PS3 Sales Surge 707%, Xbox 360 Sales Plummet 70%


A comparison of the post-price cut Japanese sales figures for the major consoles reveals that PS3 sales have rocketed 707% compared to the same period a year earlier, whilst Xbox 360 sales have actually decreased 70%, in spite of price cuts.

The figures, based on Enterbrain data:

PS3: 707%

PSP: 126%

Wii: 29%

360: -70%

All these consoles have had their prices slashed recently, with effects ranging from extreme in the case of the PS3, to completely ineffectual in the case of the Xbox 360, which now appears to be in an irrecoverable position in Japan.

Of course, nobody expects this boost for the PS3 to be permanent, although the release of Final Fantasy XIII is just around the corner…

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