Otaku Murdered by Lady Serial Killer in Deadly Konkatsu


Police have arrested a woman suspected of tricking an otaku into giving her some $50,000 to cover the couple’s imminent marriage, after which the man promptly committed suicide.

Further investigations revealed three other men connected with the woman had died under mysterious circumstances, in a case police are treating as murder.

Update: Now it appears no less than 6 men connected with the woman died or committed suicide, and we learn that the woman, a convicted fraudster,  led a lavish lifestyle from which she swelled to just shy of 100kg…

The 41-year-old salaryman, a resident of Saitama with a noted interest in plamo (plastic models), had, he thought, finally realised his dreams of marriage, having met a woman 7 years his junior who appeared prepared to marry him.

He wrote in his blog about his hopes for the future and delight at having the opportunity of marriage, even posting a photograph of the sweets he bought in Akihabara to celebrate the occasion (shown above).

He described how he was about to go on a trip with his partner before their planned marriage, and meet her parents. Commenters congratulated him.


However, some twenty hours after this post his body was discovered in a rental car (shown), together with the charcoal briquettes often used by suicidal Japanese to induce carbon monoxide poisoning.

An autopsy report soon concluded this was no ordinary suicide, finding tranquilisers in his bloodstream.

Police suspected his body had in fact been placed so as to give the impression of suicide after finding he had never bought the briquettes or expressed any signs of depression, and noting that the car keys were missing from the scene despite the doors being locked.

He had also just given the woman ¥5,000,000 to cover marriage expenses.


Police quickly caught up with the woman he had been dating, identified only as a 34-year-old resident of Tokyo’s Toshima ward (residence pictured), and arrested her.

She explained how she had dumped him after a quarrel and “perhaps he committed suicide in the carpark after the shock?”

Oddly, the deceased otaku has been identified by 2ch’s diligent investigators as being behind a 2008 Yahoo! Answers post in which he is apparently asking about the wisdom of marrying a Chinese woman met via Yahoo!’s dating service.

He apparently took the proffered advice to avoid her in case of foul play, but some are suspicious about the mass media’s unusual refusal to publish the name or face of the accused (pictured)…


Police soon realised this was perhaps but the tip of the iceberg, with no less than three other men known to the woman having died under mysterious circumstances, including an 80-year-old man who died in a house fire (scene pictured), with unexplained cashcard withdrawals made on the day of his death.


He too had been discovered in the presence of burnt charcoal briquettes and with tranquilisers in his bloodstream. The woman was working as a carer for him.

Police investigations into the other two deaths continue.

Via Itai News.

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