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Islamic Outrage Over Fake Hymens


A leading Islamic scholar is calling for the death penalty for traffickers of a $15 device which allows non-virgin women to simulate having their hymen broken, which he decries as encouraging sinful fornication.

The device, made in China and increasingly widely available in the Arab world, allows women who might otherwise not have intact hymens to simulate the bloody penetration demanded of them by Islamic society on their wedding nights.

Using fake blood to imitate genuine deflowering, it provides a cheap alternative to costly hymen reconstruction surgery, whilst still allowing women to trick their husbands into thinking they are virgins.

A professor at a leading Islamic university in Egypt decries the device as encouraging fornication out of wedlock, and argues that those responsible for its importation are responsible for corrupting the virtues of Islamic society and should thus face execution.

Egyptian politicians are calling for the device to be banned forthwith.

Via the BBC.

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  • ya’ konw, it’s always like that…
    i mean islam is very strict…
    in my country i’m living…malaysia, dildo’s are consider illigal to islam(they not allowed to buy)…
    they also not allowed to use condom while having sex…
    they don’t even allow shaking hands…
    o don’t get me wrong…i’m a chinese(not islam!)…
    PS: if anyone of my fellow country-mens are reading this, plz dun sue me… i mean no harm…

  • Can a scholar or two be considered as Islam?
    I think A Religion, cannot be judged nor concluded by one or couple peoples……

    So that’s why i think that the tittle is little bit provocative…or at least shallow….

    I’m not gonna discuss about this Fake Hymens that made in china (and God may enlighten them), but as a scholar who’s main interest is religion, i kinda tired of this shallow nonsense about religion (not only islam)

    I’m a christian, might not be a good one, but i don’t want to hear ‘christian rampage over something’ just because a church or two was making fuzz about it

    PS: Islam is not middle east, even though it’s originally from there, so again, it’s too shallow to call ‘Islamic Outrage’…because those people are from egypt, and egypt, is not even yet middle-east

    So cut the crap!

    Best Regards

  • Scanner Boy says:

    lol – angry “freedom” fighters bitching and moaning about Islam as usual.

    1. other countries, other cultures – dont like it, dont live there.

    2. Islamis invasion blabla – dont like it, dont vote the ppl responsible – it is not like fundamentalists are illegaly crossing the border like mexicans.

    3. so far the evil religion of murder has not invaded any other country (middle age doesnt count since every fucking country/Religion was doing the same thing!!)

    4. 9/11 didnt happen cuz a bunch of muslims saw Baywatch on cable tv and didnt like it. the US mingled with islamic countries decades ago and stationed there troops everywhere (Iran, Afghanistan etc etc) – IMAGINE RUSSIA DEPLOYING SOLDIERS TO CUBA FOR SAFETY REASONS!!!

    5. the whole fucking western world trying to force otehr countries and cultures into becoming “westernized” (China, Africa, Japan, Iraq etc etc).

    6. many radicals dont get radical because they are evil people who get trained at Dr.Dooms secret base inside an active volcano! they become indoctrinated cuz of poor standards of living, missing education, no real focus in life! Bombs and US marines dont create a higher level of social wealth and education. Rather the opposite!

    7. Islam was a GREAT concept and religion that helped people till lets say the 19th century. after that unfortunately a lot of ppl with POWER realized that it is easy to keep ppl under control abusing it!


    Insulting and making fun of muslims and Islam is not gonna make anything better, quite the opposite.

    oh and dont start with “Gotta nukem all hurr durr” since that wont happen – a bunch of internet cowboys does not have the means or capabilities to do that – heck even W.Bush didnt have them – and he tried a lot!

  • I say we pull a Char and expand Mir into a base, colonize space and the moon, tell every fanatic sect of every religion that they can have their own continent…then drop mir onto the ****ing earth

  • I say we pull a Char and expand Mir into a base, colonize space and the moon, tell every fanatic sect of every religion that they can have their own continent…then nuke the ****ing earth

  • KIlling women is one the most forbidden things in islam dont mix those arab shitheads with us muslims most of them are muslim yes but thier arab shit has nothing to with islam culture is not islam islam is about worshiping god who made us the creator of earth jermaine jackson muslim mike tyson is muslim and muhammed ali they dont do any wierd shit!

  • The muslims talk about virtues and such stuff while they commit pedophilia every minute. Talk about hypocrisy. I hope that stuff gets popular there so I can laugh as I see them RAGE. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Strawberry Suicide says:

      It really might get quiet popular since how mentioned before they have this stone-aged these that virgins bleed on their wedding night – aka loose virginity…
      ( Which I can assure every male not being the case…)

      It’s not the fault of the entire Moslim folk since a big amount of them are already…lets say ‘westernized’…It’s rather that Islamic leaders tend to support the exaggrations of their religion…

      Surely the Coran has quiet a few not really female-friendly lines but it’s not as extreme as some put them into action…

      What’s an even bigger problem is that religions tend to stick to very ‘old-school’ rules…
      No sex before marriage –> lack of sexual protection
      No homo-sex –> men can’t become pregnant –> convenient –> get’s popular –> lack of babies
      No masturbation –> see above…

      Otaku should build and own church…In Hungary you only need 100 members and a dogmatic structur XD

  • These zomg top Islamic scholarly morons and countries need to stop speaking for all of Islam in their backwards nonsense. I’ve read the Quran and interpreted it for myself and I’ve yet to see such shit mentioned. If they’re “islamic” nations or scholars then maybe they’re using modified versions of the book.

    Either way, I’m ashamed of all these retards. >:|

  • I can understand religious advice. Cheating on a spouse is bad for the relationship, community and society.

    Stealing is bad for interpersonal relationships community trust,and peace.

    Outright coldblooded murder has no place in any society

    But holy freaking hell, stoning someone for their sex life is as wrong as emptying 78 bullets into a marijuanna user, or tasering a 99 year old grandmother in front of her grandchildren…was giulliani the reincarnation of a taliban commander?

    • Quite right….. it’s time to realize that most of these people who are calling for this are insane idiots who should be locked up in the nearest insane asylum and NEVER let out….. though, that really applies to anyone who believes in ANY religion, seeing as how all of them are no more than lies and fabrications justified by a ‘god’ who never existed except in the deluded and evil mind of the person who came up with the idea of there being a ‘god’.

    • Muslim religion has been specially designed for the most efficient breeding population.

      Because the greatest genocide in human history was during the Crusades. Tens of millions of people were killed 1,000 years ago in Arabia, the Christian knights. It was the whole (Christian) Europe against a single people: These Arabs. Imagine a country where absolutely all men, are dead. Only boys and old are in life.

      Only that Arab scientists, who were geniuses to that era, they discovered that a man can leave pregnant in an efficient way, only four women.

      If we think that more than 1,000 years in future, they are more than one billion, it seems they’re right. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Anonymous says:

        Except the Ottoman Empire was basically still present way after the crusades. And there was never a point where all or even most Arab men died. And don’t forget the crusades were not an invasion of Arab lands. The Muslim militant religion was spreading like fire through the region and was openly seeking control of the entire world. Conversion by the sword was a Muslim mandate. So Christian armies stupidly copied the idea.

  • There is NO SUCH THING AS INTACT, FULLY CLOSED HYMEN in real world. Ask women you know. If they are honest, they will tell you that. Every honest doctor knows that. A young, virgin girl has usually very little tissue called hymen. Blooding can occur during penetration if the girl is dry or very tense, but that blooding isn`t a result of some hymen being broken. How long will this false legend keep continuing?
    Maybe forever, thanks to crazy religions and fake doctors earning money from this superstition.

  • Strawberry Suicide says:

    After vagi-plasty, I’m not surprised over this new ‘product’…XD

    Anyways…What’s this fu*ed up discussion about Christians and Moslims? Aren’t they the same shovinistic assh**les? o_O( I mean the fanatic types…Don’t take it as offense!! )

    Also…I never understood this whole “marry a virgin” thing…I’m not saying it’s bad to wait until marriage but religions should leave ppl alone who want to be sexually active before they get married…

    Partly I understand why they think this way they could protect the moral innocence of their children ( since we live in the world of sex and money )…
    On the other hand my mom never raised me religiously, we never talked about sex and she never forbid me alcohol/smoking…
    Yet, I’m not doing drugs, don’t smoke and drink alcohol…Was a good student and lost my virginity after becoming 18, because I met the right guy…

    Maybe I’m an exception but ppl like me proove that not neccessarly religions will raise the moral of the world…

    • No religion gives morality actually they tend to create bigots of their followers in one way or another. Your morality is something internalized. Plenty of people will never be moral in any way and yet religion is their live.

      Anyway have you ever read any holy books they are full of Evil/War god creature that if you don’t believe will kill you. Its all retarded.

  • now why aren’t Feminazis outraged with such claims?
    i do not doubt muslims would indeed kill for such a thing, so why aren’t they bothered, or do they only bother when 2d women aren’t treated with respect?

  • Actually all this stuff about continueing Greek tradition: It wasn’t just Greek tradition, and it wasn’t just the Muslims continuing it. The Byzantines were primarily responsible for it along with Christianity.

    And of note they destroyed Byzantium, and Middle Easter and Northern Africa and tried to do all of the Mediterranean and France as well so I’d say we’re more than even.

    (600 million Hindus have been killed by the Western Invaders over the last 1000 years, one government even killed a minimum of 100k each year for about 150 years. Hindu Kush in Hindi means ‘Hindu Slaughter’ if anyone is curious about why that piece of geography doesn’t have Hindus.)

  • muslim here…. and I dont give a crap what that egyptian says. last thing they need to worry, is the vagoo of society, first solve the alcohol problem, backwards tradition of killing innocent girls and kick hosni mubarak out of power… then talk about some girl’s vagina on her wedding night…


  • why even bother having their hymens reconstructed…if they’re not virgin anymore then so be it…

    I believe this is culture issue…not a religious one…

    how the hell would a divorced women be a virgin…if someone married to one

    what kind of moslem does this kinds of things?


    • sounds like you aren’t very familiar with Islamic practices. Women have been put to death or jailed after being raped, because they were having sex out of wedlock. Also, divorce doesn’t really happen over there, women are property and have no say in anything. Of course things are different when they are out of their home countries

    • Women reconstruct their hymen so that they can lie about be virgins. Kinda like women that are born-again virgins and girls that never have vaginal sex but will do anal and oral and call themselves technical virgins. They’re not virgins, they’re just lying sluts.

  • People, I just want to say, you know, can we all get along? Can we get along? Can we stop making it, making it horrible for the older people and the kids?…Itโ€™s just not right. Itโ€™s not right. Itโ€™s not, itโ€™s not going to change anything. Weโ€™ll, weโ€™ll get our justice….Please, we can get along here. We all can get along. I mean, weโ€™re all stuck here for a while. Letโ€™s try to work it out. Letโ€™s try to beat it. Letโ€™s try to beat it. Letโ€™s try to work it out.[
    -Rodney King-

  • Enough of the argument Islam this, Islam that.

    Keep it simple.

    The device is like a fake blood sachet to simulate the defloration bleeding moment.

    Scholars ban and go berserk over it because it encourages fornication.

    Tell me, who are the one who deflowered these girls at first place? The Egyptian men!!!

    So after deflowering so many of em, you expect to find more virgin in Egypt?

    You want virgin? Douse yourself in gasoline, yell Allahuakbar aloud and run into White House and kill some Jews…

    You will be rewarded with 700 virgins in Heaven!

  • Wahhh…. fuckin cry baby. If u Islamic peoples wernt so uptight and bent out of shape about the little shit your women wouldn’t be needing to seek pleasure elsewhere i mean come on now,.. Afghans are now able to starve their wife’s for not giving it up people like no wonder your women hate u. piss off the lot of ya. (and to the Islamic people who are actually decent people my apologies 2 you) but come on now grow the fuck up women are people too and deserve to be treated as such !!!

  • The hypocrisy concerning “virgins” is amazing. Just because a woman has had a relationship with someone else prior to you, that makes her a “fucking lying slut”? And yet, men are encouraged to fuck anything that moves and are praised for their promiscuity or “Manliness” as it’s seen as. If you’re not a virgin male yourself you have no excuse to bitch if you’re not her first.

    Although I suspect the type who make those “IF SHE’S NOT A VIRGIN SHE MUST BE A SLUT” comments have never gotten laid in the first place anyway. People who go out and have real relationships don’t give a damn about virgins usually, unless the chick really is a nasty STD-ridden slut, in which case that is a different matter.

  • WTF…
    i dont need a fake virgins…
    this device should be DESTROYED…
    imagine…a world where even a SLUT can regain their virginity…
    obviously…no one don’t want second-hand(refurbished) wife…

  • By all means, Muslims should stop using computers especially if it’s Intel due to the fact that it’s designed in Intel’s R&D facility in Israel.

    DEATH TO UNBELIEVERS(and the internet and computer)!!!

  • Afghanistan hasn’t progressed since the middle ages.

    The British Government and or their Church wanted Benjamin Franklin to apologize to god for saying that electricity wasn’t created by “The Almighty”

    Galileo and Copernicus had their ideas mark them for heresy by a twat with a funny hat.

    America labels EVERY ****ing scientist as an unholy sinner/defiler of god’s word / immoral godless monster, satanist tempting the young with crackpot ideas like “Big Bang Theory, “The Earth being more than 6000 years old,” and “Gravity,” and tries to defund them or sic christian fundamentalists on them.

    If we weren’t such a bunch of superstitious clods we’d be living on other planets or space colonies by now -_-

    I think the solution is asking everyone on earth if they want to do battle for god, drop them all off on an uninhabited island and let them kill each other with sticks while our scientists make spaceships. We’ll come back in like 2000 years on a spaceship and tell the surviving bronze age theocracy that the ships are really giant angels just to **** with them.

    • Agree.

      If christianity was so advanced then why is it screwing us over endlessly? Look at the roman fag, constatine who set civilisation back 1000 years. We’d be fucking piloting gundams GUNDAMS GUUUNNDAMMMS>>>>>>>>>>>>>…………….wwww.

      Islam on the other hand has contributed much to the world, such as much mathetmatics, mostly ripped off by one or two christians. Why do some people hate christians? Look at what happened in the past. Ripped off, claimed as their own, rape, pilliage, etcetera. Its not only the muslims, its also people from other religions too. In short, they’re dickheads.

      • lol learn2history faggot. The so called contribution was not purely from Islam, rather by improving the general idea from the books the earlier Persian, Indian, Greek, and Roman philosophers. And guess who translated those? The Christians and Jews in their Kingdom. Also most of the Islamic thinkers were accused as heretics by their contemporary Muslims for pursuing knowledge over God.

  • The whole “virgin” thing is way over-rated.

    I prefer women who are NOT virgins.

    * They will not associate me with “*DAMN* that was painful sex! I don’t want to ever do THAT again!”

    * They know what they’re doing in bed, and know how to please

    * They know what they’re doing in bed, and know what they want

    • “A leading Egyptian scholar has demanded that people caught importing a female virginity-faking device into the country should face the death penalty.”

      Its the first sentence in the article. Thank you for demonstrating your inability to read.

  • Bakamoichigei says:


    If you don’t like it, you can either:
    A: Stop raping women and young girls.


    B: Stop stoning women and girls to death for losing their virginity even from being raped.

    Or keep it up. Once you kill all your women, guess what? Fuck you, you’re done. Try and find another culture whose women will put up with your treatment of them. GOOD FUCKING LUCK

  • Barbarian of Gor says:

    Some commenters have a good point here, this article might be fake. I’ve done some searching, but there’s only one picture, though the product does seem to be real. My skepticism is that for a virgin “Test” you just spread the lips. If modesty forbids you touching your bride, you have your Ma or Pa spread ’em before they even make the arrangement fully.

    Fake articles spread like wildfire if they are shocking, esp. about religious and shocking issues.

    Back in 2001, a few months before 9/11 I did this job where I drove a lot and one of my fellow workers was this big but lovable “Holy Roller” ala Jack Chick stuff…

    One afternoon we heard on the radio, just after one of his questionable workplace preaches, the story about the woman who died leaping from her SUV because she said she saw Jesus lifting naked women up to heaven. It turned out he was a college student who dressed like Jesus to get laid and despite his luck those were a bunch of helium filled sex toys (this was from a distance) he was driving to a frat party for some questionable fun. He accidentally pushed the button on his convertible and the wind yanked it open, so he was running around trying to catch the dolls. The lady who was super religious saw that and leaped, but she went “Splat” considering she was going at 65+. Her vehicle was also “Left behind” and it caused a pileup.

    Well, that article was faked, but it spread through a lot of respectable sources who then were parroted by other more respectable news. It was never designed to be a fake, but a parody, but one single DJ read it on the radio for laughs, again no intent at deception, and then his account was repeated and the article quickly cut and pasted.

    Well, let me tell you, we were literally rolling on the floor laughing. Not really at that guy, you see for Fundy Nutbags, he at least “Walked the Walk” and he was nice and for real nice to us, even though we didn’t really share his views. So we were laughing till our sides split, but trying to stop. And he was sad and not embarrassed but silently praying for the woman’s soul, and those her accident injured…

    I’ve toyed with the idea of several “Fake” articles myself for jest, but in RL I’m a dabbling journalist and while journalists amateur and professional are the worst media hoaxers, I do care about the “Sanctity of the News” though that itself is in question…

    One idea, which I’ll tell since I won’t do it involves editing Wikipedia. The goal would be to have some kid do a cliche report, like “Revolutionary War” and then they get the info and talk about (with images printed out) how George Washington had managed to defeat the British army with a force of 300 men by a brilliant “Make the enemy come to you” maneuver at the hot gates of Valley forge. Their heroism was legendary, and a scant dozen remained but all the British were massacred. Sadly, his homecoming so deserved would be delayed. As they crossed the Patomic, a hideous wind blew them out into the patomic ocean, beginning a long Odyssey to return home. Included in his harroing trip was when he spent time on what turned out to be the “Isle of Cyclops” – Pic of “Saturn Devouring his Children” but mixed with a cyclops eye and Abe Lincoln hat and beard and images of soldiers from that era shooting at it pshopped in…

    But I don’t know if I’d ever get a laugh from doing it, and it’d be too hard on the kid(s) who did it. Just it’d be up for a while, then taken down. Well, actually maybe not now. Maybe, given current “School Book” high prices, zero quality, some editor would pastiche it into a legion of RL textbooks…? Especially if they outsourced to China, India, etc…

  • Why is this even newsworthy? There are university professors calling in America calling for the abolition of marriage, ones demanding that blacks be paid reparations for slavery, ones calling for America to switch to communism yet everyone ignores these teachers cuz they sound like crackpots. Yet one prof in Egypt says something and you make it sound like all of Islam concurs…..BS. Every society, race and religion has teachers within it calling for radical changes…we ignore these people because TEACHERS DON’T MAKE LAWS, STUPID. I imagine there are teachers in the Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox and even Buddhist religions all calling for equally stupid changes to society as well.

    • The only thing is that in Islamic countries those ‘professors’ when issuing a ‘fatwa’ are doing just that. Making a rule or ‘law’ that everyone who considers themselves a ‘true believer’ must follow regardless of what the actual law states.

      It’s religious law first, civil law second in these countries. And most of these so-called ‘professors’ are greedy bastards who will issue a ‘fatwa’ to anyone who makes a nice enough donation to the cause.

      Chances are some well-off newlywed groom got burned by the fake hymen and asked for this rule to be proclaimed so the guy could be justified to kill his falsely deflowered bride so that he could transfer his shame back on to her family.

    • the guys who say “DEATH TO THE CHERRY FAKER” are usually the guys with guns and suicide bombers, especially in islam, that’s why they get more ink. That’s also why they need to have more bullets applied to their asses, FASTER, please.

    • Honestly its the people that continue picking at the scab of slavery that never allow it to close, no one cares anymore. Marriage is for the religious. If you want to be gay then be gay, no one is making being gay illegal (if they are its ridiculous. Unless people are on the street interrupting my morning news screaming ‘be gay with me’ that would be disturbing and pushing it, but you have to be Man-Woman couple for marriage, something that was meant to join people of a similar religious belief blah blah blah. It’s a lot of really stupid bullshit surrounding marriage, gay or otherwise. If you want to be with someone, trying to join the club that says under their rules that you can’t is fucking stupid. It’s also annoying hearing the religious people be like “that’s against god” Yeah um, maybe not everyone believes in an invisible monitoring god like you do. Drop it already, its annoying, and makes god, who is supposed to have everyone as his child now, look ungodly. I have to agree with the last part you said though, there are too many religious fanatics trying to change society.

      Let’s take a large school as an example, has a whole bunch of clubs and shit. Essentially, the shop class wants everyone to have a tool belt and refuses those that like phllips-heads and flat-heads from joining, while the people that do try to change the rules and get pissed when they aren’t accepted into a place not made for them, art class demands everyone has paint for their class, P.E. FORCES everyone to attend, and demands you wear proper clothing, music class wants everyone in the school to have an instrument. Now in a normal school, this shit is fcking divided, with the school boards and etc keeping budgets allotted and so on and so forth. But with the way it is now, I can’t enjoy my class anymore because there is TOO MUCH BICKERING.

      Last I checked the captain of a basketball team never went around demanding all the people wear a jersey or some shit. All the different clubs should be told to stfu, go back to their class rooms, and to write down what they are entitled to, not from god and not what they think they deserve, but for what is necessary for their fucking class. I don’t think you need a lot of elaborate shit for some classes, same goes for HUMONGOUS churches and the like, it’s unnecessary because god only originally demanded what, 10 things? Not ‘build me a church fit for the heavens’. People drastically overshoot what they [think] god, or a god or gods want from them and read far too much into things. I am not religious because I am in good moral standing with myself and do no harm to others than cannot be undone. But hey if you need the idea of a god to keep you in check and sleep well at night, so be it, just stop interrupting my fucking class before I graduate (die for those that don’t get the analogy)

      • the only reparations for slavery (which occured over 200 years ago) should be the offer to extradite any African American who believes that they are not just ‘American’ to the country of their origin. Lets see how well they do in their ‘homeland’. How is it they say…. ‘Word to the mother’.

        America is a melting pot and I am sick of so-called ‘minorities’ who are really the majority pushing their native culture into mainstream culture. If they wish to be ‘American’ then they must assimilate to OUR culture, not the other way around. I am so tired of ‘press 1 for english, para espagnol press numero dos’ sheesh!

        • what american culture, there is no such thing. the only real american culture belonged to the native americans. what you call american culture is just the cultures of hundreds of others that just happened to end up in the same place.

          and if it really bothers you so much you can always go back to where your culture is from, which is not from america unless your native american

  • Tell him to fuck off. I’m sick of hearing the goddamned islamic fucknuts calling for everything that doesn’t fit their worldview to carry the death penalty. I think they just like killing people.

    • I think they just don’t believe in living, otherwise even sheep would start rioting after so much oppression. Maybe they just live for the 71 virgins and a tranny, and their twisted idea of heaven. O_o

        • Heh, I knew my comment was going to stir up a nest. Anyway, yes, my description also fits what the Japanese did dururing the WWII era. It’s just that I also wanted people to remember that such acts are done by western countries as well, including America and some European countries, so the Islamic view on virgins shouldn’t be viewed as something barbaric (although I can see where this is coming from) but simply a different view held by a different society and should not be directly fought against.

        • Yeah, it’s strange how some people forget Japan started the Sino/Japanese war and pretty much the entire Pacific War that became part of WWII. A Japanese professor recently noted that close to 75% of all Japanese people don’t even know that Japan invaded any other countries during WWII. =\ And people wonder why a lot of Asian countries are still pissed at Japan, considering their half-baked political apologies and textbook revisionism.

        • You must have gone to school in Japan. Japan joined WW2? No, they started the war in the Pacific. They STARTED a war with America, who was not participating in the war at the time. When you bomb a country who is not currently at war and they immediately declare war on you, that is called “starting a war”.

          And I’ll give you the Russo/Japanese war but you’re forgetting the small matter of the Sino/Japanese war which is widely considered part of WW2 but Japan started it in 1937 (2 years before WW2 started) by invading China so it can be considered separate in terms of counting up who started what war.

  • hmmm ok here is the thing i muslim and arab and ,,,,
    god dam these people make me look bad and idiotic and from stone age
    anyways don’t judge all Arabs depending on the news please
    they only show the stupid people who are willing to blow themselves or say stupid stuff

    i think he is the one who should be sent on his way to death
    btw all egypt wannabe clever people are stupid also alot from ksa -.-

    • You know that a woman still can be a virgin even if her hymen is gone? that it can break through other things than sex, for example Horseback Riding? Of course you know that. These girls have done nothing wrong, but face a life in disgrace if their husbands would find out that it was gone. Oh, i hate this stupidity.

      • You do have a point, but I think 29-09-2009 15:53 Anon is more referring to the women who would lie to their husband (to be) saying that they are virgin, when in fact they already sleep with other guys.

        There’s nothing wrong with admitting being a non-virgin, but lying to their future husband being a virgin when in fact they ain’t would mean a marriage that’s built on top of a lie.

        • It’s dead baby humor- I laugh because crying doesn’t quite capture the absurdity. I agree that most of the victims are innocent.

          I think Miro finds the situation offensive, more than my telling of it.

        • Y’know…. I usually laugh this shit off, but…. that wasn’t really funny to me, Tex. ๐Ÿ˜

          It’s sad that people make those cockamamie leaps in logic which brutally kills a (very likely) *innocent* girl/woman.

        • hey, can we put all of them on a deserted island for a month and give them some random weapons? problem solved, and you got a great reality tv show that would keep the world at peace, educational, and very comedic

        • Kill all the vigintard and the problem solve. Those Islam men truly horrible, they only care about they own pleasure, fake honor and don’t give shit about the opposite sex, just as worse as those EN feminist.

        • From statements I’ve read from the women who’ve made it out, odds are overwhelmingly high that you’ll be a victim of incest.

          A lot of women are marked for death just by growing up with awful families. But hey, it’s what god wills, right?

        • They kill women over there for being raped. FOR BEING RAPED. Not just cheating, but for actual involuntary and highly traumatic removal of their human rights. They’re killed for that. I have no idea if most of the non virgin females there lose it voluntarily or not, I just know that either way they’re getting killed. They raise their men to be mentally ill crude animals, and their women to be paranoid victims on top of the same, wtf. No wonder it’s such a horrible downwards spiral in the middle east. I can’t claim it’s an issue of religion though, because as far as I’m concerned fundies are fundies, no matter what deity(/-ies), if any, they worship. Fundies are the disgusting cancer of mankind.

        • “There’s nothing wrong with admitting being a non-virgin…” as long as being executed suits your fancy.

          “Marriage built on a lie” is probably the least of these pre-teen age girls worries.

  • this is what happens when a country is not worth taking over in the 17th century. now they’re stuck with undeveloped ideas and the developed nations are too stuck up to take them over and force common sense and decency into them.

  • I’m constantly sicked by articles dealing with the middle east. This is just as bad as the related ‘Guards rape virgins to allows execution’. I’m not one to say a whole race should burn in hell, nor will I here, but if some of these people were to burn alive in front of me I would still sleep well that night.

    • The rape thing was fake when I looked into it, what do you expect of a blog? this is not a news channel its just some guy or guys writing stuff to get views, I wouldn’t be surprised if half of the news here was fake or GREATLY exaggerated
      Look at the racism in the articles when it talks about Russians, Chinese or Koreans
      Then again we have people who believe this shit.

      • Some news here may not be true but this article is true and they would execute a woman caught faking her virginity. I have done a lot of studying on the middle east and have been told of first hand experience of what it is like in the middle east from my history professor.

        • Nobody has yet been able to categorically demonstrate any of the news published here as being “untrue” when challenged to do so. I know of only two articles which had major factual errors (both of which were redacted), and a few more with news sources we no longer use due to concerns over their reliability.

          If you want to call what is published here untrue you had better provide examples.

      • Give proof. I have no more reason to believe you than I do to disbelieve this article. Actually I have more reason to believe it than said otherwise, this isn’t the first sexist thing to be said coming from the middle east.

        A lot of the comments that I’ve read coming here, are not people GETTING the news from here most of the time. It’s from those that already know a bit about what’s going, and are drawn into discussion when something is brought up. For anyone that reads something from here without prior knowledge..well, sad for them if they believe it blindly.

        “I wouldn’t be surprised if half of the news here was fake or GREATLY exaggerated”
        Most of the stuff I’ve read here is giving an opinion on something going on in the news, not the news itself. It’s Artefact’s opinion that interests me half the time.

        “Look at the racism in the articles when it talks about Russians, Chinese or Koreans” And? Even if there is it’s not telling me to be racist so why would I care? Incredibly weak people are so easily influenced. I pick out what I is to be believed just like some stuff is picked from the news and jotted down here…..because this isn’t broadcasted news, it’s something to talk about that otherwise is not reported on.

        Oh oh..lets get started. Fight in 3….2…..1…..

    • Note that I am not condemning the race or anything like that, its just when there is wow news coming from there it’s usually much worse than China’s filth, Korea’s rage, or America’s stupidity.

    • Except for men having sex with other men, they got death penalty for that too, no idea how they find those people though other than raiding their homes on suspicion of 2nd degree homosexuality.

      But then, women are alright and free to have sex with other women. See? They can be open-minded towards wimmin!

    • Gantz_Playboy says:

      These dudes have got to be the Horniest dudes on the Planet…How they Fuck are they letting ‘Religious Dogma’ get in the way of getting some ‘Normal Poon-Tang’?

      Get a Real Religion shitheads! These wars and propaganda tricks….SEND Hookers! Literally have Obama just parachute thousands of Hookers into these regions (with guns!, mace, drugs, and condoms) and have the Fuck the Enemy!…You’ll see how fast they want to abandon Allah in favor of some ‘Free Nookie!’.

      God will not get a women!…I know cause prayed countless times and killed alot of animals…Nothing!

    • Its their country they can do whatever the fuck they want, if america has death penalty on shit like killing then its fine for them to have it for something like lying to your husband on something so serious.

    • Islam was born in 7th century AD.
      What were Christians doing 700 years ago, while Islam had a succesful civilization comparable to that of ancient Romans?

      That’s right we were killing, torturing, raping each other off.

      That look much worse than sexophobia and repression, which is still practiced by Christians btw.

      • Don`t mind what Christians we`re doing in year 700, i am atheist. I am not sure how advanced it was in islamic world then. Probably it was alot of killing infidels & wars going on. Not very good period for humanity & culture.

      • Protip: If you want Muslim civilization to sound good, don’t say it was comparable to ancient Roman civilization, then compare it to 14th century European civilization. All you do is illustrate why Muslims are still 1,000 years behind the rest of the world.

      • Yeah, maybe you should study your own history a little more. Islam was born from violence and spread by the sword.

        Most of what is now considered the Muslim middle east was once Eastern Roman/Byzantine or tribal cultures with their own religions and civilizations that were conquered, destroyed, and forced to convert by wave after wave of invading Muslim barbarians.

        You boast about sucessful civilizations, but they weren’t built by Muslims, they were conquered by them. You critisize violence in medieval Europe, but please restate the history of those civilizations that refused to convert. Or explain the differences between the beliefs of the Shi’a and Sunni, and why they’ve been hellbent on killing each other for centuries, all in the name of a religion of peace.

        What were Christians doing 700 years ago? Just beginning to recover from centuries of having to fight off Muslim invaders who thought God told them to subjugate and kill in his name. You have far more in common with the Christians of the time than you would like to admit. The difference, of course, is that Europe was eventually able to fight off the Muslims, and went on to build advanced and modern civilizations, while the Muslim world is still stuck in the Dark Ages.

        • ‘Kentuckian’?!? XD Oh Lawd…. you make Kentucky sound like another PLANET, and the people who live there another distant branch of Humanity.

          But, (more) seriously…. moral members of christian FASCIST (no, I’m not a Socialist… though I happen to agree with much of their ideas)organizations are running their own brand of homegrown terrorism by trying to keep people from their own choice as to whether or not they will have an abortion, or whether or not living is becoming more and more like Hell than trying to fight to stay alive and enjoy life as much as they can.

          I happen to feel that those choices are best left to the people who have to make them…. the patients themselves. NOT someone who thinks they should leave all those difficult choices up to some Celestial Father/Mother Figure who’ll spank them if they decide wrong. Leaving big decisions up to someone else to deal with is irresponsible and NOT something a grown person should be doing. And yet people always say, ‘Well, it’s God’s/Allah’s Will’, and take no responsibility.

          And then there are those who would use the argument for Choice to advocate (so-called) Death Panels who would conceivably decide who lives and who dies. You’d know what I was talking about if you saw what has been happening in the US lately with the Health Care System, and haven’t living under a rock…. or a bridge.

          Absolute Freedom might be scary… all those choices and actions to be made by yourself and no other. But letting OTHERS decide for you is Absolute Terror. (We need Second and Third Impact so BAD here on Earth right now T_T. *imagines a 20-30 mile high naked Rei and sighs happily*)

          Oh! What was I talking about?

          Oh yeah….. Moral relativism and Kentucky’s status as an extraterrestrial entity. XD

          Long story short….. The Moral Faction can go FUCK themselves with a razor-wire dildo… repeatedly and bloodily… before I give up my Constitutionally-given Rights to be a contrary asshole!

          *Waits for the membership of EN to develop fatal vaginal /anal hemorrhaging*

        • Lol Christianity is in the same boat. I’m a Kentuckian. I’ve been to the Creation Museum, and zomg that’s the biggest antithesis to intelligence I’ve ever seen. “Spectral Evidence”? Last time I heard that phrase was the Salem Witch trials.

      • What was happening 700 years ago?

        Magna carta was signed

        Magna Carta required King John of England to proclaim certain rights (pertaining to freemen), respect certain legal procedures, and accept that his will could be bound by the law. It explicitly protected certain rights of the King’s subjects, whether free or fettered โ€” and implicitly supported what became the writ of habeas corpus, allowing appeal against unlawful imprisonment.

        Magna Carta was arguably the most significant early influence on the extensive historical process that led to the rule of constitutional law today in the English speaking world.

        • lol I used to live in Dubai until 2 years ago, getting a steady job is quite hard, not that I worked, as I was just a student, but believe me, without manufacturing industry it’d be hard to keep up with the riches it is enjoying right now when its oil reserves are depleted. Besides what the heck is up with all the residential projects when they are priced out of reach for an average person, who are less than the majority of the world, being those below average as the majority? They try to attract only the rich, which would account for maybe around 20% of the world population, where not all of that 20% would like to go to dubai.

          But Dubai is cool, of all the muslim nations, it is by far the most loose when it comes to morals, but not as loose as the U.S. or other western nations, but hey its the next best thing!

        • Sigh, be ignorant.

          Equality between MEN and WOMEN are weighed by their individual RESPONSIBILITIES. u can’t be equal down the line, obviously.

          granted, many a people abused their rights and forgot their responsibilities.

          also, who the hell said that terrorists (the supposedly islamic ones) get to screw virgins in heaven? lolz. the religion has always had a ‘warden faction’ approach, if u touch us, we retaliate. these so called ‘martyrs’ are just a rouse to deface islam. just like the KKK were there to ‘cleanse’ the non-whites.

        • Why live in Dubai when you could live somewhere worthwhile, like, I dunno, a place where people can live like people?

          BTW, “People” doesn’t equal “Men” in this particular equation… It equals “Everybody”. ยฌยฌ

        • Been to Dubai.

          Nice weather. Other than that, nothing that would recommend it over London, LA, Miami, Las Vegas, New York, Zurich, Seattle, San Francisco, etc.

          Having said that, if I had to live in the Near East permanently, the UAE would probably be my first choice.

        • The Islamic/Arabic world hasn’t brought anything new to the world for about 2000 years.

          Dubai, yeah… very high tech city. All designed by PEOPLE not from the middle east!

          Space Travel?

          Nope, nothing there.

          I’ve got some cool friends with middle-eastern backgrounds… but in general.

          Islam is about control of women. God forbid the wife has an orgasm. Oh, she MUST be covered… because the MEN can’t control themselves. So SHE is the problem? Logic is screwed.

          Figure this out. If women are SO bad, remember where you come from? But then again, I’ve seen young Muslim boys treat their own mothers worse than a dog. That is soooo 2000 years ago.

          And for every terrorist who says he’s supposed to get all those virgins (you can only do them once) how come HE gets to have sex with more than one girl? I bet, when they blow themselves up, they wake up… and they themselves are the “virgins” to every 4 legged animal species on the planet. That would be SOOOOO COOL!


        • So you people keep saying, I wonder what kind of proxies are you using in your “advanced” area with almost all of the internet is banned that represents anything remotely erotic or “unislamic”. Get my point?

        • Bullshit they are worse.
          They were once a center for science and leading the world by continuing the greek tradition, but they managed to sacrifice all they had to their sky fairy and now they have suffered through centuries of inferiority complexes and still fail to adapt.

          Math is of the devil, yeah, right, have fun in your pre industrial age.

  • so let me guess at possible problems from this.

    Women:Hi im a virgin
    Man:Ok i guess she is safe to fuck from getting any STD.

    Women and man intercourse in sex

    Man goes to doctor and finds out he got AIDS.

    Man:How did i get aids if you were a virgin?

    Women:I used this machine to fake my virginty.

    Man:Damn why didn’t you tell me,i could at least test you on STD,you have ruined my life.

    So i can see why they consider it unholy.