Man Must Pay $12,500 Over Abortion Agreed With Partner


A woman who sued her former partner after he agreed to cover the cost of their mutually agreed abortion has been awarded $12,500, with a judge saying he “must share equally in the burden.”

The couple in question met via a marriage guidance service in 2007, and dated for only one month before splitting up.

However, it later emerged that in this short time the women had been made pregnant, and the couple agreed that the best course of action was to end the pregnancy.

The man formally signed his agreement to the procedure, and agreed to cover 30,000 yen of the cost, even accompanying her to the columbarium to pay his respects to the remains.

However, it appears this was not satisfactory to the woman, and she later demanded consolation money from the man, which he refused to pay. She then sued him.

The judge subsequently ordered him to pay 1,140,000 yen in compensation for the distress the woman underwent, saying:

“As the woman’s pain and burden were something you jointly caused, you should equally share in shouldering the burden.”

The man “behaved sincerely, but did not fulfill his obligations as a father in leaving the choice of whether to have the child to the woman.”

The man appealed the verdict, but was rejected. The woman’s lawyer hailed the decision as “a significant verdict which upholds the responsibility of a man.”

Via the Tokyo Shimbun.

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