Sony Bans Bloomers


The notorious “Sony check,” where Sony makes frequently puritanical demands of developers in order to keep any hint of sex off its consoles, seems to have reached new lows, with one developer describing how Sony would insist characters wearing normal gym kit be removed unless they had a compelling reason for sporting them…

The game in question is WWII mecha-musume moe strategy game MoeMoe Niji Taisen, as previously featured, and the developer was recently quizzed about the removal of nipples and other censorship imposed upon the title:

For the PlayStation version, for the raunchier CG the checks were supposed to be quite harsh. Just what was all this about?

For the PlayStation and DS the checks were very harsh indeed. We had to redraw things and have them rechecked any number of times.

For example, there were scenes where characters came on in bloomers. This was deemed no good, they had to have a reason for being there, and if so they passed.

Microsoft were relatively liberal.

So can you still see the nipples poking through their swimsuits?

Unfortunately, on all the console versions the nipples were removed.

What he means is this:



The previous PC version was quite fully featured in this regard:


The game itself is due December for the PS2.

So it seems that whilst scenes of delightful carnage like those seen below can count on release without apparent difficulty, something so scandalous as a pair of bloomers can expect to be ruthlessly purged from Sony’s wholesome PlayStation…

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