Mother Paid Boys to Rape 11-Year-Old Daughter


A mother who forced her 11-year-old daughter to engage in sexual relations with a series of young boys on a near daily basis has admitted she paid the boys to have sex with the girl as she wanted to make her daughter “more popular.”

The 40-year-old unemployed mother, a resident of the Italian city of Perugia, apparently believed that only by engaging in sexual relations with many male “admirers” could her 11-year-old daughter become “popular.”

To this end she resolved to force the girl into a series of sexual relationships with young boys, whom she herself recruited as they were leaving her daughter’s school.

She would subsequently bribe a series of boys aged 13 to 17 into seeing her daughter, giving them money, mobile phones and calling credit in return for coming back to the family residence in order to have sex with her daughter, an arrangement which continued on a “near daily” basis for some time.

Her daughter tearfully opposed these encounters, but apparently to no avail.

Police began an investigation into the family apartment after receiving reports of screams and “unusual activity” there, and soon arrested the mother after bugging made it clear her daughter was in considerable distress.

The mother had also apparently let a 17-year-old boy have sex with his 13-year-old girlfriend at the residence, whilst she was present. He is being charged with sexual assault.

The girl has been taken into care.

The girl’s father was apparently absent and not aware of the encounters; police have taken no action against him.

In all other respects the family was thought to be normal; the mother had no prior criminal history and the girl exhibited no problems at school.

Via the Corriere della Sera.

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