Schoolgirl Ran “Thomas The Chikan Engine” Sex Dispatch


A schoolgirl has been arrested for running a “delivery health” business called “Thomas The Chikan Engine,” in which she recruited other underage schoolgirls to take part in indecent acts including group sex.

The 17-year-old girl, who attended a Tokyo high school, ran the recruitment operations of a delivery health service which specialised in sending schoolgirls to clients for healthy if illegal sex, working under her 44-year-old brothelmaster boss.

They luridly advertised their services online under the name 痴漢車トーマスくん / Chikan-sha Thomas-kun / Thomas The Chikan Engine, and soon had a major sex dispatch service with 20 girls on their books, 6 of whom turned out to be underage.

However, their business came to an end after police arrested them for sending two young schoolgirls to a salaryman for a ménage à trois.

Both admit knowingly employing underage girls, with the girl saying “I wanted some extra pocket money” and the man “I just did it to cover my living costs.”

The girl explains it was innocently by chance that their employees turned out to be so young: “When we searched for girls who are young, thin and of course cute, we just naturally ended up with girls under 18.”

Naturally, none of the innocent flowers working for the business as prostitutes face punishment.

Via Sankei.

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