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A significant addition to Sankaku Complex’s commenting system has been made in the form of a full comment rating system; you can read a complete explanation below.

The system should be intuitive enough; clicking the plus button on a comment will vote up the comment, and clicking the minus icon will vote it down.

You need to be logged in to vote on comments – you can create an account here.

Unsurprisingly, each user may vote only once on a given comment, but you are free to vote on as many comments as you like.

Comments scores are displayed as a number from -1 (appalling) to 1 (great). Comments have to have a certain number of votes to have their score come into effect. Scores are not immediately updated on voting.

A “karma” system is a probable future addition, but at current all comments start at 0; anonymous comments have a slight malus to reflect the fact that anonymous users have an higher propensity to make abusive comments – otherwise they are treated identically.

Good comments are highlighted, bad comments are faded, and utter drivel is collapsed completely so as not to poison your eyes.

The options at the top of the comments section allow you to set a viewing threshold for comments – you can have only the worst comments collapsed (the default), or you can hide bad comments as well, show all comments irrespective of rating, or even display only top rated comments.

In all these cases, you can freely expand or collapse any comment by clicking the small ‘+’ in the upper right corner of the comment. You can still reply to comments irrespective of ratings.

Comments which are exceptionally abusive (chiefly spam or other extreme cases) can be reported with the “!” link, which will bring them to the attention of a moderator.

The natural tendency of many users when presented with such a system is to mercilessly vote down any opinions they disagree with, or any users they dislike.

Whilst this is an inevitable component of any voting system, it is hoped that most users will recognise the real power of such a system is in encouraging users to make insightful, informative or witty comments, with votes based on the merits of the comment and cast irrespective of who is making the comment or whether the sentiment they express is objectionable to the reader.

Should you have any additional comments or feedback, please do not hesitate to leave them below.

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