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Endless Eight Volume 1 Sales Announced


The long awaited sales figures for the first disc of the infamous Endless Eight Haruhi arc have finally been announced.

In its first week, the DVD sold 14,104 copies, as compared to 26,265 for the previous DVD.

In comparison:

17,172 Hetalia 4

14,929 Tenipuri 2

14,104 Haruhi

4,510 Queen’s Blade 4

3,763 Tales of the Abyss 8

Although this is a disappointment to those hoping for an utterly humiliating disaster of a magnitude sufficient to see the staff responsible from both KyoAni and Kadokawa hung by their heels from the nearest available lamppost, the real punishment is thought likely to begin with the next three DVDs of all but identical content.

It does however sadly demonstrate that there are those otaku willing to buy anything, with even the most outrageous antics from production staff still forgiven if marketed with a sufficient enough dose of moe…

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