Windows 7 Humiliates MS Japan Boss Live on Stage


Microsoft Japan’s CEO Yasuyuki Higuchi has been humiliated live on stage as Microsoft’s glitzy Akihabara Windows 7 launch event was turned to farce by a failure of the operating system’s glitch prone touchpanel support

Flanked by two spandex clad warriors, Microsoft’s top man in Japan attempted to demonstrate the superiority of Windows 7 to the assembled crowd.

However, from about 3 minutes in Mr Higuchi has evident trouble getting his touchscreen to do anything…

“The light is a bit strong…”

Coming so soon after a complete failure of the system live on Japanese morning TV, this is nothing less than a PR disaster, and a probable personal humiliation to poor Mr Higuchi, who can be seen making a speedy exit, doubtless with the intent of making some very nasty phone calls.

Some are wondering whether they might not wish to stop playing up their evidently useless touchpanel features and instead focus their efforts on the delectable Nanami Madobe, who at least will not malfunction embarrassingly at major marketing events…

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