“Shotacon” Woman Buys Schoolboy Sex


A woman described as a “shotacon” has been arrested after paying for underage schoolboy sex.

The 18-year-old woman resident of Kobe, a self-described sex worker, made posts on a mobile phone dating site “seeking a boy up to the age of 17,” and promised “some pocket money” in return, as offering to support “rent, living costs and lust.”

A 15-year-old Osaka schoolboy soon responded, and he received several thousand yen for having sex with the woman.

Police soon got wind of this and arrested her. The woman described her interest as “personal curiosity.”

A specialist in such cases opined that “she was likely seeking relief from her host club work, but to cheaply target a boy like this is unforgivable.”

“Shota complex” harbouring women are said to be on the rise in Japan, with all manner of online communities springing up to help them connect with one another, and quite possibly with young boys as well.

However, 2ch wryly comments that 90% of the visitors to shota circles at doujinshi events are men…

Via J-Cast.

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