Islamists Whip Women for Wearing Bras


Islamists, declaring brassieres to be “unIslamic,” have been searching women thought to be wearing them; those found with them have been stripped of the offending articles, and been flogged for good measure.

The group responsible, an Islamist army in control of large swathes of anarchic Somalia, has been seeking to drag Somalia back into the dark ages with its extreme interpretations of Islamic dogma.

Movies, music and art have already been subject to bans under the Sharia codes beloved of Islamic hardliners, but now they are saying “breasts should be firm naturally, or just flat,” say victims.

Another man described the outrages inflicted by the group:

“My brother was jailed after he wrestled with a man that had beaten my sister and forced her to remove her bra. He could not stand it.”

Via the Daily Mail.

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