PS3 Dominates Wii, Xbox 360 in USA


The expected huge lead in PS3 sales in the USA has materialised, and it is no wonder Microsoft put a brave face on things – the PS3 even managed to unseat the Wii, and is currently the best selling home console in the much coveted US market.

The US sales for September:

1. Nintendo DS – 524,200

2. PlayStation 3 – 491,800

3. Wii – 462,800

4. Xbox 360 – 352,600

5. PlayStation Portable – 190,400

6. PlayStation 2 – 146,000

By comparison, the US sales for August, showing just how effective the PS3 Slim induced price cuts have been in spurring sales for all the home consoles:

1. Nintendo DS – 552,900

2. Wii – 227,400

3. Xbox 360 – 215,400

4. PlayStation 3 – 210,000

5. PlayStation Portable – 140,300

6. PlayStation 2 – 105,900

The crucial question is of course at what level will sales stabilise at once the console’s shininess has worn off…

Via Hachimaki.

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  • I’ve been a gamer for years and owned all sorts of consoles (from c64, master system and SNES all the way up to my 360) and the biggest problem i have with sony is the complete lack of support when things do go wrong. I owned an original playstation, and it died with a laser failure, no support or repair offered. I owned a PS2, same thing only this time they wanted $150 aus to fix it (the bloody console itself only cost $130). So i spat the dummy with sony and bought an xbox and never had a problem. And even when my 360 (which was over a year OUT of warranty mind you!) gave the the finger and displayed the 3rrod all i had to do was make a quick phone call and microsoft happily took it back, fixed it for free, even paid the postage and gave me a card for a free month on xbox live. DID SONY EVER OFFER ANY OF YOU WITH DUD CONSOLES ANYTHING CLOSE TO THAT KIND OF SUPPORT? Didn’t think so.

  • New console design, and 90% of ps3 owners go out and get the new version. This is the only reason for a sales increase.

    They are like apple fans really, new ipod design comes out, does the same thing as the last, but most owners will get the new one.

    Not really that hard to figure out really. I am neither fan of any of the consoles (even though I do have a 360, it doesnt get used alot) Not really that much into games any more. Just thought I would would explain that before sony fanboys jump on and flame.

    (can’t fault sony electronics in general though, but the ps3 is a fail and you all know it)

    • Anonymous says:

      Most of my gaming is done on the PC. The PS3 initially had some nice features, which is why I bothered to buy one, but Sony’s attitude towards crippling the hardware of late just to save a buck has gone the limit. The 360…well, it hardly even rates. Dogged by hardware issues, nickle and diming the user half to death just to take advantage of it’s “features” (XBOX Live, I’m talking about YOU, here) and a lackluster library of titles, sorry, Microsoft, I’ll use Windows on the PC where I MUST, and Linux where I can, otherwise.

      The Wii, for all it’s limitations, is actually worth what I paid for it, unlike the other current versions of competing consoles.

      Irritating your customer base imperils your bottom line. Sony, Microsoft, is it worth it?

  • Sure is fanboyism in here. OH MY GOD SONY FINALLY SOLD MORE THAN 360 and WII. That is hilarious shit you sony fanboys have stooped to this level of sadness. You guys used to be someone when ps2 was around. Now you guys are nothing.

  • I still play my 360 a hell of a lot more but uncharted 2 made me blow the dust of my 60 gig. And that game is perfection so kudos Naughty Dog for FINALLY giving the ps3 a killer ap it has needed

    • The fuck you talking about, Naughty Dog made Uncharted ONE which was awesome. Then again, what game did Naughty dog make that could be simply labeled below average?

      Fucking loved Crash Bandicoot and Jak & Daxter

  • I hate the Fanboys so much…… This isn’t Domination. PS3 beat the Wii by 300 Consoles. And its the FIRST time the PS3 EVER beat the Wii in America.. Why does no one report when Sony is getting there ass kicked ever month of the year in Japan and America? This place makes me sick.

    • People like me buy them. You know, people who want to be able to play our PS2 games. PS3 backward-compatibility is only found in older models (in those cases done poorly) or not at all. I recently bought a new PS2 just to have in case my older PS2 dies. I had a friend do the exact same thing. I am not paying for all my old games again (in the event they offer PS2 games though a digital store, etc). Given the state of the PSP Go it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if Sony made us buy all our PS1/2 games all over again, should we want the “privilege”.

      And it’s this issue right here that caused me to skip the PS3 altogether. I feel screwed by Sony on this one. So they take take their PS3 and stick it.

  • “and is currently the best selling home console in the much coveted US market.”

    Dear god just how much of sonys dick do you suck? Its still in third place. Winning one month doesnt make it the best selling automatically dumbass. Its still trailing Wii and 360.

  • What’s with the whole RROD argument?
    Most of the revisions with that problem are out of circulation.
    Plus doesn’t Microsoft replace them anyways?

    Now unlike a friends PS3 whose Blu-Ray laser decided to die and sony will charge him $173 to replace it….
    When the console cost him:


    PS2 DRE anyone?

    Also, does anybody find it funny that the PS2 is stealing sales of PS3 consoles?

  • I wonder if this has anything to do with the roughly 5 or 6 million people in the US who already own a 360 over a PS3 and hence wont bother buying a 360 twice. Sony can enjoy a 200k lead for one month. They deserve it, the slim price cut was a smart move.

  • So was this their plan? Start the system at a retardedly high price, face 3 years of low sales, than lower the price one holiday season and temporarily gain a lead over two systems that had slowing sales anyway due to use user bases? Bravo, Sony!

  • Dirty_Dingus008 says:

    This won’t last long since the wiiiiiiiiieeeeee– iiiiiiiiiiii -i—–iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii…. the cheaper console and the winter season is on us now. I only believe that Sony will crush them all if they can produce a console that does everything the other two does and do it Better.

    The “sphere” may drag some consumers away from the cheapo console with the seductive call of HD playing with yourself rather than the lame ass ’90s style shit everyone is now playing around with from nintardo.

    The “navel” might also drag more money away from nintardo into microscum if -no- when it comes out Before Sony.

    • ChaosAngelZero says:

      Actually the 360 Arcade is just as cheap, too.

      Of course the price tag will be an absolutely key factor from now on for all of them, but Nintendo somewhat miraculously managed to first tap the “non-gaming” crowd (or perhaps even create the damn thing), as far as hardware sales go they’ve won this generation’s system wars. Fair and square, even if the first impression may not look so, it’s business.

      Only thing to do now is to wait and see which one of the two real systems manages to move more hard ware and software. Whichever it may be, it’ll most definitely beat the Wii at third-party sales. And that’s the really important thing to know when you wanna declare a particular console as this gen’s single most important “key player”.

  • Wii isn’t for kids, it’s for non-gamers.
    I wouldn’t have wanted to play most of that shit on there even if I was a kid.
    It’s purpose is to help Nintendo recover from the disaster that was Gamecube, which I think it did do.
    The only reason I have it is for the Nintendo exclusives e.g. Mario Zelda Smash.

    Hopefully with all of this profit from the Wii, Nintendo will be able to put out a decent system next generation….though I doubt it.

    • My girlfriend has a PSP which we play together, and she has no qualms playing 360 and PS3 in addition to my Wii.
      Well, come to think of it, she pretty much does whatever I say…

      Sorry if you are so pathetic that you need a Wii to entice retarded girls who will only play Wii Sports, but don’t lump the rest of us in with you.

  • Probably find in a few months sales will reverse or come to a stand-still, given that the Wii and 360 were cheaper than the PS3 to start with means more people already have them, now the PS3 come down in price its sales have gone up so poeple will buy them, then every one has one sales go down.

    I don’t know where the money from live subs go but £40 a year from whatever the numbers are would make the sale difference rather meaningless to MS

  • Sales in the USA will be really interesting for game consoles from now on. The PS3 Slim has the same price as the 360, and it has a Blu-ray player with wifi, plus Uncharted 2 to help sell more units in the holidays. It will be a interesting match 😉

    Oh and, PS3 finally outsell the Wii in US, grats man 😀

  • The very only reason for PS3’s sales increasing is the cheap Blue-Ray Driver inside, not the console itself or the games’ attraction.

    Why don’t X360 support BD too? Then there will be almost nothing left for PS3.

  • We got a shiny new model. A price cut. And you hyper multithread-bluray-wielding-can-also-play-games-machine can only win with a measly lead of approx. 30k units?

    ONLY 30K more? That’s just plain ridiculous.
    PS3 jump of ~260k. New model and price cut.
    Wii jump of ~230k. Normal month.

  • market saturation
    whats the TOTAL sales since the 360 came out? PS3? Wii? etc…

    sure 360 sales are just about every one that wants one has one now its getting the people that still only have a PS2 or Xbox one to get 360 or PS3 now

    PS3 is only rising becouse of
    A. price is now inline with every thing else
    B. it just now has games wroth paying for one for

  • Comments for console related posts should be disabled because it just ends up in the same shit each and every time, something like this

    rrod 360 sucks
    omfg ps3 is for gays
    wii is for kids

    blah blah blah blah

    who cares

  • ecksbawks…

    anyway what’s 1 month. i really wanna see whether overall, will ps3 win against 360? as it stands i’d go for the 360, since it has free games. not to mention i got one already for my bday.

    when i see ttgl and diebuster in srw for ps3 then i’m sold

  • Well I never would’ve thought. When it came out everyone was like IT-HAS-NO-GAMES-IT-SUCKS-IT’S JUST-A-GLORIFIED-PS2-THAT-CAN’T-PLAY-PS1-GAMES-OMG-IT-SUX-SO-MUCH-ARGH-ROFLRAGE– but obviously, with new games coming out it would get better and it has gotten better on the whole lack of games thing….(that doesn’t mean that it didn’t piss some people off when acquiring their 360 games, but hey…that’s just how it goes with good business decisions.) The people who whined about the price are now taken care of, so now it’s getting the sales it deserves.

  • Never knew that a handheld with the power of a Pentium processor from 1995 is still going strong. I almost bought one since DS Lites are dirt cheap but then I browsed the games and they were charging 40 bucks for a Chrono Trigger remake, as well as most other JRPGs. I’m usually anti-piracy but seeing that most of their 16-bit era games were sometimes more expensive than some PS3 games, I’m sticking to emulators for those kinds of games. At least my PS3 collection has higher value since there are no pirated versions to dampen the worth of an all-original collection.

    I also checked online for Love Plus and damn it costs $65… and I was already able to buy Atelier Rorona — which is the newest release game in my collection — for $60 (shipping included). Even an iphone / ipod touch, despite costing about the same as a PS3, seems to be more worth it than the DS, seeing that their games start at 99 cents and the best ones max out at 10 bucks. In terms of proportional costs, the amount Nintendo charges for the level of technology they offer is exhorbitant.

    • starcompass says:

      Man seriously, the DS kicks ass. For an old-school gamer like me, it’s nice to see so many 2D games on a portable console. And the portability is really the nice feature to it ~ you can turn it on whenever and wherever. Genres that I usually dislike (JRPGs for example) I actually really dig on the DS, simply because I can level up whenever and wherever I have a few minutes to spare. With home consoles you’re limited to one screen, one sitting area, and taking 5 minutes just to set everything up. Compare that to the anytime/anywhere 10 seconds to start up any DS game, with NO loading and you’ve got a winner in my book. I play the hell out of my DS too, a first for almost any console I’ve had in years. And if you want games cheap you can just buy em’ used, you can get them in excellent quality from amazon or ebay.

    • Sankaku has massive Sony bias. It’s a proven (and supposedly admitted) fact. Hell, look at the average person posting comments here if you don’t believe it. With the way some of the people here act, you’d think Sony has never made shitty hardware (PSX, PS2, PSP and PS3 to a leser extent).

    • Consider that the Wii has been out for a long time but still sells this much. If the PS3 needed all this to come out 30,000 sales on top while it’s new, think of what happens after time passes and the PS3’s “new” factor is lost just like the Wii’s.

      • Cuz wii has more kid friendly games face it parents will buy their kids gifts, movie games do not count. Also if we are comparing console sales ps3 will, in the end sell more cuz of its japanese only games that still affect ps2 sales by a lot even thou its been like 12 years. If the ps3 would still be selling games that appeal to its fans then even if it gets old ppl will still end up buying it.

        Unlike the wii and the xbox they go for the quick buck scheme, in that they integrate twitter facebook and all those apps that in the 2 years will be replaced by another net sharing site. Nintendo is only for kids and the reason why no one defends it on these sites is that barely anyone here is below 12.

        • “Unlike the wii and the xbox they go for the quick buck scheme”

          Uh.. You think Nintendo and MS are the only companies that goes for a quick buck scheme? Have you forgotten completely about Sony’s PSP Go? That thing is nothing but a quick buck scheme.

          – Higher cost for smaller parts.
          – Requirement to buy peripherals and cables that are only made by Sony.
          – Complete control of prices on direct download products, which means no competition to drop the prices down.
          – UMDless but the battery is half the size, which means the same battery life as the original PSP.

          And many more points everyone has already indicated.

          If you think that the Wii is only for 12 year olds, have you even paid attention 1/3rd of the PS2’s game library? I can guarantee you that the PS3 game library would’ve had the same result if it was popular right from launch.

          Get off your high horse and start to realize that all three consoles have it’s own strengths and weaknesses, and start caring about the actual games instead of the console brand that hosts these games.

        • “the reason why no one defends it on these sites is that barely anyone here is below 12.”

          Lol fanboy much? Sorry but just because people may not be 12 or below, doesn’t mean they don’t sound and act like 12 year olds and below. And by gods there have been plenty on this site.

  • shoranhimura says:

    id guess about three months…after the rushing omg its a sony must buy it and bla bla bla thing, probably the DS and wii will get to the top then its a question mark…

    will the ps3 outsell x360 or it will turn the table and outsell ps3 again?

    too soon to speculate anything more than this…

    • First Posting Idiot says:

      Apart from their price cuts, Microsoft doesn’t have any game changers coming out for a while. Sony on the other hand will have an excellent round of hardware bundles this winter. They’ve already confirmed a 250GB PS3 slim for $350, and will likely have both the PS3 and Go packaged with games. Sony also plans on adding PS2 emulation via system update, and are apparently trying to put every PS2 game on PSN for download.

      I suspect Sony’s sales will balance out to be the same as the 360, at least until the Motion control wars kick in. The game will really be on when they both go after the Wii’s user base.

    • At most this is just a sales spike due to people holding out for years for a price drop. This is not even close to an accurate sales number, since the true numbers won’t be out until the beginning of January after the Christmas rush. It’s not surprising that it beat the Wii since most consumers who wanted it, would have already bought one. To claim victory right now is just pointless without waiting to see if the sales continues in momentum by the end of the year.

      • This.
        Stupid idiots think a ONE MONTH sales ESTIMATE declares them winner. Then again, they say that whenever a new exclusive comes out regardless of how mediocre it is. They don’t take into consideration the fact that most people have xboxes and wiis already so it’s not surprising the sales are lowering. Where as nobody wanted a PS3 because it was an over priced piece of shit until the slim came out, so now it’s a competitively priced piece of shit.

    • shoranhimura, I agree. I started speculating it in 2006, and it’s really confusing. Nintendo domination is easy, they target casuals anyway. The problem is the other 2, Sony and MS. X360 “beta user cases” surprises me, I predict X360 will keep 1st or runner up position till 2011 – 2012 depending on the games (X360 exclusive things, but it turn out to be a bullshit) then PS3 will start to be a new king because their features till next console generation
      Now, my speculation ruins…

        • Being a Sony fanboy doesn’t make you a winner either. If they want to buy an Xbox just to play that, let them be. It’s their money and will not make them a loser for buying one as against for fanboys who insults anyone who is against their way of mind. At least they play manly games unlike you who is just courageous in the internet.

          I don’t mind if you have any or both of these consoles. They’ll just get old and have to buy new ones. This blind worship really is very irritating and will just cause stupidity.

          Don’t tell me that they will have RROD because the Xbox 360 now has the new chipset which like Sony’s new PS3 is more energy-efficient and emits less heat.

          These console war is really pointless. Why just we all get along as gamers and fight against censorship in gaming (bad games are subjective).

        • First Posting Idiot says:

          If you’ve never held a weapon in your life, and are not currently in and don’t know anyone in the military, then buying a 360 just to play a COD game makes you a loser. If any of your friends don’t meet those specifications, kick them for me.

          I would understand if your 6 friends were Vets, ROTC, or something similar, but if they aren’t, again, kick them for me.

    • I’d be guessing the same. The PS3 is nice and all but the only thing going for it is the web browser and the blue ray player.

      The 360 has a shitload of exclusive deals as well as netflix streaming, and now with the net update it’ll have twitter, facebook, and not to mention the zune store is taking over for the marketplace which doubles it’s offerings in that department.

      I think that it’ll be a closer race, but 360 just has more going for it.

      • im sorry its late and i dont have time to finish reading the entire entry, also i apologize if my english seems odd since i barely use it
        but seriusly netflix an xbox exclusive its already on the ps3, twitter is silly, facebook yeah rigth i prefer going out with my friends,,also dont forget that the 50 dollar price diference its over when you pay for one year of xbox live, im 23 years old i enjoy games since nintendo (nes) sorry i missed the atari and still i dont holde any grudge towards de xbox since thanks to them i play the ace combat 6 in the xobx one friend lend me, but really dont be fanboys just play the games you want to play and stop being childish anyways all companies will end taking money from you so stop defending them as if they where your own blood and flesh

      • First Posting Idiot says:

        The 360 only has 3 kinds of exclusives.

        1. Guys in armor shooting stuff.
        (Halo, Gears, Crackdown)

        2. Timed exclusives getting upgraded for the PS3.
        (Tales of Vesparia, Star Ocean, Ninja Gaiden)

        3. XBLA titles no one gives a s*** about.
        (no one gives a s***)

        • In the end…Xbox really doesn’t have it’s existing value now…since timed exclusives are not important cuz we’ll get it either way and hell shooting things in armour…uhhh looks pretty gay to me especially when everyone in gears of wars is like buzz lightyear… Xbox can go to hell

      • @ Shukero 00:20
        keep trying to convince your self. what shit load of exclusives? gears of war? and that’s it? PS3 can do all that twitter, facebook crap. if you didnt’ know it has an internet browser. so basically PS3 has sankakucomplex, way better than facebook / tweeter crap.

        • Anon PS3 fanboy BAWW
          Browser doesn’t mean shit. I assume we all have PCs, so what’s the point.
          Gimmicks don’t make your games any less shit.

          Shukero is right, there’s more exclusive content on the xbox. Some timed, some complete. But even with timed exclusives they get to play it first, so I hope you enjoy all our old jrpgs 1 year into the next console generation you tool.

          Not to mention XBLA rapes both VC and PSN. Unlike VC and PSN, the classics aren’t blatant emulations subject to laggyness and bugs. They’re remade for the xbox in mind, and updated with new content. All the great RARE games are on it, and if you honestly think PSN is better then you’re in denial. I hope you enjoy FF7 (with no new content/upgrades i might add) at full price rather than buying a $5 copy off amazon. Sony fans will eat any shit coming out of sony’s ass.

      • You guys fail. You know this is sales for last month? PS3 has been out for how long?
        Total sales the xbox is still raping the PS3. Wii rapes them both combined.

        Microsoft isn’t complaining because they know 1/3 households in the USA alone own an xbox vs PS3 with 1/8. We’re not even including how many europe has and other asian countries. Don’t expect asia to buy anything from japan, because japanese products in cambodia, phillipines and china are always 2x in price compared to US products.

      • w/e xbox360 isn’t selling a bluetooth headset for $40 more than it’s worth -.-

        Plus I don’t see how $299 US, is too much to pay for netflix, twitter, dvd player, gaming console, and facebook now too. Not to mention it also can be used as a media streamer as well.

        • Halo is shit. The only thing Microsoft has going, as a Microsoft-only game that could actually SELL the system, is the fan-based Halo on which delivers an annoying plot where they stop rings from destroying the universe. Um, saving the world themes are quite over-rated. It was alright with Halo 2, but now that they can’t add a “4” on the end, it’s getting a bit stupid. Seriously, ODST?

          My only favorite for XBOX360 would have to be Fable 2. Other than that, you can keep your frickin’ red rings (I’ve owned nearly 7 now and all had same problem). I’ll stick with my other systems, my NES, SNES, N64, GC, all Gameboys and the DS Lite, PSP, PS1, PS2, PS3, SEGA Genesis, SEGA Mastersystem, SEGA Dreamcast, SEGA Saturn. Hell, even my Atari in storage is 50 times better than the 360, IT WORKS!!!

          Like the Anonymous about a Page Up or two said, get a frickin’ PC if you want “quality gaming”. It plays so much more and with all emulators out there, what’s not to love about it?


        • When the ps3 first came out, it wasn’t very popular because it was too advance for its time. blue ray was good and all with 60gb of storage space, but developers were not ready to fully use the functionality of the console yet, and consumers were not ready to invest 600 dollars on a console system. Now with the game developers starting to use the potentials of the ps3, and along with the now half priced and more affordable ps3 going at 299, the console’s full potential is now blooming.

        • Did you really just list those things as pros for the Xbox? Netflix cost money regardless of whether you’ve got an Xbox but that’s a nice feature. Twitter? Dumb as hell but still, its FREE. Same goes for Facebook. These are free services that you can do on the PS3’s web browser, which accepts mice I might add.

          And mentioning the DVD part is just laughable not only because PS3 does that too but just about anything today will, and a standalone player can be acquired for under $30.

        • lol @ the loser complaining about the cost of a bluetooth headset. You can use any headset you currently have – even the crap you get off Woot!

          At least they don’t charge us an arm and leg for 60gig and 120gig harddrives. Douchebag.

        • shoranhimura says:

          @ anon 00:37

          its been like, a couple of months since i last heard about RRoD…

          its past, face it, now they have other problems, but not this one…you fanboys uses the most idiotic argument to win a discussion….

          even the ps3>>x360 is better than this….

        • As a console gamer, I can’t help but say. You could keep those 300$ for something more reliable and with a greater selection of high quality games…

          A PC. It does all that and more. Additionally, it’s heatsink won’t be the size of a piece of cardboard, it’s power supply will be integrated with a much more efficient cooling system and it’s CPU will not risk shaking itself and colliding with internal material, causing slow but permanent damage to the hardware.

          For a console made by a company that makes Windows, one of the top three most renown computer OS (and additionally the faultiest of the three), who refuses to correct their hardware failures to focus on their software, something they’re already notorious for failing at.

          One has to wonder why defend the 360 over the PS3. As the PS3 is much more stable, runs on Linux and even has the option to install your own chosen OS.

          If you don’t like the bluetooth headset at 40$, don’t buy a sony brand.