“Jap” Race Hate Killer Murders Filipino By Mistake


A man is accused of celebrating his birthday by beating to death an elderly man for appearing to him to be Japanese, although his victim in fact turned out to be a Filipino.

The 23-year-old Australian builder was drunkenly celebrating his birthday early one morning when he came accross a 67-year-old man who he identified as Japanese, and promptly attacked.

The Filipino man was thrown to the ground and savagely beaten; he died soon after being hospitalised.

When an onlooker told the attacker to stop, he merely replied: “Mate, he’s Japanese and he deserves it,” and continued.

Police allege the crime was undoubtedly racially motivated, with witnesses hearing him address the man as “ya Jap” and telling him to “fuck off back to Japan.”

Witnesses detained him until police arrived and arrested him. The victim’s death caused the man to be charged with murder.

The man claims to have no recollection of the crime or even how he got to the city.

Via Itai News.

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