enough from its election drubbing to begin demanding a fresh ban of all things loli.

The LDP, with the support of their cultist allies the Komeito, have finalised another draft of the legislation they failed to get passed in the last session of the Diet, which they intend to get passed this session.

The content of the legislation is said to be the same as the previous bill.

However, with the LDP in complete disarray and having hardly any seats, it is unlikely to pass many laws by itself, and the ruling DPJ is sceptical of the proposed law, saying it threatens freedom of expression and might lead to arbitrary abuse of police power.

It is thought the LDP is now more intent on causing problems for the DPJ through tactical use of the proposed law, rather than actually seriously expecting to get it passed.

Critics of the LDP’s obsession with public morality have pointed out that the Japanese legal definition of a “child” for the purposes of this legislation is anyone under 18, whereas for most of the developed world the definition ranges from 13 to 16, with some even allowing 16-year-olds to work as prostitutes.

Besides Japan, only America regards all under-18s as minors, and none of these countries enforce bans on the display of genitals as Japan does. Were the LDP to pass its law, Japan would have by far the most draconian anti-porn laws amongst the major developed nations…

Via 47news.

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