70% of Japanese Men Have No Girlfriends


New data suggests 70% of unmarried Japaneses men in their twenties and thirties have no girlfriend, with an alarming jump of 20% in just three years for men in their twenties.

A similar figure holds true for women, with some 64% of women in the same age groups single.

The data comes from a survey asking unmarried Japanese aged 20 to 40 whether they were dating anyone, with data extending back over a decade:


Economic conditions may be one reason for the sudden increase in singles, particularly where younger, more financially vulnerable men are concerned – with dismal earnings prospects amidst a stagnant Japanese economy, such men know they have no chance of securing a wife or family, and may not even be able to afford the expense of a girlfriend.

However, this does not effectively explain the long term nature of the increase over more than a decade; it seems likely more profound social and economic factors may be at play, with many surveys citing an increase in the expectations of women with regard to their partner’s earnings as a key factor…

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