Bayonetta Scores 100%, PS3 Port “Inferior” to Xbox 360


Bayonetta has been awarded full marks (40/40) by top gaming rag Famitsu, but only for the Xbox 360 original. Even Famitsu feels obliged to point out the bungled nature of Sega’s PS3 port, giving it a piffling 38/40.

The reviewers point out how “unfortunate” it is that the PS3 version enjoys noticeably less gorgeous visuals than the Xbox 360 version.

Good as it may be, many are doubting whether an exagerrated 100% score is really appropriate.

Pointedly, whilst overseas games media heaped praise upon recently released PS3 flagship title Uncharted 2 as being a paragon of gaming virtue, Famitsu only saw fit to award it 37 points, less than the defective port of Bayonetta, for a title many acclaim as a gaming milestone.

The significant difference of course being that Uncharted 2’s Japanese release was very low key as the title is not expected to sell well in the Japanese market, whereas Platinum has expended a considerable amount on advertising Bayonetta with Famitsu (below you can see the top of their enormous preview article on and others…


The superior Xbox 360 version of Bayonetta is available now, as is the loser PS3 version.

Via Ore-teki.

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