Navel: “Foreigners Keep Out, But Buy Our Games!”


Noted visual novel publisher Navel is blocking non-Japanese visitors to their site, serving them a cheery 403 instead, but at the same time is publishing its games in English.

A slew of clueless eroge publishers began blocking non-Japanese visitors to their sites in an attempt to appease the pro-censorship lobby at home and overseas, despite most of the fuss coming from religious and feminist groups within Japan.

Navel, best known for Shuffle!, is apparently amongst these “eroge sakoku” publishers, having replaced its (currently obnoxiously noisy, if tastefully orange) homepage with a simple 403 if the user’s IP address is non-Japanese.

From Tokyo:


From the rest of the world:


Of course, the filtering can be bypassed with a simple proxy.

However, unlike the bulk of eroge publishers whose games are never released outside Japan, Navel is currently publishing its entire Shuffle! series in English, and fully uncensored, as released by MangaGamer.

Few could help but be astonished at the attitude of a company which bans overseas visitors from its pages with no explanation whilst simultaneously expecting them to buy its products in translation.

This also demolishes the notion that Japanese publishers are somehow protecting overseas visitors from content they can’t handle – Navel are releasing in English the very same titles they are saying overseas visitors are unfit to learn about on their own site.

Update: what overseas visitors there can rejoice, as for some mysterious reason the site is now accessible globally…

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  • It’s the feminazis’ fault!!

    If EqualityNow and Agnes Chan shut up, then this would have not happened, but no, the feminazis went postal and start saying “eroge is bad” while Agens Chan started her pitiful crusade to ban lolis.

    I even wonder why feminazis existed….

    The only thing they do in the world is destroy our fantasies and our happiness and replaced it with feminazi propaganda

  • I can access the site but really all us in the US should round up all members of Equality Now and use them all as ballast mass for the Ares test flights.

    Or we could just put them under the shuttle or a combination of the two.

    Other uses for them bird strike simulators for testing jet engines.

    • Blaming each others’ ancestors for the sins of the past…. yeah, [i]that’s[/i] gonna win over the hearts and minds of the international masses.

      *[b]Miroku74 rolls his eyes[/b]*

      [i]All[/b] sides have been pretty rude to each other, all things considered. Granted, I haven’t been that exemplary [i]either[/i]…. and considering my age, I [i]am[/i] ashamed of that.

      As far as ‘Civilization’ is concerned, we humans have a [i]long[/i] way to go yet.

      • Don’t get clotted up by the anime and game and whatever. Japanese are now trying to emerge as the “champion of justice” when they are still too ashamed to tell their young people what they did in the past and haven’t apologized for the atrocities they committed. That’s shameless for a country who talks about “honor” and “dignity” all the time.

        • You are right. I retract the clause on context.

          I also agree that morality is indeed subjective and absolutes cause logic-failure so I’ll just conclude with something vague and meaningless like:

          Everyone is at fault for nothing.( ̄ー+ ̄)キラーン

        • I agree that all countries have made mistakes and that the US is no exception, but disagree that context is only relevant when justifying actions.

          As this thread amply demonstrates, morality is subjective. If you want to mix morality with facts, particularly when studying history you have to look at why people did what they did, not just what happened. Use cannibalism as an example. What may be morally acceptable in a life boat may not be at a dinner party. The difference? Context.

          The question as to whether or not all or a specific instance of US intervention was absolutaly uncalled for is dabatable, but not answerable in any definative way. That’s like asking whether US intervention absolutlay was called for in any instance where the US didn’t intervene. Aside from the the obvious pointlessness of dealing in absolutes, attempting to make moral judgements with the bennefit of hindsight while ignoring the reasons people do what they do could just as easily be used to justify anything as it could be to condemn anything.

        • The challenge was:
          “If you could, please name one instance that US intervention was absolutely uncalled for.”

          True, it is one sided and simplified. It was intended to be. Was merely pointing out to 25-10-2009 14:29 that the US is not the bastion of justice they so glamorise it to be.

          Context is only important when you want to justify something (like killing people), I am sure Hitler had his reasons for killing the Jews too.
          If it was done it was done.
          The point however is, if you do it, be prepared to be hated for it regardless of whether you felt ‘implied’ to do it or not due to some misguided perversion of the ‘white mans burden’.

          Also, this is no university thesis. Wikipedia is MORE than enough to make a point. If you want primary sources then go read some declassified US documents or something.

          Regardless, the flow of this branch of replies was merely pointing out that EVERYONE is in the wrong INCLUDING the US (it just seems to take more persuasion and shoving of facts in the face when telling that to patriots <as it for obvious reasons should).

        • Where do I even start…
          The massacre of Native Americans in general was uncalled for. (Assuming you are a US citizen, you should know all about that though… Right?)
          So was Gunboat diplomacy, Unequal Treaties and abuse of extraterritoriality in the mid 1800s.

          Or should I just mention things like:

          1887-1893 – Hawaii : Bayonet Constitution. Independent kingdom of Hawaii overthrown and annexed. Quite uncalled for.

          1899-1902 – Philippines : Philippine War of Independence. US Annexation of the Philippines. In the end, no different from the colonial Spanish they ‘liberated’ the Philippines from. The Genocide was uncalled for too.

          1912-1933 – Nicaragua : US Occupation intervening in politics followed by usual creation of a military dictatorship loyal to US interests.

          1941-1945 – WW2 : A-bomb without any prior demonstration as a warning was totally uncalled for.

          War against Communism and Cold War : Epic fail. (everything done by the main players was uncalled for)
          1950-1953 – Korea : Indiscriminate mass murder of civilians by everyone. +Uncalled for.
          1960-1975 – Indochina : Intervention only made things worse. +Uncalled for.
          1961-76 – Cuba : Bay of Pigs, reaction to the Cuban Missile Crisis, Terrorist attacks against Cuba… were these called for? Some perhaps?
          But considering the installation of US loyal dictatorships in Iran, Chile, Guatemala, Indonesia, and other such countries… From Cuba’s point of view, I think not.
          Training the teleban wasn’t the greatest of ideas afterall was it? Proxy wars are totally uncalled for.

          1982 – Lebanon : Neutral “Peacekeeping” operation that was anything but neutral and peaceful. The raining of shells onto civilians by the US navy was a bit uncalled for don’t you think?

          1980-1988: Iran-Iraq war. Need anyone even explain why supportful intervention was let alone uncalled for but a really stupid idea?

          1990s onwards – Iraq, Somalia, Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Sudan, etc etc…
          “freedom” and “democracy” says the people who were defending dictatorships run by US loyal elites and capitalism/economic agendas=oil…
          “humanitarian intervention” says the people who leave behind massive civilian collateral damage in their wake. ‘humanitarian intervention’ indeed…
          If you ask me, more like “uncalled for intervention”.
          You may think yourself the second coming of Jesus, but US military intervention is counter productive, inflammatory, it further destabilises countries and quite frankly, in the majority of cases, is not welcome AND ABSOLUTELY UNCALLED FOR.

          Side reply 1: Perhaps if China was treated better 1800-1950 they would care about ‘human rights’. But right now, they obviously want to catch up and have their sweet revenge on all the nations that fucked them over (Japan being first of course.) Again, intervention will only make things worse… (in this case however, for you).
          Side reply 2: From your point of view, sure women are being mistreated. But forcing ideology down peoples throat at gun point isn’t going to win you any points. It’ll just get you fanatical counter-ideology, exploding people, exploding cars, exploding this, exploding that and planes flying into towers. Equality of the sexes didn’t happen overnight in your society and it sure as hell didn’t happen at gun point, so less judgemental and more pragmatism.
          Side reply 3: Guess who North Korea learned the art of showing off and threatening people with nukes from.
          (1945 Japan / 1946 Iran / 1946 Yugoslavia / 1947 Uruguay / 1948 Germany / 1951-1953 Korea / 1954 Vietnam, Guatemala / 1956 Egypt / 1958 Iraq, China / 1961 Germany / 1962 Cuba / l968-l969 Vietnam / 1973 Mideast / 1980 Iran)

          Was there anything in there that made you think twice about US intervention? I hope so…

        • ^
          So you are saying that it’s OK to just sit and watch a country abusing its people? US intervenes because we believe that men are created equal. And we take it upon ourselves to prevent injustice and conflicts, be it Chinese’s human right violation, how women are being mistreated in the Middle East, or how North Korea threaten to nuke its neighbors. If you could, please name one instance that US intervention was absolutely uncalled for.

        • ^
          If the “atrocities” you are talking about is how we got dragged out of national isolation and had extraterritoriality forced upon us like the rest of Asia, then yes, I am sorry that we prevented the colonization of the world by western imperialism. The world would be a much better with occidental aristocrats abusing their power and money while sitting as nobility on the top of caste systems in the every country found in Asia.

          Congratulations, you have a null pointer exception.

        • ^
          If the “atrocities” you are talking about is how we got dragged into 2 WWs, then yes, I am sorry that we prevented the Nazis and the Japs from taking over the world. The world would be a much better with them eradicating every minority and underprivileged like the Jews, the cripples, the gays, and the non-whites.

        • American are now trying to emerge as the “champion of justice” when they are still too ashamed to tell their young people what they did in the past and haven’t apologized for the atrocities they committed. That’s shameless for a country who talks about “honor” and “dignity” all the time. lol

      • Miroku74, i must congratulate you. To me you seem the only reasonable person here in a cestpool full of nazis (HOMOSEXUALS SHOULD BE TREATED AS ILL PEOPLE!!1), hypocrites (JAPAN IS NOT TO BLAME , ALWAYS THE UNWORTHY GAIJIN!!!!!11) and of course lots and lots of racists. You see, the sad thing is ppl like us wo actually have a brain seem to be a tiny minority. Or just not the main audience of this blog.

    • The only thing I felt sorry for is how our ancestors saved that ungrateful country from the wrath of the Russians. Should have just let Soviet Union made them into their ass whores. For a country that is as unapologetic and self-denial about the atrocities and war crimes they committed, they have no right to point finger at the US. When did the great empire of Japan contribute to world peace besides the time that they tried to conquer the whole Asia(and killed tens of millions of people in very sick, disgusting manner)?

        • I’m sure they are well aware of what happened and quite frankly don’t care. Some compensation money was thrown around the globe, the emperor apologized a couple times and that was pretty much the end of that.

          Understandably, people don’t want to be harassed forever by the shadow of their ancestors. So for every time it gets flamed up, people are going to become resentful and start spitting venom (and subsequently others are going to troll them for drama and ‘lulz’).

          In all likelihood, 2ch is what many Japanese really think anyways. (Befitting for a writhing cesspool of animosity.)
          However, I personally happen to enjoy such depravity… ( ̄ー ̄)ニヤリ

        • Correction: Those Japanese otaku and 2chan-ers are pigs.

          They just barged in and typed some shits in Japanese and accused US of a war that toppled a dictator, when they even don’t know what their ancestors did in the past. I like to see what they have to say about what Japanese did in WWII.

          And to the guy who said “メシウマwww”, I want to fuck you in the ass until you die of hemorrhage.

        • I bet the South Koreans and the Chinese from the WW2 Generation would bring up touchy subjects about Japan then again who cares they might as well lable them as any outsider a Future Rapist that comes to there country even Americans.

        • It just blew my fuse how the “peace-loving” Japanese would talk about how bad the Americans are for starting the Iraq War, but they would be as silent as a dead guy when talking about their aggression back in WWII. And then all hell broke loose when they talked about how they got nuked. For the Axis powers, Germany did a much better job of educating their people of the mistakes they committed in the past, compared to Japan who just tried to hide everything and hope that it will be forgotten. They would go as far as to change the history textbooks to hide the truth. Of all countries, Japan, especially Japan, has no right to criticize US, when we fought to liberate the Iraqi people from Saddam Hussein, while as they terrorized the entire Asia and Pearl Harbor-ed us.

  • I don’t get it. I have japanese friends and make new ones all the time and have never met gaijin-haters. So why is a japanese gaijin-hater visiting a english site and bitching in japanese? If we are so ignorant why would we understand japanese? Furthermore if your schools teach english why can’t you type english? What you did is as idiotic as me going to a japanese site and bitching in english. I’m assuming you’re 30+ years old with having to be over 18 to buy these games, being an otaku and having this much free time. The simple fact is japan’s education is even more self absorbed than america’s. (yes we have 4 seasons, no the japanese were not the first farmers, yes I can use chopsticks, gaijin can read kanji, not all gaijin speak english) Japan’s edecucation on the world is laughable. I don’t see a no gaijin allowed sign or a black van spouting imperial japan propaganda and say everybody in japan is like that so what right do you have to generalize america?

    • It’s called trolling.

      Generally works by saying something inflammatory or controversial, then sitting back and enjoying the show as all hell breaks lose.

      They feed on your emotional reactions.

    • A little internet opinion causes them to unblock us again? This is what I am taking about, those companies missing some sort of backbones. If they didn’t do the self-imposed ban and stick their heads high and up, the media would have been tired of it by now and move on to other things. But no, they decided to give in, just like this, and brought hell upon themselves. When will you guys learn to have some consistencies?

      • It was a 403, how do we know it was an actual ‘ban’ and not a problem with internet connectivity? Especially with the lack of a splash page like Minori. Its quite possible it was just a case of someone overreacting and the problem since having been resolved.

        Sad thing is, even if it was a net-glitch, this’ll likely remain up as True Fact of racial tension.

  • Children should be explicted to the depiction of violence and sex starting from very early age. Maybe then there wouldnt be a world full of pussys and wussys cherishing their fucking worthless lifes.

  • 愚かな害人共なんて日本の優秀な文化を理解不能

    • だな、こりゃ反日勢力と何も変わらんわ。あるものないもの勝手に捏造しやがって・・・

      ( ゚д゚)<ワレラ正義タル白人割レ房ヲ拒否スルダト~?許サン、許サンゾ!


      • So what kind of justice were you guys on when your ancestors started the WWII? Frankly, if US has anything against the Japan, do you think the Japan you know as it is would exist? Your Imperial Army was wiped by the Allies. And do you think the Chinese, the Korean, the Russian, and other Asian countries would just let you punk them around and get away with it? It is the US who took you under and protected your country. And it is the US who used our resources to rebuild your country. If none of that happened, Japan would have become another East Germany at best, or some shitty third world country. And did you know how your country treated the prisoners of war(or civilians as a matter of fact)? Just reading about it made me sick to the stomach.

        • wow. I just started reading this post because I was curious about its blatant hypocrisy and I realized that there are alot of close minded people out there. Why do so many people hate the US. Ive read ‘arguments’ (for the lack of a better word) that we, as Americans, live in splendor and prestige and love making all the other ‘pure and innocent’ countries in the world suffer a much as possible. For those that bring up the past of the US let me remind you that no country is perfect. Why don’t you dust off your own countries history books for proof of stupidity.

          Also Ive heard that we as Americans believe anything that our propaganda tells us to and that were shallow. How can you put 300,000,000 people in one category and discriminate against an entire nation some of you probably never have been in. The only way youre getting that negative information is probably from the PROPAGANDA THAT YOUR OWN RESPECTIVE COUNTRY IS PROVIDING; and you call us shallow.

          The United States of America is not perfect by no means (and I should know since I do live here) but it is by far the most diverse etnically and religiously than any other nation and it took all of us to make it one of the most powerful nations in the world. A great deal of people in these posts (and I am not talking about everyone here because there are some actual logical posts here) bash the US for sticking our fingers in other peoples ‘pies’ but you didn’t realize that the US wouldn’t have gone to war if we were not attacked first (9/11, Pearl Harbor, etc). Besides we are not the only country with troops in other countries or have their fingers in other countries pies; unless you guys just omit that fact when talking about us.

          Take a good look at you own country before you bash another. Take a look at your own history before you trash another. And take a damn good look at your own upbringing before you talk about someone else because all I here is jealousy and envy.

      • I am too tired to type in Japanese so please forgive me. Americans have no antisemitism against Japan. Equality Now is a radical group and in no way representative of American general public. In fact, it’s people within your country like Agnes Chan and LDJ that started the shit storm. Your hatred is being misdirected. Greedy CEOs in US(NOT average Americans) caused the global recession, that’s pretty much the only thing we wronged you guys, not this eroge ban shenanigan. And don’t listen to julian0086, he is an idiot. He just hates Americans for no good reasons.

        • This once again exemplifies the xenophobia and arrogance of the Japanese, and how they treat foreigners as if they are less than humans.

          If you want to quote statistics, please cite a source instead of pulling that out of your ass.

        • “I want to know how an american pirating a game they wouldn’t otherwise have access to hurts them they are only looking for japanese sales to begin with.”

          Then there should be no problem whatsoever if you can’t access the website.
          Since such people are not even customers this whole eroge industry bashing is merely an attitude of self-conceited arrogance.

          On another note however, your observation on piracy is mostly accurate. Though, the rebuttal still remains:
          Your ratio of pirates to purchasers regarding eroge is phenomenally high in comparison to that of Japan (probably something ridiculous like 99.9% piracy). No access? Bullshit. There is this thing called importing. You obviously understand piracy so don’t even bother trying to gloss this over with such sophism. We all know people who don’t buy won’t buy and it has no effect whatsoever financially on companies if these people pirate.
          So what does this boil down to? When it comes to eroge, foreign markets are full of don’t-buyers. Simple as that.
          Thus, it’s not surprising that you are not even considered as a target market.

          Anyways, you should feel honoured to have even been used as sacrificial pawns. Yet what do you do? You start complaining that the eroge industry is a bunch of hypocrites?

          ε- (´ー`*)ふっ、笑わせるな・・・お前ら最初から眼中にないや。

        • So you’re saying japan has never done that? If they want to bitch and moan about gaijin pirating they should stop nihonjin pirating first right? You know the intended market. However stopping pirating is impossible. Please don’t get me started about how everything is rip off of something either. They are just using gaijin as a scapegoat blaming it on foreigners not the people inside japan. I want to know how an american pirating a game they wouldn’t otherwise have access to hurts them they are only looking for japanese sales to begin with. Not to mention said games are all rip offs of each other with low production costs they break even from the japanese players not the 100’s of people they’re not selling the game to so fuck them.

        • You’re an idiot. That’s not what they mean when they say we are pirating their culture. They are talking about people fucking stealing and copying their shit, blatantly breaking copyright laws.

        • I love it when japanese say we’re pirating their culture. Anime was heavily influenced by american cartooning. Manga was heavily influenced by foreign comics Ralph Baer is the father of games not any japanese person. The portuguese gave you guns which helped nobunaga’s fight to unite japan you could all be swinging katana at each other still. Commodore Perry (U.S.) opened up japan from isolation for trade and culture as well as training your soldiers. Then the japanese started a war they couldn’t finish because they were butthurt over the Russo-Japanese War (which america was not involved) with a bunch of countries and made a retard move by fucking with the U.S. over an embargo. So we nuked them spread our culture which created modern japan everything modern in japan is either foreign or heavily influenced by foreign originals. Your music, your games, your anime, your manga, your peace sign, your figures, your body pillow STARTED FOREIGN STFU japan didn’t create these they altered them.

        • 24-10-2009 05:17>

          We are well aware of the factions within our own country however we are also well aware of the factions providing them a propulsive power from outside.

          The issue in this case however is entirely different. Foreign access is a privilege not a right and the contempt shown by various foreigners with their insulting behaviour towards Japanese eroge creators and players creates hate towards you and your creed.
          Especially when the majority of foreigners are pirating our culture.

          The initial banning of IPs was a means to an end. It was your side that started insulting us when you should have been supporting of the cause. Proxy is easily used. You must remember this was merely ‘official stance?’ 建前 to create allusion of ‘taking measures’.

          However, Navel site becomes access-denial for half-day? to foreign IP and suddenly fabrication about ‘Navel is hypocrite to foreigners’ / eroge company and players are coward! sentiment instantly appears. Yet still you point the finger at us not even realising the source of discontent lies in your attitude itself.

      • 俺のコメントを読んでください

    • It is no surprise that Japan has one of the worst cases of xenophobia in the world. And to keep it that way, anyone who has been exposed to the outside world is barred from entry. Americans may be ignorant, but it is pale in comparison to how shallow Japanese are.

  • I’ve got a different theory than those that are being thrown around atm…

    Any money that the reason they’re blocking is that people outside Japan found out they’re releasing an expanded version of Shuffle in Shuffle Essence+ in Japanese while they’ve just released the original version in English? Especially since Shuffle Essence+ is due out next week…

    Trying not to shoot the sales of Shuffle in the foot, by having the english world go ‘Stuff it, we’ll just wait for the expanded version’?

    • Interesting, but the very fact that you know about it renders the theory slightly null.
      They’d have to be idiots to think they could stop information about their releases spreading over the internet when you have information databases and the such all over the place.

      Probably unrelated. For all we know they could actually be creating an English site (but of course everyone just wants to point the finger at the eroge industry for being so called ‘pussies’)

      • I found out about it since erogeshop had it for preorder. I tried to post on mangagamer about it but they never created my forum account, and no one there seemed to have posted anything about it as of last week.

  • Honestly I don’t apreciate how Americans are shallow cause of the fact japanese companies to save themselves from pressure of protestors and the ilk by blocking american and foreigners. While their own people commit sex crimes far more frequently and worse in one city than america has in one state.

    I guess it’s really shallow to ignore their own while they focus on the wrong people for a quick fix of a political nature.

    • I don’t think that would help the issue, it would only make it worse.

      the anti-hentai crusaders, like the “murder simulator” crusaders, are bullies in the truest sense. Cave in and it only makes them want more. Besides that, *if* hentai is banned, then by logic they’d have to aim their sights on all forms of pornography… of course, I’m using my head, which is precisely the problem.

      Alas, I did not happen to be born in japan, so there’s going to be a factor I won’t get. I am a “stupid american” after all.

    • no, I don’t think that would solve the problem.

      As it stands, the femminazi/over-religious/prudish/etc. groups who portray hentai as “a threat upon humanity” are similar to a schoolyard bully. give in, and they’ll just want more.

      alas, I did not happen to be born in japan, so there’s obviously going to be some part of the puzzle I won’t grasp. I am an “ignorant american” after all…

    • Understatement detected.

      (Unless you are a naturalised Japanese citizen living and working for our great Empire. Then you can look at Navels site… but don’t show your face outside unless you look Japanese, it disturbs public morals!)

      Seriously however, considering the choices… would still prefer we-hate-everyone-and-ourselves-xenophobic Japan over we-love-USA-culture-clone Japan.

    • As much as I blame the femnazi’s, I blame the Japanese government and eroge companies just as much. They’re just being spineless and pussyfooting around. Seriously just tell these facists to sod off back to the witch trial days.

      • Kazumakaname says:

        Dude, Americans don’t even follow the Geneva convention.

        Japan might as well rebuild it’s military and start bombing people “For Great Justice” and “To bring world peace!”

        Remember our countries foreign policy…”Peace treaties are for pussies and the French…eat a freedom fry motherf!cker!”

  • This makes me stop watching anime and playing eroge, if the publishers hate a foreigner, I don’t see any reason to follow Japanese media because they consider me lower

    sniff… Time to go read star trek ;_;

      • Honestly, some people (weaboos in particular) wanting to be Japanese just for games and such. You’re better off learning the language than wishing for something drastic and impossible like a race change; I honestly don’t think it’s worth it. If you just learn the language instead you won’t have to deal with the problems Japanese people face (just like every other race on this planet).

        • Hahaha, ぶっぶーハズレで~す☆
          Man that sounded so much like Karin from ToHeart2 I just had to laugh out loud. Anyway, while that may be true back in WWII, I don’t think marginalization would matter too much now as long as you don’t stay in the foreign country for any long length of time and keep your studying a secret (It’s not like there’s a reason for telling everyone anyway, especially to anyone who you aren’t close to in the first place).

        • ぶっぶーハズレで~す☆

          Study the language/culture/history/politics etc etc seriously and you get the worst of both worlds ending up marginalised in both societies.

          Japan: オーノー!イッツ外人!
          Allied Country: OH NOES JAP-LOVER!
          WW2 Japanese Occupied Territories: *Imminent Death Approaching*

      • Unless you can get yourself injected into some [i]rich[/i] Japanese guy’s nutsack, you ain’t becoming Japanese in [i]this[/i] lifetime, pal.

        And even if you [i]could[/i] somehow swing it, there’s still that 50/50 chance you won’t become more than just a twinkle in the almond-shaped eye of your Otou-san. 50% chance you’ll wind up an illegitimate child, or a 50% chance of winding up in a kleenex. Low odds either way.

  • then:
    “Only in Japan!”
    “Japanese people are sick!”
    “We can get them for free from BitTorrent!”
    “fap fap faaaaaaaap!”

    “OMG! Japs are racist!”
    “It’s a xenophobic!”

    there seems to be a double standard.

  • “Navel are releasing in English the very same titles they are saying overseas visitors are unfit to learn about on their own site.”
    What’s up with false accusations? Navel aren’t minori, they DO NOT say anything to non-Japanese visitors except for that 403.

    • Misconception brought about by crap translation and unsourced weeaboo media.

      No ban, only self regulations by EOCS. Which if I might add most of which are easily dodged by ‘word-play’ (the same way the self regulations in the early 90’s were).

      Also, there is still medi-rin and the doujin spectrum.

    • Get real. With all probability you’ve never bought a single one of their games from Japan.
      Why would they care if ‘you’, 1: who doesn’t contribute to the Japanese economy and 2: who with high-probability is part of 割れ房, could not access their website?

  • Navel?! Is that how we deserves to be treat?…You know what? Since Suzuhira Hiro doesn’t work for you guys anymore. You have nothing to offer. Keep putting out garbage when you still can. Navel and minori(and Yuzusoft) are like the cancer in the industry.

    – Simon Cowell of Eroge

  • Actually, it makes a lot of sense. Your target market will already know about your intended release- via sancom, among other sources.

    Meanwhile, the foreigners who want your products banned will be unable to mine your own site for juicy tidbits.

    As long as your distributor is equipped to handle troubleshooting, lack of web support shouldn’t be a problem.

    • starcompass says:

      What they really need to be doing is taking a stand for their own freedom of speech. Blaming and blocking foreigners is just an excuse to ignore the real problem ~ self-imposed regulations allowed because of their unwillingness to stand up for taboo freedom of speech.

      They don’t have the strength to stand up and protect their own voice. It’s pitiable.

      • Freedom of speech inherently includes the freedom to exclude.

        If a bunch of Neo-nazis legally register a website, and want to ban Israeli IPs from accessing it, that’s their business. The same applies here.

      • Very typical Japanese response to foreign criticism, I have to say though. They’re essentially putting a very subtle (were it not for blog coverage) “no gaijin allowed” sign on their front door, while letting foreign fans in through a well-known back alley.

        • Trying to switch focus 乙

          But fail nonetheless… There are two simulations that work here;
          1: Japan laxes its immigration laws and lets in the millions of immigrants needed to fill the lowest socio-economic stratum of its society.
          This branches to two scenarios…
          a: They take over and Japan is no longer Japan anymore (mortality for Japan).
          b: The old die and the foreigners are either kicked out or are given segregated status like zainichi koreans (cancerous mortality of Japan).
          2: Japan says screw you all and it treats foreigners like shit as always while maintaining the façade ‘youkoso Japan’. Nonetheless the desperate gaijin still want to work in Japan. The old people die off and the gaijin get kicked out when their no longer needed as usual (win for Japan).

          3α: None of this even matters anyways because within the next century or so China will rule almost all of Eastern Asia (mortality for Japan).

        • ”Japans policy towards foreigners is one of assimilation. Become Japanese or gtfo. This is the status quo whether you like it or not.”

          Wheter WE like it or not? HA! You got it all wrong pal. WE are not the ones in problem, Japan is. Why? Japan will have a shortage of 20 million people to keep up the economy by 2050. The freakin ex-pm Aso acknowledged that during his ruling. So when (not IF but WHEN) they try to import foreign power they will fall flat on their stupid face with their ”assimilation” because they were to xenophobic to bother and investigate foreign countries who tried they same technique but failed miserably.

      • Just a question. When was the last time you directly contributed to the Japanese economy?

        The recent fiasco was merely a trigger, it’s been for years now that otaku in Japan have despised foreigners butchering and pirating their culture.

        Why should they waste bandwidth on people who in all likelihood will never buy THEIR game? (English localisation does not generate real profit for Japanese creators)

        • >23-10-2009 10:34

          So you study Japan for 15 years and then get off on lathering a minority group with scathing criticism and telling them what they should be doing because according to you, they’re pitiable, cowardly, childish, ignorant and don’t have the guts to face the so called ‘issue’.
          Well… it sure is a pity indeed that were they ever to ‘directly face the issue and stand up’ they’d be crushed back down with all the might of the government, media and a hundred million odd people. Perhaps you should extend your study a few decades back and see the fate of student activism and how it has shaped contemporary Japan. The word futility is very appropriate when summing up the mindset regarding ‘fighting against the system’. While you are at it, take a look how members of Aum shinrikyou are treated to this day. Might as well add zainichi koreans to that list too. Or any group of persecuted minorities that ‘stood up’ in Japan for that matter. They don’t win. Assimilation or Annihilation.

          However, seeing as you can financially afford to live in Japan doesn’t that make you just as much responsible? Why don’t you ‘stand up’ yourself? Oh wait, you’d just get deported and barred entry for unsocial behaviour (political activism).
          I mean, it’s easy to criticize (I’m doing it right now) but blaming foreigners and blocking their website is also a way of ‘standing up’ is it not? Or would you deny them this ‘pitiable’ act of defiance because it doesn’t fit your cultural status quo of protecting your ‘rights’?
          (What’s your beef anyways… After all, there is no obvious damage to you personally. [1]: Barred Website → Proxy [2]: Death of local market → Financial ability to import 3: Worldwide Bans → (assumed) Japanese language ability → Go live in Japan because despite what all the crap biased and unsourced media attention might like to sensationalise, eroge are not going to become extinct in our lifetimes)

          Moving on… Nintendo, Capcom, Sony and so called ‘major video game studios’ are international companies. While the mechanics are much different, fundamentally localisations still do not generate profit for Japanese creators, they generate profit for the licensor/company branch that holds the rights overseas.
          I’m no economic buff but it’s obvious that the Japanese economy does not prosper from this… and rather from its exports. (Not to mention that even with the rise of such soft-power otaku culture globally, the economy continues to decline and people are increasingly poorer. Not to mention that interest rates continue to hover near 0%. But what do I know? Nothing? Perhaps…)

          As for self regulation, they did it in 80s by introducing sofurin itself and also in the 90s circumventing many issues brought by the child pornography laws with minimum casualties (eg: NG words).
          When the immediate storm passed and some game companies started switching from sofu-rin to medi-rin due to issues of distrust (+ the doujin market got even huger), sofu-rin started to relax the restrictions (eg: depictions of incest).
          And now as it was continuing to relax bit by bit the whole issue gets flamed up again from outside anti-japanese organisations. Racism? Sure thing, if it’ll protect my precious in the long run. Now since you’ve studied Japan for 15 years I’ll just assume you understand the difference between circumvention and confrontation. ry

          Finally, I have absolutely no idea how much bandwidth they’d be using to maintain such a site. The comment was supposed to be inflammatory in nature. e.g.: ‘any amount of bandwidth is a waste on these heathen scum.’ -type comment. I admit it, I was trolling.

          However, putting aside such hostilities… Touché on your reply in general.

        • All I can say about this post was…. well said. ^^

          One question though: Based on what [i]you’ve[/i] observed over there, will the Japanese ever stop using their Patented [i]’Let’s Stick Our Heads In The Sand And Ignore Them'[/i] mentality? Because… I remember stories my grandfather used to tell about WW2 (he was a plane mechanic in the Navy, fixing sea and warplanes). The Japanese were pretty fierce combatants… and that may have just been their own propaganda at work at the time during their training to prepare them for the battlefield.

          Some of that ‘Samurai Spirit’ might be enough for them to stand up to the meddling.

        • starcompass says:

          When was the last time I directly contributed to the Japanese economy…? Heh, you fucked up with that question. That would have been two months ago, when I was in Japan for a month, romping the otaku scene in Akihabara and Den Den Town. I’ve been to Japan several times over the past 7 years, often to check out and buy merchandise direct on the otaku scene (I even went to see the Odaiba Gundam, which kicked ass!)

          Now, saying that English localization doesn’t generate profit for Japanese game creators doesn’t make sense at all. Tell that to Nintendo, Capcom and any major video game studio, and they’ll probably look at you funny. Even Sony’s Yasuhide Kobayashi recently stated that only 1/5 of global Playstation game sales take place in Japan, and that in order to survive, Japanese studios have to focus on the global arena.

          Gaming sakoku is old-fashioned and close-minded. Itagaki of Team Ninja also recently stated that it’s the wrong path for Japan to tread.

          From my own experience studying Japan for almost 15 years, Japan is so culturally homogeneous that they have a very “urban legend”-y understanding of what’s culturally going on in the rest of the world. Outside of news reports and television documentaries, there just isn’t enough cultural diversity in Japan for them to know or understand outside cultures first-hand. So, if they’re taking the hassling of foreign groups like “Equality Now” as some sort of representative example of the body of Western thinking on the subject of eroge, and thus proceed to block ALL foreigners from gaining access to their site content, well, that would be unsurprising. It frankly borders on racism, though I would like to say it’s more that the Japanese just don’t have a good enough global cultural pulse to know any better.

          But let’s suppose this really might not be anti-foreigner driven, and really is a work-around to prevent groups like Equality Now from gaining access to their site content. I would still say that you’re looking so much at the trees that you’re missing the forest. Blocking out ALL foreigners just to keep out a radical group? What is this, 1700’s Japan?

          When it comes right down to it, they just don’t have the guts to say “I support loli-hentai-guro-etc.” eroge. Their culture is so harmonious and they’re individually too cowardly to stand up for their freedom of speech. They’d rather make allowances or try to find work-arounds than to face the guts of the issue up-front.

          And so, that they choose to self-regulate eroge BY THEIR OWN CHOICE and THEN block out foreigners because it’s the easier way to circumvent the issue, well that’s just childish and ignorant. If they don’t have enough pride in their work to stand up for it, then they shouldn’t even make it in the first place.

          Finally, I’ve hosted and built websites before (I’ve been a comp. scientist in the past) and I don’t know where you’re getting the idea of “wasting bandwidth.” Whatever traffic their small sites were getting globally beforehand was probably a drop in the bucket, especially if their site content was completely in Japanese.

    • wait wait. Isn’t the whole point of visiting their site to buy their games? When was it made illegal for foreigners to visit the site? If they wanted us to buy their games, wouldn’t be better to let us into the site? If its illegal to get foreigners involved in their product, then why don’t they block the site and the game? Could really care less about the blame game that most people here seem to be playing but it just doesn’t make sense from a business point of view.

    • ⑨な連中だな・・・お前ら何もわかってないくせによく吠える。まずは自分のその無知さをいい加減にしろやヽ(`Д´)ノ

      • まぁ落ち着けや
        アメリカ人の民族性は忘れたか? 浅薄、ですよ!



        • First off, I’m a European. Just wanted to make that clear first. Now then; Julian, you have some good points, but you are also going too far in several aspects. You sound like you have racist tendencies when it comes to white people, especially when coupling Americans, Canadians and Europeans together as one, when they are so different. As a European coming from a country whose whole political, legal, and moral system is completely different from the US, and rather disliking the USA myself, I really don’t like being coupled with them. Also, as much as I could criticize the US, you exaggerate ALOT, and it makes you sound either misinformed, or just stupid (I’m not trying to insult you, just saying how people will see you when you write like that), which will only cause people to not take you seriously. Finally, I just have to say, this topic has derailed completely….

        • Oh well, you might as well tell it to everyone that US is prevent Arabs from finding Porn on the Internet.But thats not true isn’t it unless that source came from some Media outlit such as this one that mock parody news like “The Colbert Report” you might as well this is not the only new source that reports it Haven another source the reports it.

        • To sum up what this julian0086 guy had to say in one sentence:
          US is bad.

          The reason? Because they cause him to lose his precious hentai materials(in reality it was people inside Japan pushing the ban).

          That makes a lot of sense.

        • ^^
          If you ask countries who are not allies with the US, of course they are not gonna say nice things about US. Go ask Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos about Chinese’s human right issue and see what they would say.

          And why do people say the war on Iraq is about greed? The government was misinformed about WMD and the connection between the Iraqi government and Al Qaida. That’s how the war got started. If you didn’t just hear that from your relative’s neighbor’s coworker’s friend, please cite a source that shows US gaining anything financially from the war. If it was about greed, we would have invaded Saudi Arabia or South Africa. Some people just had to find some country to blame for their shitty lives. Just because your local newspaper says US is the bad guy, you buy that shit up like the holy bible. How about lay off that prejudice and think objectively for a second?

        • Incurable……..
          “didn’t start the war”
          “decent record in some areas”
          “first to help”

          make a trip to some Middle eastern countries or Asian countries.(not those who are ally of USA)
          And you will know the truth behind those “decent records” shown on by Americna mass medias.

        • [b]Greed[/b] is a [i]purely human[/i] vice, anons. It is not exclusive to any one nation on this planet. No nation has come up roses on any account for the reasons you listed for the US. Hell, the [i]Greeks[/i] conquered the world in their day! Well… the world as they saw it.

          Sure… I’ll admit that unregulated greed drove the world’s markets into a downward spiral because corporate [i]criminals[/i] (and the way they went about their business [i]was[/i] criminal, never doubt that) played poker with futures and real estate. I’ll even admit that our government has for the past 60 or so years ‘interfered’ in other parts of the world where they weren’t [i]exactly[/i] welcomed with open arms. But for our relatively short history, despite the bumps in the road, we’ve got a decent track record in other areas.

          You’re forgetting one thing though:

          We didn’t start the fire
          It was always burning
          Since the world’s been turning
          We didn’t start the fire
          No we didn’t light it
          But we tried to fight it

        • >anon 24-10-2009 09:58
          No body really like war because they want to kill.
          It’s always the politics, the PROFIT that drives people to kill each other.

          And the only nation, that has shown that they are so eager to kill when profit is possible, is USA.
          It’s only because your nation shows this greed so much, that makes the rest of the world hate you.

          You used Russia, China and many countries as examples. However, THESE COUNTRIES HAVE SUFFERED FROM WAR SO MUCH and their great culture also tell them the TRUTH OF WAR.

          You have not realized that USA is the largest threat to world peace. You will have many excuses for the Wars in the past few decades. But the truth is that YOU HAVE BELIEVED IN YOUR GOVERNMENT.

        • >miroku74
          Did you read this?

          US exercise imperialism around the world
          Amercian people/organizations use UN/NGO to influence other nations’s actions
          Equality now and UN departments use the same technique to yell and force japanese government to ban hentai stuff
          Japanese eroge makers feel being controlled by foreigners and thus block foreign IP

          You dont need to understand my situation.
          What I said was that, your habit- interfering other nations internal affairs, have made japanese eroge makers block foreign IP.

          No American thinks exactly the same. Then why are YOU saying this again and again? You are not all the same but the people of your country share some characteristics, which are: always interfere other nation’s internal affair, never try to understand why other nations are doing something(by simply thinking they are crazy/stupid).


          So…you want us to go to war with North Korea who has nukes and not afraid to use them, with China who has a larger armed force than us, and move our troops close to the Russian territory, when Russian raised hell about us putting a missile defense system in Sweden? Go to war with Russia or China would no doubt produce the worst armed conflict in the history. There are things even a powerful nation like US can’t do without dire consequences. Iraq was an exception because nobody likes Iraq, not even Iran, who hated US to the gut.

        • julian, are you A) expecting sympathy/empathy from us, or B) are you just venting? o_0

          If it’s the latter, do us all a favor and shove your rage where the sun [i]doesn’t[/i] shine. If it’s the former, why reiterate the same points over and over, and expect us to understand [i]your[/i] situation?

          Like I’ve said before, and will continue to do so, even to the point of sounding like a broken record: [b]No[/b] American thinks exactly the same. Plus, do you really think [i]your[/i] own Government tells you the unvarnished Biblical Truth? o_0 Governments do what they’ve always done since the start of civilization: Keep the power and status quo in their [b]own[/b] hands, any way they can. Big Government, at it’s core, [i]fears[/i] those which put it into power. In other words, [i]the vast majority of it’s citizens are Government’s own worst (perceived) enemy[/i].

          [i]Annnnd[/i], I think it’s safe to say this thread is horribly derailed now.

        • I have no intension to comment on someone who use an insult rather than an academical disagreement as the first line of his/her comment.

          let me ask
          If a family raised four children and three have become gangsters, one being some top executives of some company.
          What would other families comment on this family?
          A successful one? or a bad one?

          If some other families have three children become some executives or scientists, and only one gangster.
          What would people see this familiy?

          Of course there are always two sides of one thing. However, most of the things USA do is bad.

          Well, USA are always the first to help other nations?

          You believed in your govenment’s propaganda and you shitty think you are using reasons?

          capitalized words are for emphasizing some ideas

        • julian0086, you are an idiot.

          I don’t know what kind of deals are made by the governments under the table, but average Americans have NOTHING to gain from this war. I have friend who is still in Iraq as we speak. We Americans may be obese, hill-billy, and oblivious to other poor countries in the world, but so are most affluent countries in the world like Europe, Japan. Whenever there is some natural disasters happened, we Americans are always the first ones to jump in and give humanitarian aids. You can’t say the same about other rich countries who just mind their own business. We Americans are open-minded to other cultures and beliefs, unlike other parts of the world in which being Christian/Muslim/Hindu/homosexual means getting lynched/stoned to death by the mob. We are not afraid to criticize our government and our leaders, some people do that anyways even though it means ruining their political careers. Americans may be cocky at times, but I think there are valid reasons for us being proud Americans. Your prejudice against Americans is without base.

        • I would like to add though that I feel you’re correct about inaction being no better than supporting a negative action. But I ask you,what can be done? What can a person do to fight against something that they are against if they don’t know how and/or are powerless to do anything about it at present?

        • I say that not all think the same thing because there is a tendency to insult an entire country regardless of the reason as you have done in some cases when you say “American minds are always like this” or “are you americans contradicting yourself?”.

          I am saying if you want to blame someone,blame the people responsible. Furthermore, if you want to disagree with me go right ahead. Hearing different points of view would be welcome.

          Out of curiosity, why so many capitalized letters?

        • yes yes yes
          Not every american agree with the wars.
          Not every american live in prestige.


          When most people support the war, and you are against, AT LEAST DO SOMETHING OR YOUR WILL JUST BE COUNTED AS ONE WHO SUPPORT THE WAR, BECAUSE YOU ARE AMERICAN.

          In this complicated world, there is no such time to count those minority who disagree with the mainstream while doing nothing.
          Oswald Spengler, the famous philosopher for example cannot be counted as supporting Nazi because he was against it and HE DID SOMETHING.


          If anything happened and you always say there is some minority that are innocent, then NOT A FUCKING THING CAN BE DECIDED BECAUSE YOU ARE TAKING IN CONCERN TOO MANY THINGS.

          Also, the idea that not americans support war was brought up by you, and how do you think about MOST AMERICANS THINK THAT MUSLIMS ARE ALL TERRORISTS OR CRAZY PEOPLE?
          are you americans contradicting your self?
          when you are blamed you say not everyone are evil.
          when you blame others you say they are all evil.

          American minds are are always like this, “I can disagree with you but you can’t”
          But at the same time saying that you are the most democratic and liberal nation.

          you have your democracy in your country but you NEVER GIVE OTHER NATIONS THEIR DEMOCRACY.

        • Do people actually believe that citizens in the US actually think as one? Is it so hard to believe that there are those that never supported the war? I contest the notion that americans believe everything the textbooks and government says,there are many are suspicious of just about everything that both sources say.

          Furthermore I disagree with the remark that many americans live in prestige as there are those who are not only poor most of their lives but that there are also those who are homeless.

          I do agree with the notion that many americans are being used but disagree with the notion that the entirety of the country should be blamed for the actions of their government as those who disagree with the government are oftentimes powerless to do anything about it.

        • >Now the debate goes from being about Japanese IP bands on Foreigners now its Muslims and 9/11.
          Please read my comment and use some logic to think.
          Things are not so simple as YOU AMERCIANS THOUGHT.
          And to resolve a serious problem, you need TO DIG INTO THE ROOT.

          And the root is, American people are used, are enjoying that they are the most powerful nation on earth so that they can do what ever they want to other nations.
          Starting a war, splitting some countries, force the nation to apply more censorship, these are just the result of imperialism.

        • If 911 never happened then US will not go for war?
          Then why did 911 happen? Have you ever thought about this?

          Because the rest of the world hate US so much.

          And because you people TOTALLY BELIEVE YOUR TEXTBOOKS AND YOUR GOVERNMENT’s PROPAGANDA so that you never question the actions your country have done in the past few decades.

          And that is the root of US imperialism and that caused your country to keep its hands in other nations’ pies. And this leads to some NGO in your countries using UN power to control japanese government.

          Unrelated? Off topic? USE MORE BRAIN POWER PLEASE!!

        • US exercise imperialism around the world
          Amercian people/organizations use UN/NGO to influence other nations’s actions
          Equality now and UN departments use the same technique to yell and force japanese government to ban hentai stuff
          Japanese eroge makers feel being controlled by foreigners and thus block foreign IP

          I’m not muslim but I am from somewhere else than North American or Europe, thus I know how many times you Amercians have stuck your hands in other nations’ pies.

          This is the logic and only because you are shallow that consider these political stuff to be irrelevant to this topic.
          I bet none of you have studied social science, or at least put NO effort in studing it. None of you are being academic because you just yell at those who use reason or just because they are anti-american.

          and this is the reason Americans are shallow.

        • Now the debate goes from being about Japanese IP bands on Foreigners now its Muslims and 9/11. So are your saying that eroge game industry is being attack by Terrorist its funny I never heard of Terrorist attack a Porn Convention let alone a Eroge Game Company on the Internet.

        • These threads are very off topic. Talking about countries starting wars etc., this is all very off topic. Everyone reading this board should be supportive of each other here. We are all in the same boat. We like Japanese anime pop culture, ero games included. Otaku in America are generally not treated well and are not well understood either, it is not limited just to Asia. But this isn’t about how others perceive us. This is about being censorship. I don’t want ero games to go away in the future due to radical evangelical christian fringe groups and feminists. We need to support each other in this issue since we are all on the same side. We are all fans.

        • Tiedupinknots says:

          Damn….Hate much?

          The only reason I can figure for you to spout such shit in such a way is that:

          1: Your from the middle east…

          2: You sympathize with muslim radicals…

          3: Some US soldier shove his boot up your god forsaken ass and left it there…

          4: And it got infected and now you feel butthurt…

          GTFO then FOAD and RIHFE…

          As an American I hope that you have a nice (boat) day.

        • The US government might have not done it for a good cause(and probably so). But overthrowing Saddam is a good thing that came out of it. And how is 911 intended to prevent war? US pretty much went to war with Iraq because of 911. If 911 didn’t happen Saddam would still be sitting in his palace and ordering his death squads to clean villages.

          A lot of people actually support the war but against stationing our troops there long after the war is over.

        • Amercians cause war in our world so they should suffer, too.
          Are you talking about this?

          Well, 911 was intended for this.
          However Americans are too dumb to understand the meaning.
          Some people, hardly educated, but were so couraged to have months learning how to fly a plane then sacrifice their lives in exchange of some americans and their properties.


          Well, I know, Americans only think, “those muslims are insane”, and that’s all. Not a single brain cell is used. Maybe americans just dont have any brain cells….

          Just like Raou in Hokuto No Ken…
          Believe self to be perfectly right.
          Never understand why people hate you.
          Never understand why people never give up fighting against you.
          Never understand other’s pain.
          Doomed to fail.

        • You might as well explain what the Japanese are telling me quote from Bill Gates

          “I brought some. Here I’ll let them roam around. There is no reason only poor people should be infected.”

        • Free tibet……..
          That is why Americans are the dumbest and most shallow nation in the world.


          You americans will never realize, that the most dangerous threat towards human race is USA.

        • ^
          ^Yeah, I know…. as a country, the US [i]is[/i] fucked up. But point out a country in this world that [i]someone else[/i] won’t point an indicting finger at? I’ll bet age-old rivalries and prejudices will just [b]flood[/b] to the surface of your minds in some way.

          But to state that all of us somehow did a Zerg Overmind thing and voted for that ex-Commander-in-[s]Chimp[/s]Chief is just wrong-headed.

          I wish this whole thing [i]could[/i] be laughed at. There’s little enough to laugh at, in all honesty.

        • ^
          Even though I don’t like the war, but I must say it was the right thing to do, for whatever ulterior motives they had. Saddam committed genocides against his people and was a threat to the neighboring countries. Sure, it doesn’t affect any of us who doesn’t live in Iraq. But sitting and watching with our hands crossed wasn’t right either. And, correct me if I am wrong, but US hasn’t gained anything financially from this war. Quite the contrary, we taxpayers are paying to rebuild their countries and our soldiers are paying with their lives. The whole thing started because we had a dumb and misinformed president.

        • You people have lived in prestige since you were born and you WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND how people live in Asia, Middle East and Africa feels.
          Your nation used India as a slogan for your Democracy propaganda against many asian communist states, as well as russia.
          But do you know what kind of place is India?
          When the japanses people try to reject foreign stuff, like you people, from eroge, they understand the situation.
          And the situation is, those internal affairs(about loli stuff and hentai) should be dealt by themselves.
          While you just say Japanese are stupid because they ban you from downloading hentai stuff and eroge. However, at the same time people in your countries(America, Canada, europe) will use some NGO and UN to interrupt this and JAPANESE PEOPLE FEEL INSULTED BECAUSE YOU PEOPLE ARE ALWAYS STICKING YOUR FINGERS IN OTHERS PIE!

          Do you know why Russia always say they do not encourage countries to interrupt one nation’s internal affair? Do you know why China is always saying they will not interrupt other nations’ internal affairs?

          Because you Euro-American countries have been doing this for centuries and the rest of the world is frustrated and you just never realize it.

        • (I am 23-10-2009 11:04)
          I am not the original japanese po and I was just commenting on what he (the japanese guy) had said.

          Yes, europe & canada are not the same as USA
          Yes, the people who complain about eroge and hentai stuff are inside japan.
          Yes, not everybody enjoyed the war USA started.

          well, which language I should use to reply?
          >to the person who used japanese to comment on my comment

          >to the one who used english
          Well, Americans are shallow, that is for sure.
          Why? Go google some statistics about the rate young people read books and newspaper/watch news. The result will be obvious. Another evidence, will be that most Amercians believe what their governments decide or teach them. USSR is evil? yes we believe . China is evil? yes we believe. Communism is evil? yes. Muslims are evil? yes. Homosexuality is normal? yes. Many things have their logic altered in your nation.
          Communism is a idealogy which seek to make everyone equal, but you americans treat it as if it is fascism.
          Homosexuality is academically proven abnormal, yet your country count it as a normal type of people not like many other countries, treat it as a kind of illness but not put discrimination upon it.

        • Same Anon as above. I think you were missing his point, he was complaining about how “typical shallow American Otaku don’t get how hard we have it over here, so they bitch about the tiniest little slights.” I can sort of get that, but then he went on about how Americans, Canadians and Europeans are all the same, and THAT was what my wall of text just now argued against. I may be a very sleep-deprived European using faulty Japanese syntax, but at least I am no shallow American.

        • 334980の名無しさんです。確かに言ってることは大体分かってはいるが(お恥ずかしながら北斗の拳はまだ見たことないけど)、カナダ人とヨーロッパ人をみんなアメリカ人扱いするのは間違ってると思うよ。

        • wow, maybe we should ban this guy, for, uh, using Japanese?

          Maybe before accusing us of shallow or not reading the news, take a good look at yourself.

          What’s that again? OH YEAH, the people who complained about erogame are from INSIDE Japan. Haven’t you not read the news? or is your brain too shallow to understand fact?

      • 誰のことでしょうか?Artefactさんなら無知さなんて当たり前な大嘘だと思う。Mateusさんの場合は知らないけど。

        • まあ、Artefact氏の記事に限って言えば、ニダ速ならぬDesu速だと思えばさほど違和感はないな。ソースの正当性だけに関して言えば問題ない場合が多いのだが...


    • Darkrockslizer says:

      Well they need profit. And I bet they made agreements on sales and contacts with resellers long before this whole ruckus.

      That said, single foreign site visitors may not be their main cash flow.

      • It seems their site is in japanese, so why do they need to open it for foreigners? Better question would be if they willing to open english site for their games or will they just try to sell them beneath the counter.

        • アグネスちゃんきますたよ~♡

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          |┃三          |::∧ヘ  /、__r)\   |:::::|
          |┃            |::::::`~’, 〈 ,_ィェァ 〉  l::::::》
          |┃            |:::::::::::::’、  `==’´  ,,ï½²::ノノ从
          |┃三         ノ从、:::::::::`i、,, … ..,,/ |::::://:从
          |┃        __,,/:::∥|:::::::::::::ト、`” ─   ノ:::::::ノ丿|

        • Ah, anonymous EN haters. The bread and butter of SanCon comments. And by bread and butter I mean arsenic and cyanide.

          Yes, you hate Equality Now. You very possibly hate most feminists. This has been well established. Can you stop shouting it from every rooftop now?

    • Ah who cares anymore. To many hypocrites in the world. Its on sale and we know about it regardless so lets just adopt the attitude of nike, school teachers, and onii-chan and imouto…Just do it…