Teacher Cops Feel “But I Had No Ill Intent”


A teacher claims he “had no ill intent” after he brazenly fondled the breasts of one of his young female pupils; he faces disciplinary action.

The 58-year-old Tochigi prefecture teacher inserted a hand underneath the girl’s top and began touching her breast through her underwear during an afternoon class, whilst other students were present.

He explains his groping: “There’s no way I had any ill intent, but I touched her.”

Parents demanded educational authorities not identify whether the school in question was an elementary or middle school, so consequently details of the girl’s age are not known.

The incident was uncovered after parents confronted the school about it, and an investigation soon confirmed the complaints.

The teacher subsequently apologised to parents in a gesture unlikely to reassure many… He is now taking a voluntary hiatus from teaching.

Just what action the school will take is not clear, though promotion seems unlikely.

Presumably his notion of what constitutes “ill intent” does not take into account what anyone else might think of it…

Via Sankei.

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