Nico Live Lolicon School Rampage “I’m a Lolicon!”


A live broadcast on NicoNico Douga showed a man barge into a kindergarten athletics event, grab a microphone and proclaim to the assembled children “I’m a lolicon!”

The man used NicoNico Douga’s much abused live broadcast service to film his entry into a neighbourhood pre-school, as an athletics event was underway.

He was able to enter unmolested, whereupon he borrowed a microphone from one of the staff (without any objection), and made an announcement to the assembled children, parents and staff:

“Hello and well done! We’re live on Nico and I’m a lolicon!”

He was apparently reported to authorities by a concerned parent and withdrew swiftly from the scene. It is probable his act constitutes any one of a number of offences from trespass to violations of anti-nuisance laws.

What became of him is not clear, but he filmed himself engaged in a wide variety of inanity previously so doubtless he will not be hard to find.

Via Itai News.

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