Arab Millionaires Pay $80,000 for Loli Virgins


A group of parents have been arrested selling their daughters to Arab lolicon, demanding sums as great as $80,000 for prepubescent virgins.

Scotland Yard secretly filmed the group offering up their own children to Arab millionaires in a top London hotel, with virgins under 12 allegedly having the potential to fetch as much as £50,000.

The group is said to have been comprised chiefly of unemployed scroungers from locations throughout the UK.

Police arrested three women and a man in connection with the attempted sales, and expect more:

“This is about as sick as it gets.

These are among the youngest girls we’ve found being offered for sex.

This gang was extremely greedy – it was all about the money. Sex with a virgin aged 12 or under cost anything up to £50,000.

Our inquiries continue and we expect more arrests.”

The involvement of Arab millionaires is itself quite puzzling, as it is quite legal to buy, marry and have sex with as many small children as can be afforded in a number of Arab nations, so just what is so appealing about merely renting one at considerable risk and expense in the UK is not clear…

Via The Sun.

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