PSP Go Bombs Completely, PSP2 in 2010?


Sony’s new PSP Go, an Internet based PSP designed to cut out traditional retailers, has experienced dire sales in several territories, selling only 1,000 units in its first week of sales in Australia, even whilst rumours of a PSP2 in 2010 are starting to circulate.

Of 50,000 units made available in France, retailers only managed to sell 8,000. However, this was successful compared to its Australian performance – the console sold only 1,000 units in the entire first week of its release, with major retailers refusing to even stock the hated product.

In other news, Sony’s next handheld release, a heavily upgraded PSP2 with graphics capabilities “on par with desktop PCs,” is supposedly due for release in 2010… The report is far from confirmed (and seems hard to believe coming so close on the heels of the PSP Go itself), but if true it would completely doom the PSP Go to novelty hardware status.

Via Hachimaki.

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  • Well why not look at the overall sales of Play Station Series? Indeed the profited more than losing money in production of PSP Go! afterall they knew not many people would buy since game manifactors are not supportive of PSP Go O.O::

  • I think the psp go was originally prototype for the psp2. But another bad business decision by Sony. Maybe they saw what the ipod touch was doing and thought “we should get some of that now!” so jumped the gun with the psp go.

    Really, a second analogue nub where the psp go has start/select buttons. And it would drop UMD, of course.

    I love my UMD games but it is sort of a flawed format for a portable system. They’re not that small when compared to a DS cart and spinning the drive eats up battery. Digital format makes sense to have lots of games on the go. Just ask anyone with a hacked psp 1000-3000.

    Sony could have just waited to release as psp2 and made a clean break but they got greedy and impatient.

  • The average broadband connection for Australia is limited to 7GB of downloads a month, it’s no fucking surprise a system that focuses on huge downloads as its only way to play games has failed here.

    Also, the Aussie PSN is a fucking JOKE. The vast majority of games are more expensive than their retail UMD versions.

    And whilst Prinny was on sale for $10 on the American store, it launched at $60 here. Fuck the PSP Go and fuck digital distribtion.

  • The problem with poor sales in Australia since the price is freaking expensive! imagine it is AU$ 450 you can get ps3 slim by adding more AU$50. the price is completely a rip off compared to the US version

  • The obvious reason for its abysmal sales in Australia is the price. They’re trying to charge AUD$450, which might not sound like a big deal until you remember the AUD is about 93 US cents, so that is more than double the US price of USD$199. Right now, AUD450 is $417 US dollars.

    Gamers are, of course, keenly aware of this. You would have to be some sort of moron who doesn’t know what the internet is to actually buy the thing on local soil, or too rich to care. Anyone who still wanted one would hit Amazon or any of the billion foreign stores where they could pay the US price. The retailers obviously knew that’s exactly what would happen.

    So yeah, the PSP Go might be a failure in general, but the specifically terrible sales in Australia are likely to be more related to Sony trying to charge a 100%+ “Australia Tax” thereby pissing off consumers and retailers alike …

    • Exactly, I may have been tempted to buy one if it wasn’t for the absolutely ridiculous pricing they are trying to get away with. But then it’s not like our PS3’s are cheap either $500AUD vs $299US. We always get screwed over and then because nothing sells they continue to not care about our territory.

      Would be nice if they woke up and realised that if things were reasonably priced more people may actually be willing to buy from Australian stores rather than import. Though from what I can gather the PS3 is now reasonable enough (compared to it’s old price tag) that it sells regardless probably cause people view shipping as too much or something.

      Not that this price hike is restricted to Sony of course, they all seem to do it.

  • crabdog62482 says:

    PSP Go was doomed from conception. I checked up on its details when contemplating a PSP upgrade from my old PSP1000 that was getting glitchy. PSP Go renders all UMDs, thus your entire game library unplayable. It makes all future releases at stores unbuyable. Ad to that it has a smaller screen than a newer PSP and is an ass load more expensive, and this thing was just made of fail from the get go. I love Sony’s PS1 through PS3 systems, but the PSP was a crappy introduction into the handheld system race. Then again, I also loathe the DS. There was no reason Nintendo couldn’t have made a handheld system that played Gamecube games. Instead of a new media, we could have had Gamecube Go. But Nintendo is all about new gimmicks and shitting on its player base, so fuck them. I am proud to be handheld free. Now I’m off to score some Tales of Vesperia.

    • If they don’t support UMfrickinD’s no one’s going the buy it and they should know that. How many consoles has Sony sold that have absolutely no backwards compatability with their old systems…?

      Okay well that one doesn’t count, ’cause they put it back….

    • It’s not almost out, heck, its not even officially announced. Is it coming? Yeah. Anytime soon? probably not. I expect it in two or so years. Right in time to compete with Nintendo’s latest.

    • MOre likely to be laughing their arses off because of the fools buying it. PSPgo is nearly a total cash in to Sony, as they, problably have to pay some of the game bough to the developers (not talking the Minis – it seens the devs take it all in those….)so, yeah…Sony just got some easy cash in the PSPgo. And the 3000 is selling better than before because of it to boost!

  • The PSP GO is awkward to hold, nevermind overpriced compared to a brand spankin’ new 3000.I’ve got a 2000 i’ve still barely broken in and prefer it to both the 3000 and Go.How ese would i play my modest collection of Import UMD games and “other” PSP games in my collection.

  • Well, it bombed because Australia bough only 1k units….Australia = the world confirmed?!?! LMAO

    Anyway, PSPgo is a freaking test to Sony, they dont really care, they’re cashing in, so its a not a failure to them! Besides….did you noticed that the PSP 3000 got a huge boost in sales? Sony conspiration!!!!

    • As Anom #01:27 said, PSP Go is just a test, an experiment, a trial to see if the design of selling games through digital distribution will work well for it’s portable console, not only that and the design too. So with the expected sales they can get a sample of what to do or not to do with the PSP2. Simple as that. If not they would just have stopped selling PSP-3000 and forced people buy a “better” PSP.

      You choose which one to buy and they get their beta testers for PSP2 design.

  • The only way the PSPGo can be saved is if Sony really positions it as the direct competitor to the Ipod Touch (which is I think $50 more expensive).

    Meaning, they better give out PSP Mini devkits for free or for $99 and open up PSN to a lot of fart games.

  • “on par with desktop PCs”?

    We are still talking about a handheld, right?
    Something portable, right?

    If they are really going to do this, we will have to recharge our batteries every 2 hours.

    • PSP2 uses the PowerVR SGX543 graphics chip.

      “An eight core SGX543MP8 at 200 MHz delivers 266 million polygons and eight billion pixels per second, while faster clocked version, for instance, at 400 MHz would deliver 532 million polygons and 16 billion pixels per second. 16 billion pixels per second equal GeForce GTX 260-216, for instance.”

      So, it’s believable to have “desktop-like” performance.

      • i wanna see this “desktop-like” performance before i believe it. 16gp/s fillrate is pretty useless if you don’t have the shader performance to cover them all. and 400mhz? you need three times the number of parallel processing units to compare to a gtx260. unless the shaders run at a higher clock like in the geforce. assuming their design is more efficient than nvidia’s and amd’s, it’s still gonna draw insane amounts of power.

        no wonder they give only a triangle and pixel throughput rate and not bare numbercrunching figures. the fastest g200 gpus can handle over 1 tflops (theoretically). we’ll see how much the pvr can do…

  • This is pretty much expected. The PSP Go design itself doesn’t seem very appealing. (Can it even survive the button mashings? Sliding equipments – well, at least for mobile phones – break easily… Having a sliding gaming console isn’t a good idea.)

    That said, They should have just skipped the PSP Go. If they released a PSP2 (when it’s done) with better graphics and higher specs, nobody would complain. I seriously wonder why they even embarked on the PSP Go.

    • doesn’t seem very appealing for those reason that you yourself don’t know the answer?

      Sony probably target PSP Go for people who would buy something like iPod Touch. They have similar price point and while iPod Touch is more of a music player first and Go is more of a gaming device, both devices function certainly overlaps. Sony just needs better strategy to sell Go because obviously game retailers doesn’t like their profits eventually decreased because of this… probably they should leverage the multimedia capability of PSP Go and sell it in regular stores.

      What people seems to forget is that Sony still sells PSP with UMD. Sony doesn’t force you to buy PSP Go. They are basically targeting a different market with Go, and that market probably doesn’t include you or any of the PSP Go hater.

      And for your last comment… no, people will complain at anything! When they eventually release PSP2, people will complain that it’s to pricey… or if Sony choose the UMD path then people will complain that Sony should ditch it because it made the console bulkier and download is really the way to go… if Sony choose the no UMD path then people will complain that they can’t sell their old games, they miss the box, etc… then people will complain that it isn’t powerful enough, the battery doesn’t last long enough, etc.

      In the end, it’s about a different product for a different audience. I don’t like when Sony remove the UMD and use a non removable battery for Go (and not to mention the price itself), but I kinda understand their decision. Whether they can turn their decision into profit is still debatable.

  • They shouldn’t have made this at all. Period.

    Would’ve been great if they really were working on a PSP successor when rumors of this system surfaced.

    But instead, we got a Sony Mylo 2 after all. It also still sucks.

      • Dirty_Dingus008 says:

        The biggest problem I saw with this “new” system is that it didn’t change the format of the whole goddamn thing!

        They could’ve done a touch screen like the iphone and also.. wait for it…

        Put in another Fucking STick! And did they? Of course not, with bullshit excuses like it would upset the balance of all the older games as the primary reason not to do it. FIUCK! Seeing how a good percentage of the old games will Never be ported over, that’s all fucking weak sauce.

        Get the FUCKING hint sony, you dropped the ball AGAIN! After the overpriced release of the PS3 you now have a game system that costs more than the PS2 and wii! Sales not up to expectations now? Fucking crackers…

  • I’m much more interested in US and Japan sales but really who’s surprised? Anybody in their right mind was saying it was going to bust and surprise surprise. I’m somewhat glad as Sony went about this all the wrong ways. PSP2 Please.

  • Isn’t it kinda sad? Sony FINALLY gets its shit together and makes high sales with the PS3 Slim then they will lose money selling this poorly researched and marketed POS. Which ironically, is based on a hand held system that did sell well.

    It’s a real pity too, I kinda liked the Go’s aesthetic design.

  • Not surprising in the least. The PSP Go was destined to fail the moment they announced no way to transfer your UMD games to it. Also the outrageous price, considering it’s a downgrade from the old model PSPs.

    • Honestly, I believe that they’ve done a good job by selling 1k units. That was way above my expectations. (Although I wonder if they count how many hundreds of people returned the damn thing for store credits….)

    • Or call it PSP [i]Stop[/i].

      …. on second thought, no. [quote]PSP Go away[/quote]

      Fits too well.

      Cutting out regular retailers might seem like a good idea, but it doesn’t give consumers the same feeling of satisfaction of having the [i]physical[/i] copy of the game they bought in hand waiting to be opened and played for the first time. Plus, the Go doesn’t have the limitless space available to store all the games one wants.

      Besides, Pirates already cracked the PSP Go anyway, in record time iirc. Go Away indeed.

      • It’s not even that really, though all of your points are valid. Mainly the lack of space for it, the first point while somewhat true is highly subjective.

        My main huge gripe is the fact that if I have the physical copies it won’t play them nor will they give me access to a digital version for my physical copy.

        I fucking refuse to buy the same thing twice in a row when it’s the exact same fucking format. It’s not a remake or even really on a more convenient setting, as would a wii VC game or a PSX game on the ps3 so I don’t have to run it on my ps2 or something.

        No it’s like… I have an old like second version of the sega master system I believe. Sony is doing something that would be like sega making me buy a different cart for the unchanged game because they made a design swap out. It’s fucking moronic. Or maybe fucking greedy would be the better way to say it.

        • Well, that and they’re making you pay the same [i]price[/i] for the game as it is if you had gone to your local Game Stop and bought it off the shelf. [i]Especially[/i] galling because they would’ve cut out the middleman in the form of the retailers, so why the extra cost? A fucking ripoff, I think.

          That, and basically if anything happens to the fragile-looking handheld the game is lost possibly and you’re once again fucked over.

  • I don’t think that Digital Download only consoles will appear for quite some time. Not only do ISPs need to ramp up their services for larger countries such as US and Canada and Australia, but they need to deal with things like this – the game shops refusing to stock them because they wont make any game sales off them.

    Plus, I like showing off a wall of game cases, not a hard drive.