Konkatsu: “We Can’t Find Men to Marry All These Women”


The recent boom in “konkatsu,” parties to help those seeking the ideal marriage partner meet, has run into trouble: reportedly, women always outnumber men by a large margin at these events.

Previously these events had been characterised by many men seeking desirable brides, but now they are said to consist chiefly of women hunting the ideal husband of their dreams, with a particular emphasis on his earning potential.

“When we organise these events, we have no trouble finding women, but can never find enough men.”

“Those using these services mostly never find a partner through them.”

The canny marriage brokers running the services, who naturally charge large fees and utilise complex contracts, are increasingly the subject of formal complaints by their customers, as they often fail to deliver any satisfactory marriage partners yet invariably expect to be paid.

2ch’s response is as interesting, and scathing, as ever:

“How the parasites weep because they can’t find a host!”

“Fools. What do they expect, running a ‘boy ranch‘ like that?”

“Why don’t they marry some of the other spare women?”

“Seems there are a few less idiot men about.”

“The only men who can take part are those with incomes over $60k. No wonder they are short.”

“Konkatsu: the new highway robbery.”

“More mass media trash. In reality, konkatsu are still not popular at all.”

“Gentlemen seeking wives, there is nothing so foolish as marriage.

Women in their twenties and thirties today are desperately trying to solve their ‘how can I find a man to leech off of?’ problem.

If you marry, in an instant you will be condemned to 30 years of forced labour. It doesn’t matter how much effort you put in or how much you make, you’ll end up with a few dollars a day for yourself.

If you ever want to buy anything, you’ll have to seek permission with bowed head from your wife.

And they’ll just reject your requests anyway.

What’s left will go on the woman and the kid without so much as a word of thanks.

That’s the reality of marriage.


Then: Took 1 hour three times a day using a pot

Now: Press a switch on a rice cooker


Then: It all had to be done by hand with a tub and a washboard

Now: Press a switch on a washing machine


Then: Had to start and tend a fire to heat the water

Now: Press a switch on a heater


Then: Everything had to be cooked by hand

Now: You can get as much as you want of anything at a supermarket

Household chores are very light work now. With convenience stores and the Internet you have even less need of a woman.

Marriage and a wife used to be ‘necessities’ to a man. Now they are nothing more than ‘life’s bad debt.’

Men! There’s no reason whatsoever left to put up with the selfish demands of these women and their insistence on marriage!”

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