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Perfect Tales of Vesperia Sells 228,000 in First Week


The PS3 version of Patty RPG Tales of Vesperia has sold more copies in its first week than the beta edition sold since release, also handily beating the top selling Japanese Xbox 360 title to date, Star Ocean 4, itself shaping up to be beta material.

Famitsu estimates the game to have sold 228,000 copies in its first week (with 150,000 on its first day), as opposed to the 101,000 copies the beta sold in its first week.

Such performance for a re-released port is practically unheard of (though if we unkindly consider this the real release, we might marvel at a beta selling 195,000 copies), although compared to other Tales titles its sales are not so spectacular as to warrant great fanfare.

Whatever the case, it appears the Xbox 360 has lately been relegated to the status of development system in Japan…


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