Ninja Gaiden 2 Sigma: PS3 Not So Superior After All


The upgraded PS3 port of Ninja Gaiden 2, Ninja Gaiden 2 Sigma, was hailed as a huge graphical upgrade over its Xbox 360 original, but close observation reveals some very substantial compromises had to be made to accomodate the PS3’s differing capabilities, which some would say have resulted in a certain amount of downgrading…

Detailed analysis reveals that the the game was very heavily optimised for the Xbox 360 and had to be cut back in certain areas for the PS3 port, even as it was enhanced in other areas:

Team Ninja’s original code is based on exploiting all of the inherent strengths of the Xbox 360 platform, the intention being to push out as many polygons as possible based on the Microsoft console’s unique architectural advantages. A like-for-like copy at the same performance level would’ve been an almost impossible job to produce on PS3.


Team Ninja’s original performance quest was so completely single-minded that it actually resulted in a game that ran at a sub-HD resolution on Xbox 360. Native 720p was dumped in favour of an 1120×585 resolution combined with 2x multi-sampling anti-aliasing.

Using a 32-bit pixel format and a 32-bit z-buffer, the frame could be entirely rendered within the Xbox 360’s ultra-fast eDRAM before being copied out to main RAM. Indeed, if our maths is right, Team Ninja’s selected framebuffer format uses 99.975 per cent of the available eDRAM.

The performance benefits are obvious: Ninja Gaiden 2 copes admirably with a vast amount of on-screen enemies and relatively complex environments.

The Sigma team’s solution to these problems is quite ingenious. It simply rebuilt the whole game completely from scratch with its own engine, “remixing” Ninja Gaiden 2 to play more to the strengths of the PS3 hardware. It’s a situation only seen before a handful of times in previous cross-platform projects (Oblivion and Enemy Territory: Quake Wars spring to mind).

Right from the outset, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 impresses. There’s a palpable resolution boost, for starters. The original sub-HD 1120×585 res on Xbox 360 is substituted for 1280×718 on PS3: essentially full 720p aside from pixel-thin black lines.

There’s even proper bona fide 2x MSAA included too, to reduce jagginess – though when the engine is stressed, edge-smoothing is dispensed with to maintain frame-rate.

It seems making multiplatform releases for the PS3 and Xbox 360 is a far more fraught process than developers tend to admit, with developers often taking shortcuts resulting in ports which are less than optimised.

This is sure to come to the fore with the upcoming release of Final Fantasy XIII, a graphically spectacular game many have suggested is being graphically downgraded on the PS3 to ensure an identical Xbox 360 release…

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  • They have their codes shattered when they make the xbox 360 version, and mostly on the lighting. And browsing the development backup takes too long time so they decided to “disable” lighting……………………..

    What? Just kidding!

  • it does uses real time lightening asshole.
    When ever you enter a narrowed path or cave, you see the lightening reflect all around the wall. This is highly noticeable even in Sigma 1’s first stage. As soon as you enter the cave, the lightening dimes down because there’s no light inside the cave.

    Since an xbot like you is so retarded enough not to understand lighting since Xbawks 3shIttY multiplatform games are always dark.

  • ps3 is better, because it uses real time lightening, high character details modeling and textures. So all that needed some sacrifices by reducing enemies on screen.

    Anyway, Ayane PS3 and Xbox 360 comparison…enough said LOL!

  • “It seems making multiplatform releases for the PS3 and Xbox 360 is a far more fraught process than developers tend to admit, with developers often taking shortcuts resulting in ports which are less than optimised.”

    Please PLEASE PLEASE, it’s so obvious you’re not a developer, so please stop writing stuff you don’t understand (I on the other hand am a professional programmer with console experience including Xbox360 and PS3 (and Wii, DS, PS2, too boot).

    First, those are not “shortcuts”. It’s normal porting. That won’t work so well though, because just recompiling for PS3 grants you only abysmal performance (in fact, if you just naively recompile stuff for PS3, you will not rarely end up with less performance than even on the Wii – for instance, virtual function calls are really really bad on the PS3 and slower than on the Wii).

    Second, every developer always has said that multiplatform development that includes the PS3 is really really complicated (if you want to exploit the hardware).

    The Xbox360 and Wii lend themselves far more to developing multiplatform, since their characteristics mean that they will run fast when you program a certain way (using certain algorithms and a certain degree of parallelism). Now on the PS3, the main CPU core (PPU) is REALLY slow, and to exploit the “superior” hardware, you have to totally rewrite a lot of algorithms (often to more painful variations) in order to utilize the SPUs. This is really working against everything that software engineering has taught you to be “good”.

    Yes, the PS3 is hardware-wise slightly superior, but it comes at a huge price for the over-complication of the development process. Nowadays, this shouldn’t be necessary; hardware CAN be designed to run fast without having to completely reinvent every wheel.

    In other words, the PS3 is somewhat like the Pentium-4 (which also required “special, against-all-books” programming to run fast), while the Xbox360 is more like the Core 2 Duo (running old stuff fast while still supporting future programming models).

  • So, you are complaining that in exchange for a bunch of poligons they enhanced textures, with some ambients completely redone and bump mapping everywhere, lightning putting HDR and shadows to every single fricking moving thing in the game (whereas in the 360 version only Ryu had shadows and the lightning was static), they took the resolution in the next gen (720p vs 585p) while keeping 2xMSAA, is this what you’re doing? You are complaining that they’ve removed a handful of poligons making the game the best version? Did you even read until the end of the article? No, because that seems the kind of reacting one would expect from somebody who has only read the first page.

    “However, it has to be said that the Xbox 360 game sometimes revels too much in its technology, abusing the lack of limitations in the amount of enemies rendered and occasionally making the game virtually unplayable as a result. Team Ninja’s hardcore approach to gameplay has been softened a touch in Sigma. The team had a decent amount of time not only to look at PS3-specific technological improvements, but also to tweak the way the game plays too”

    “On balance, the PS3 version is the one to have: polygon reductions aside, the improved bling is simply gorgeous throughout the game. Not only that but there are bonus playable characters, online support, plus rejigged boss encounters.”

    Less enemies, but stronger and harder to take down > more enemies, but weaker and with less hp. This not even mentioning that they put the Enma’s Fang (which still is damn slow) in the game because they’ve depowered most of the main weapons in the game.

    Not even mentioning that the toll on the X360 in order to show all those polygons and blood on screen is that everything in the game looks one generation behind Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2. Compromise for compromise, do what you think it fits the best for both gameplay and graphics, and in this case, NGS2 has the upper hand, hoping they follow the same route for NG3.

  • Humm, did the writer ever tought about that graphically ps3 has the advantage and that with better graphics -> more polygons in graphics -> less enemies in on the screen to keep the FPS steady. When you look at ps3 vs x0 gameplay theres almoust no difference in enemy count.

    So if ps3 version had lower graphics like x0 version it could have same amount of enemies on the screen in cutscenes, so thats GOOD. but when graphics are better than on x0 like now and there is less enemies in screen on cutscenes its BAAD? LOL!

    • Not really .Changed materials and more contrasted lighting with less details in environment . The graphics maybe are looking nicer for a noob eye ,but from the technical pint they arent superior .

  • This argument is stupid.
    1. in order for a game to reach full potential on a ps3 it has to be developed for the ps3 from the ground up. reason being is because of the cell nodes.I.E. if uncharted was ported to xbox it woudln’t work because the way they programmed it. they carry out task all at once that the xbox could not do, leaving room for the graphics to remain superior and also cutting down on he stress that would be put on one cpu and one gpu.
    2.Compare exclusives, ps3’s exclusives play better and look better than xbox exclusives. uncharted 1 looks better than gears, halo isn’t even true hd it’s native is like 540.

    their are things that i like about both systems, but when it comes to graphics on exclusives ps3 is superior to xbox and inferior to pc. thats fact not fiction. do the reseach look at poly counts framrates etc….

    Ask cliify B who wants to design a game for the ps3. or rockstar who had to hold back on gta because of the xbox. i’m not a fan boy just speaking facts.

    and for the record i’m talking about comparing good exclusives, not games like haze(ps3) or too human(360) and to date uncharted 2 and mgs4 are the best looking exclusives on a console to date with gears of war and killzone being a tie imo.

  • Too bad Xbots are all using shitty TVs to go with their shitty consoles. I’ll take higher resolution over more polys ANY DAY.

    IMO, they did a damn good job with code not even intended for the PS3.

    • of course they did a good job, all they had to do was program it for the ps3, its not like they had to bother desingning many levels or enemies, the original tea ninja did all that and also programed the game in 13 moths and it had to be rushed cause Itagaki was leaving tecmo. notice how the extra content is half assed on the ps3 version. not like bamco and the ToV port which has alot of extra content and its not half assed. Hayashi just doesnt have the same talent.

  • i have ng2 for both consoles and i must say that only the online coop makes sigma better, ps3 version has 3 extra chars but their mission in the story suck, they mostly travel the same places you already played with ryu and their missions are really short. the game was noobified wich may be seen as good or bad, puzzles were removed (not that there were many to beging with) stupid statue bosses were added others removed. they improved aiming with the bow. the camera is still a mess, extra chars only have a few combos and no upgrades or extra weapons so they boring fast.
    sigma aint much of an upgrade, it depends on what u want.
    btw in cinemas the framerate doesnt drop on neither console so theres no excuse 4 ps3 version to show less enemies and during gameplay the ps3 version also has framerate drops just not as often as 360 version.
    p.s. Hayashi sucks he can only try and upgrade games already done, he hasnt done anything for himself except steal the credit from Itagaki.

  • Who freakin cares. I’d rather have a SLIGHTLY downgraded version of a good game on a supposably “inferior” console than to have a SLIGHTLY better version of a good game in a supposably more “powerful” console which WILL break faster than usual. I bet the GAYBOX 3-shitty overheat so freakin fast because of all the work the shit have to do to be “better than ps3”. I know it overheats because of the heatsink shit but whinning about how better I’d be if only microshit didn’t go cheap with manufacturing the shitbox is like saying how better the ps3 will be if only sony add more RAM or wtv. What’s done is done. Microshit messed up. Enjoy looking at your RRoD fanbitch.

  • Really, both consoles are entirely different from a development point of view. If a game has been optimized for the X360, chances are it will look better on it, but if it’s been optimized for the PS3, chances are the same, it’ll look better on the PS3.

    Most (if not all) developers will make the X360 version of multiplatform games because they know the system better and it’s less difficult developing on it, and then they’ll port the X360 version to the PS3, which is why PS3 versions often look a bit less detailed and what not. But if you take PS3 exclusives that were created by a company that actually knows how to develop on it (trust me, there aren’t many), X360 couldn’t achieve such a quality either. It works the same both ways.

    • Anyone who wastes money on having an ‘awesome’ Alienware logo on his computer case in my opinion needs to be put in the same box as PC gamers put all the X360 users in.

      Put your own computer with identical hardware together and save 30-40%.

      If you cannot do this yourself, get your nerd-friend to do it. Chances are he won’t even ask you for money.

      If you don’t have a nerd-friend… er. Your problem, I guess. Buy that Alienware after all. :p

    • PC +: more powerful hardware
      PC -: more expensive hardware
      PC -: you’re at the mercy of your operating system
      PC +: you can get patches/fixes for your games, if the game company bothers to make them

  • The existence of a sexier ayane in the ps3 version is enough for me to decide which is the superior version and besides, after comparing her face in the 360 version with the ps3 version, the 360 version never exist to me.

  • EvilTradingCards says:

    I miss the fin’ violence! II hate Ninja Gaiden somewhat and the violence and crazy weapons made me want the 360 one. If I get the PS3 one it’d be for Ayane! lol As for the difference, meh, I was the KING of tell my friends graphics don’t matter, I SUPPORT DISGAEA’S GRAPHIX MORE THAN UNCHARTED’S, and less enemies on screen means less things to kick yo ass! Hurray!




    FACT 3:


    • ChaosAngelZero says:

      Actually what happened is that the blood gushes were alpha effects, a type of effect that demands crazy amounts of bandwidth, which the 360 supports (within a certain limit) through the use of its 10 megabytes of eDRAM, something the PS3 sorely lacks.

    • Agreed. If you mess with freedom of expression you don’t deserve to live. I will freely express my distate towards censorship by uncensoring anything I can get my hands on and handing it out to little children. Viva la revolution.

  • This is quite a difference but only marginal at best, from the images I’ve seen on the other articals the only real difference is the number of things on the screen at one point and better visuals, thats it, other than playing someone else apart from Ryu there both practically the same game, from what I underatand anyway.

    guess its prefrence

    360- more enamies + blood guts and gore
    PS3- less enemies purple mist blood + difference charater + better visuals

    +what ever else ive missed for both consoles

    Also one quick question the blood on the 360 was crap it would float a good few inches off what ever it hit, was that fixed in the PS3 one???

    • That, and less blood, lost limbs don’t stay on screen for long, fewer enemies on screen at once (gameplay difference alert!), lower polygon count on many characters, and reduced quality on some other effects like water reflections.

  • ChaosAngelZero says:

    And yet, this port was released a whole damn year after the original 360 version… no matter how many technical advantages the PS3 has, it has the single biggest flaw that no redesign will solve (unlike the 360’s already solved RRoD): crappy architecture that takes fucking FOREVER to properly optimize and make the most of it. No way around that one.


    “This is sure to come to the fore with the upcoming release of Final Fantasy XIII, a graphically spectacular game many have suggested is being graphically downgraded on the PS3 to ensure an identical Xbox 360 release…”

    I’ve yet to see any conclusive, hard, not-hearsay-derived evidence that this is actually happening, since Killzone 2’s first trailer was an absolute forgery everyone seems to have fallen prey to (unlike, say, the Gears of War footage of that same 2005 E3, which was rendered 100% in real-time).

    • 360 already solved RROD? You must terribly blind or choose to blind yourself on the truth. The RROD was never fixed, they released new models but with the same shitty architecture. No amount of chip changing can ever fix that. What’s the use of changing the face of building if the problem is in it’s foundations?

      If you even read the real article you’ll see that Team Ninja reduced the enemies on-screen on the PS3 to maintain framerate, the 360 version dropped it’s framerate from 60 to 40 and below w/ all those details making the game slow. You call that superiority?

      If you did your research, you’ll definitely see the big difference of the FFXIII before and today on the PS3. Another game that was terribly downgraded is Tekken 6. They’re supposed to be making the game 60fps at 1080p for the PS3 since Tekken 5.1 runs 60fps at 1080p but they had to downgrade it to 500+ something pixels, bec they need to make it look the same with 360 version.
      The arcade version that runs on PS3 engine runs 60fps at solid 720p and now they reduced the home version into sub-hd of the same game that is run on the same engine ALL BEC THEY NEED TO MAKE IT LOOK ON PAR WITH 360.
      FUCK 360, FUCK M$.

      • ChaosAngelZero says:

        Also, on the Tekken issue: have you ever played a PSX game on an emulator, say, ePSXe? did you try running it at something like 1600×1200 with additional filtering that wasn’t avaliable on the stock PSX hardware and at 60 frames per second? yet the very same PC you run your PSX games like that on will never run Crysis with that resolution, nor those additional filters, at the same 60 fps?

        Well, now you probably understand why “Tekken 5.1” ran at a higher resolution than 6, chump.

        • Your Quake analogy is obvious. You didn’t need to explain that at all. But you seem to be blinded by the idea that all of the systems are pushing their limit to the edge.

          Funny how you mentioned the engine. Of course the game was developed on the arcade first. But has it ever occurred to you that they had the intention of porting Tekken 6 to the 360 in the first place?

          Do you honestly believe that’s the best PS3 can do? If you’ve ever seen the Tekken 6 arcade booted up, in the XMB, you’ll see that the file size is around 3-4 GB. Add in some additional user content and the likes to that, and you can fit it in a single DVD.

          Sega also backed away from the idea in basing the Lindbergh arcade system to the Xbox 360 and instead, on a P4 with NV40 as it is much easier to port games from PS3 to 360.

          And no, my question mainly focused on trying to populate monsters into the cut scenes. Yours is more of a complaint of why bother making a better version of the game on another platform when there’s the “superior 360 version” (which is funny coz you still think the Ninja Gaiden 360 version is far better).

        • ChaosAngelZero says:

          “The inferior hardware”, dear Anon, is the PS3 itself.

          I’ll go with another example: think for a moment about a given PC setup. Said PC setup will run, let’s say, Quake II, at a 1600×1200 resolution, with many filters and whatnot, at a constant 60 fps framerate. You with me? OK, let’s proceed; now, in that very same PC, you attempt to run Quake 4 with those same settings and expecting to achieve the same framerate, and what you actually get is that the game essentially drags at some laughable 4 or so frames per second.

          Do you understand what happened in the above example? I’ll tell you what happened: superior looking games, with higher polygon counts and more complex graphic effects, are more demanding than simpler ones.

          This is why Tekken 6, both in arcades (whose board, Namco Bandai’s System 357, is directly based on PS3’s absurd architecture), the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3, run the game at a lower resolution than 720p (in fact, and as has been proven by Digital Foundry, the 360’s port runs the game in excess of 720p when the the motion blur filter is turned off, but the resulting image isn’t as good looking as it was with the filter enabled): because they can’t cope with the game’s load at that resolution, because those systems aren’t powerful enough. And because NBGI’s engine is balls, too.

          About your second paragraph: that’s precisely my question. Who on Earth would care about doing all that for releasing a PS3 port that of course will sell less units than the equivalent, superior 360 version? It seems Tecmo does. Platinum Games doesn’t (or maybe can’t, despite the company’s absurd amount of talent they still have to release a commercially successful title, let’s hope they make it with Bayonetta), and that’s the case with almost every sane developer and distributor out there who has to face its product’s sales numbers.

        • What? Didn’t you just prove his point that the game had to be downgraded due to the fact that the inferior hardware wouldn’t be able to handle it?

          Also, who in their right mind would spend a lifetime trying to reverse-engineer the techniques used on one architecture and implement it on the other while they’ve got other contents to work on?

      • ChaosAngelZero says:

        Let’s see…

        Yep, the RRoD has been solved since the release of the so-called Jasper units, go look it if you want. There hasn’t been any RRoD complaints coming from the customers who bought their very first console a year or so ago, only from those with older consoles.

        Then, the article says the number of on-screen enemies is reduced in the PS3 version because it can’t render them and keep its 30 fps framerate, which, if my math is correct, is ALWAYS lower than the 360’s 40 fps.

        Last, I’ll slowly spell it to you since it seems you aren’t that much of a quick connoisseur: the first Final Fantasy XIII trailers were rendered with more powerful hardware than the PS3, they weren’t actual in-game real-time PS3 footage, just system specification targeted, pre-rendered, full motion vids, which was also the case with Killzone 2’s first trailer (also, I love the way everyone mixes K2’s real in-game footage with its FMVs, great trick to fool people into believeing the game actually looks like that all the time).

        • anon above me,
          dont bother to debate with chaosangelzero there.
          he’s a sad case of someone blinded to truth for his loyalty / buyer remorse. even if x360 have shit smelly, while ps3 have nice flowery fragrance, he’ll prefer the smelly shit and said x360 have better smell than ps3. that’s a just an example.. unless he have a ps3 for free with its game for free, he might think other way. (well i predict he will say no anyway for this)

        • ChaosAngelZero says:

          OK, here goes again. NGII on 360 is sub-HD and doesn’t output constant 60 fps, and PS3’s NGS2 is practically 720p and also doesn’t output constant 60 fps. What’s more, it dips to about 40 fps just like the 360 version (here I want to make a correction to my previous post; Sigma 2’s cutscenes are locked at 30 fps, the game proper attempts to keep 60 fps), but does so with less on-screen enemies (the only embedded vid in the article shows just that). Then, you have to see these:

          Sigma 2 is not always graphically superior to NGII as far as graphic efefcts go, in some instances the light bloom, wet surface and water reflection effects are better looking on 360 than they’re on PS3, plus lower polygon count and thus inferior geometry on zoomed-out scenes.

          This is not to say that the 360 version is, graphically speaking, completely superior in every way to the PS3 one (which would be somthing stupid to say when showed all the footage of both), just that Sigma 2, precisely, is “Not So Superior After All”.

          And Killzone 2 doesn’t look half as good as Crysis, particularly because it doesn’t eve nachieve true 1080p Full HD because the PS3 can’t cope with such a burden.

          And guess what, both games are system exclusives and they sold poorly when compared to both their multiplatform (Modern Warfare) and exclusive competition (Halo 3 and ODST, both Gears of War). The PS3’s architecture is not a viable option, its RSX’s separated vertex and pixel shaders are old technology (although its faults can be somewhat compensated with some ingenious use of the Cell’s SPUs, as the gorgeous Uncharted 2 demonstrated) and developers can’t get proper performance of middleware because of this very reason. And, in case they do manage to come with a similar enough PS3 version, they’re almost always inferior to the 360 one (either slightly or pronouncedly so), so there just aren’t any valid excuses for it.

        • All that spinning you’re doing is making me dizzy. The game was built from the ground up on 360 and has slowdowns, sub-hd res, crappy textures, poor shadows and some don’t exist at all, and it’s filled with jaggies. Sigma 2 comes out and they do a much better job balancing things out. Some people can’t accept it’s just the better looking and playing game. It’s basically 720p, has a stable framerate, better textures, better lighting, better shadows, more detailed, longer game, co-op, and more. The trade off: less blood and fewer enemies in a CUTSCENE, not even gameplay!

          And KZ2 is undoubtedly best looking console FPS ever created. At a technical standpoint, the game is unmatched on consoles. And before you go saying it took a 4 years to make it, Uncharted 2 took 18 months to make on PS3 and is the new console benchmark for graphics and highest rated exclusive this gen. So much for taking “fucking forever”. The architecture argument is crap and played out.

  • I do not understand why people care about this stuff, at all. If you bought one console then just enjoy it, who cares if the other is 5 pixels better. It’s the same with everything else, people will try to knock on the stuff they don’t own, to somehow make their choice superior. NO MY TOY IS BETTER! *GASP*… Pre-School stuff.

  • God I fucking hate these threads….I mean come one do you really care for those details when you play the game?? Do I stop the game in the middle so i can take a screen shot and look for errors?

  • This PS3 vs XBox 360 stuff continues to be hugely boring and vapid. Seriously, you’ve got loli pantsu and you spend all your time fapping about miniscule console differences? I don’t want to hear about video games unless it involves character art.

  • so 360 version sacrificed details for more fiends on the cutscenes. while ps3 sacrificed less fiends on cutscenes for more textured details and lighting?

    i guess it all depends on the person if they want their cutscenes to be filled with fiends or not

  • Not being a console fanboi, I’m not getting it. The PS3 screenshots look far superior, in the main fact you can actually SEE the screenshots. They have light whilst the 360 are basically pitch black. Is that the whole joke? Cause you can see thus proving inferior graphics?

  • The real difference between the two games is that the PS3 version contains two missions that are almost certainly impossible to complete. The game has been out for a month now, and so far not a single person in the entire world has beaten Ultimate Ninja missions 1 and 2, while even the next-hardest missions have been finished by several thousand people.

    I’m getting close to the point where those two missions are the only thing separating me from a platinum trophy, so I hope someone gets around to beating them soon 😉

    • I’m no fanboy of anything, but the game was optimized for XBOX360, so to make it run on a completely different system they needed to make some adjustments.

      by the way, 360 is already a dated system. If you look at the specs, its actually a top of the line trimmed down PC from 2003. PS3 has better hardware, but making games and making ports to it is difficult that is all.

      360 – better development software
      PS3 – better system’s “raw power”

      • Yeah and the ps3 isn’t dated? The ps3 is still a SINGLE CORE processor with an EXTREMELY outdated stripped down model of a 7800 gtx. The best thing with the ps3 is the fast 256 mb of memory and that you can swap out HDD without something propietary. Alas, you have no mandatory installs on X360 though.

        • @Anonymous 17:58:26:

          “Single-core”? Learn to Google.

          IBM’s Cell contains:

          One “Power Processing Element” (think: PPC CPU)
          Eight “Synergistic Processing Elements” (think: peripheral processor with self-contained memory)

          The PPE and six SPEs are available to game programmers (Sony’s XMB makes use of one PPE, and one PPE is either non-functional or intentionally disabled – this lets Sony use cheaper Cell chips).

    • Anyone who deals in console wars is dumb and poor. They support their own machine because they don’t have enough money to buy the other one and are insecure about the fact that they might have made the wrong purchase.

      • Wrong, ur the dumb and poor. You don’t even have taste at all. If you know investment you won’t say that. We support one console ‘coz the other console is shit. I ain’t gonna spend another dollar on a shitty console ‘coz the company made that console breaks all the time.
        They complain PS3 is expensive but it doesn’t break as much as the 360. Tell me, w/c is more expensive? Spending on an expensive console once or buy more than one of the same console bec it breaks all the time?

        • sorry, times up
          i want to play game, why give microshit another year or two.
          all this console war can go eat shit.
          i gonna play my ps3 now than wasting my time typing to stupid xbotfantard / ps3 haters

        • @08:24
          thats what the warranty is for and seriously… the new 360 models don’t suffer from rrods as much as the first generation. I havn’t seen any complaints about rrods since the elite came out (of course, only with the new model… the consoles before that are still breaking).

          but still… i don’t really care about that. I’ve seen new Mercedes’ break down for no reason. It happens… it’s out of your/our control. Your PS3 can break too… thank god for warranty. Thank God MS upped the warranty to 3 years. Thank God that MS has such a “good” and fast Support.

          Having to buy a new console every 3~4 years is not that bad, even if it breaks down 12 times in those 4 years. Sure, it’s annoying… but there are better things to do than just playing videogames.

          oh, and btw: i had 1 rrod since the 360 came out. I don’t have any warranty anymore on my console now… i never had any problems with my 360 besides that. I never had any probs with my PS3 as well… though, i don’t play as much with my PS3 as i do with my 360.

          @anon 09:16
          If your console happens to destroy your DVDs, give MS a call. You’ll get your games back… and just a tip: don’t let your 360 stand vertically. It only happens when it stands and when you move your console – so you’re the first to say that you didn’t do anything.

        • I agree. I got the Xbox360 about 2 years ago and had it break down many times. After it scratched up most of my games( with me not moving the console )I got rid of that piece of shit. I was dumb and poor, but now that the PS3 is cheaper and smaller, I might have a chance to get back into console gaming.

          The lesson of the story:

          Buy consoles from companies who have had many years of experience in the console gaming field( Sony and Nintendo )

          Give Microsoft a couple more years and they MIGHT get it right.

          Don’t buy a console until after a year or two it is released.

    • Somewhere, I have screenshots of a game from ten years ago where it appears the designers “spent” most of their polygon budget on the lead female character’s breasts.

      Her breasts were (for the time) beautifully smooth and shaded — and the lines of her arms were straight where they should have been curved — as if someone had done a “connect the dots”-type drawing.

      The only way a game is going to truly look “the same” across different architectures is if the programmers implement some sort of horrible “least-common denominator” design. Nobody will be happy with the results (ugly and slow) of that.