Sankaku Complex on Twitter


Sankaku Complex is now maintaining an official Twitter account; anyone is welcome to follow the site and keep track of updates with it.

The account will reflect all new posts and any other relevant developments, so it may be of use in situations where the full feed is not appropriate. It also provides a useful platform for fans of the site to connect with one another.

For your convenience, and to better accommodate Twitter’s draconian character limits, the URLs to Sankaku Complex posts are tweeted in relatively memorable short format links (like so: – you can also be sure you are getting a link to the site and not some unfortunate other destination this way.

Some further integration of Twitter functionality into the site may follow, but rest assured the primary emphasis is on developing our own community functionality, so nobody need feel obliged to use Twitter if it does not appeal – though popular, it does at times elicit polarised opinions, and may in exceptional cases prove fatal.

Those interested in realtime communications can also connect to the official Internet Relay Chat channel, and those with actual sites hankering after more users may wish to check out our feed exchange program.

Follow Sankaku Complex on Twitter now.

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