Tales of Betrayal? Namco Recruiting Beta Testers!


The latest Tales “mothership” title Tales of Graces is due for release just in time to be slaughtered by Final Fantasy XIII, but with the announcement of a Tales of Graces Wii bundle some have begun wondering if this might not signal a (PS3) port is in the offing even now…

Some observers can’t help but notice that each time a Tales game gets bundled with a console the game turns up a year later in a “complete” edition on another platform:


In 2003, Tales of Symphonia was released bundled with the GameCube, only to be released on the PS2 a year later…


And notoriously in 2008 the Xbox 360 received an “exclusive” release of Tales of Vesperia, also bundled, which found its way onto the PS3 a year later amidst much acrimony.

Now Tales of Graces is set to be packaged with the Wii. Might it not be released in “perfect” form before 2010 is out?

The real question may be why Namco feels obliged to keep recycling Tales games into complete editions rather than make multi-platform releases, although the answer may be obvious

Tales of Beta is available for pre-order on the Wii now.

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