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Top 10 Mysteries of the Female Heart


Thousands of Japanese men were quizzed on what they consider the most vexing mysteries of the female heart to be, and, not entirely surprisingly, the results may well be applicable to women anywhere…

The results:

1. She asks you for advice but becomes angry when you give it

2. Her feelings are hurt if you fail to notice a change in hairstyle

3. Your love for her is measured by the frequency of your calls and emails

4. She wants to make you say “I love you”

5. She’s angry with you if you actually go home after she asks you to

6. She uses “I’ll break up with you” as a bargaining chip

7. She never expresses things directly with words but instead makes you read between the lines

8. When you are alone together her attitude differs completely from when you are with other people

9. She wants you to express your love through deeds

10. She immediately wants any new product

The corresponding survey for the male heart.

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