Top 10 Shocking Secrets Your Lover Might Hide


A survey reveals what Japanese men and women find the ten most shocking secrets their partner might harbour, with men evidently highly concerned about whether their partner is really a woman, and women concerned about the financial history of their partners…

The male ranking:

1. She used to be a man

2. She’s been declared bankrupt

3. She’s in debt

4. She’s had plastic surgery

5. She’s a former delinquent (“yankee”)

6. She has a mother complex

7. She’s a former gyaru (gal)

8. She’s lying about her age

9. She’s a groupie

10. She likes cosplay

The female ranking:

1. He’s been declared bankrupt

2. He’s in debt

3. He has a mother complex

4. He’s actually unemployed

5. He used to be a woman

6. He’s a groupie

7. He likes cosplay

8. He’s had plastic surgery

9. He’s a former crossdresser

10. He’s a former delinquent (“yankee”)

Bankrupt cosplaying transsexuals in awe of their mothers take note… Otaku however get off relatively lightly, coming in at number 13 on both lists.


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