Man Busted in $50 3P Loli Car Sex


A man who paid two 14-year-old schoolgirls to have a threesome with him in his car for ¥5,000 has been arrested.

The 22-year-old unemployed man, a resident of Fukuoka prefecture, apparently got in touch with the two middle schoolers after they began looking to hawk their bodies on a mobile phone dating site.

With the girls apparently seeking some easy money through enjo kousai (casual prostitution), and he looking for underage sex, he offered them a ride, and the trio later had sex together, with the main paying 5,000 for both girls.

However, the father of one of the girls began to suspect she was engaged in prostitution and approached police, who investigated and soon pressed charges against the man for violating anti-child prostitution laws.

Japanese schoolgirls are increasingly selling their virtue as a way of easily making extra cash, but rarely does one of their suitors secure them so cheaply, with ¥2,500 each being a great bargain compared to some, and one of the cheapest prices yet seen for a youthful Yamato maiden.

Via Mainichi.

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