Chinese Dwarves Found Mountain Kingdom



A group of Chinese dwarves who began living together in a village have turned it into the “Kingdom of the Dwarves,” a theme park.

The dwarven community is said to have been founded after socially ostracised midgets from throughout China became tired of bullying and opted to live together in a Kunming mountain commune, appropriately enough.

120 such individuals gathered, with membership barred to anyone over 1.3 metres in height. The village even assembled its own small fire department and police force.

Soon an entrepreneurial minded soul decided to make the village into a theme park (as an attraction in a larger “butterfly garden”) in order to attract paying customers, with the dwarves donning fairy tale inspired costumes and preparing themed “mushroom houses.”

Various performances, including singing and dancing, are undertaken for the benefit of visitors.

The dwarven themed attraction is called the “Kingdom of the Dwarves.” The wider park itself is said to be receiving 500 visitors daily, though how many are visiting for the dwarf village is not recorded.

Critics have decried the attraction as a Barnum-esque freak show, though some point out that it be one of the few avenues of employment open to the much put upon dwarves of China.

Since there is generally a genetic component to the growth disorders which collectively constitute “dwarfism,” creating a community in which intermarriage is between dwarves is encouraged may not be the best possible outcome for the community’s children, although at least it will secure their future revenues…

Via Heaven.

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