Tales of Graces Spectacular


The latest “mothership” Tales title is Tales of Graces for the Wii, due for release soon and by the looks of the trailers featured below one of the most impressive Tales games to date.

Few could help but notice the fairly impressive graphical quality appears on par with the other “nextgen” Tales mothership title, Tales of Vesperia.

This either suggests the Wii’s hardware has been skilfully employed, or perhaps that the less than spectacular graphics of Tales of Vesperia on the Xbox 360 beta and the even worse graphics of the “Perfect” PS3 version are evidence of Namco’s poor handling of these systems…

The game itself is said to be one of the longest Tales games yet (impressive considering length of such titles as Tales of the Abyss), but other than Tales of Hearts style seamless world navigation it appears the game follows the usual Tales formula.

Character design is handled by Mutsumi Inomata, whose shoujo-esque designs may be familiar from Tales of Destiny and Tales of Rebirth, amongst others. The game is voiced by the usual cast of top seiyuu.

Tales of Graces is due December 10th, perhaps an unfortunate choice of release date for RPG fans considering Final Fantasy XIII is due a week later.

No information on an international release is yet available, and nor is it clear whether the title will later find its way onto the PlayStation as with previous Nintendo to Sony Tales ports – there is certainly some suspicion that it will.


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