Windows 7 Gets Official Nana Mizuki & OS-tan Theme


Users of Windows 7 in Japan will receive a new theme that is voiced by popular seiyuu idol, Mizuki Nana, along with an officially sanctioned OS-tan, Nanami Madobe.

The theme, only available by preordering Microsoft’s latest operating system, is said to be the only localised original theme to date, proving even Microsoft is acknowledging the selling power of moe in Japan.

The recruitment of Nana Mizuki is not surprising considering her chart topping popularity throughout 2009, and also considering she shares the same name as the operating system (nana = 7).

It is still not clear whether the newly introduced image character for Windows 7 that comes with the theme, 窓辺ななみ / Nanami Madobe (whose name is a series of dire puns), will be adapted as the official Windows 7 “OS-tan“, who were formerly fan-created…

Via Akiba-PC

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