87% of Japanese Women Crave Hot Onsen Sex


A survey of Japanese women has found 87% of them are keen to bathe with their boyfriends at an onsen.

Onsen, the traditional volcanic spas which occupy an iconic position in Japanese romantic culture, have long been a popular venue for amorous adventures, with many establishments offering couples private bathing together.

Thus it is not entirely surpising to learn that a survey of women conducted by a popular Japanese women’s website found a clear majority of women hankering after onsen action.

Some 60% of respondents said they had enjoyed onsen bathing with their boyfriend, but no less than 62% said they would like to enjoy some quality bathing with their partner, with a further 25% coyly saying they would be ok with it if their boyfriend asked them to.

A mere 13% found the prospect disagreeable, making this perhaps one of the most reliable romantic activities a man could indulge in with a Japanese woman…

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