Capcom: TGS “Boring”, Japan’s Game Industry “Finished”


Keiji Inafune, one of Capcom’s luminaries, rubbished the 2009 Tokyo Game Show as being “boring,” saying it made him think Japan’s game industry was “finished.”

Inafune, in charge of Research & Development and Online Business at Capcom, and known as the father of Megaman and the producer of Dead Rising, Biohazard and Onimusha, made the controversial remarks at a recent event showcasing upcoming zombie hack-fest Dead Rising 2:

“What did everyone think of TGS 2009, honestly?

Personally, I thought it was boring, it made me think Japan’s game industry is finished.”

He has previously criticised Japanese games for a lack of blood and flying limbs, a deficiency he seems hell bent on correcting…


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  • What do they expect?
    Alot of developers still have the minset that they focus on their homeland first and foremost, and then just hope the game sells abroad.
    Unfortunately the indutsry has expanded since then and the US and European developers have really set the bench marks, creating some of the best games of recent times.
    Capcom and a few others are starting to cotton on to the fact they need to develop with a worldwide audience in mind, but the entire Japanese industry still needs to catch up or be left in the dust.

  • i wouldn’t mind if all japanese devs would join different smaller foreign studios thus letting the industry itself die in japan.

    Atlus on the other hand is the only japanese studio which i gladly welcome as a whole.

    ….oh yeah and get rid of enix, Squaresoft. they are the cancer that is killing you.

  • Inafune is right.
    Most of japanese games are just stupid.

    For an example:
    How long can player kill hordes of enemies while using just one fu**ing button. And the characters know only 2, maybe 4 attacks and 1-2 defenses.

    When I manage to cut the enemy with a sword I would prefer to see some blood! Not just fu**ing lights.

    Furthermore: They make too many games with manga-like “magical” characters. I’d prefer some deadly-realistic, one-cut-one-kill ninja game with kick-ass graphics, BIG real-life locations and actuall PLANNING PHASE when I decide at which time of day or night I want to attack. The real ninja should wear various clothes, depending on what will be his/her surroudings during the mission (camouflage in the forest, robes in the crowd).
    I also don’t belive in homing shuriken/kunai.

    Ah, one more thing:
    I already played “Shinobido: Way of the Ninja”. That was close to the goal, but too manga/fantasy-style and the graphics sucked. Besides it was waaaaaay toooooo schematic.

    But what the hell… Maybe when I’m 70 years old I’ll buy my grandchildren Final Fantasy 58.

  • I borrow this post that I read in a Latin forum about this topic.
    Original post in spanish by Carlino:

    “La unica razon por la que escribo esto es para que sepan cual es mi opinion.
    La gran mayoria de los juegos de ahora son aburridos por varias razones, aqui doy dos de las mas importantes.

    1-ultimamente el exceso de sexo en los juegos o el exceso de juegos cuyo tema mas importante es el sexo han causado un declive en la capacidad creativa de los desarrolladores de juegos.
    En el pasado cuando se tenian juegos con contenido sexual se busco darle una profundidad a estos juegos y no como ahora que son juegos sexuales superficiales que pierden su gracia una vez que el jugador ha llegado a la parte sexual del juego solo para masturbase y olvidarse del juego por el resto del dia.
    Buen ejemplo de como se debe hacer un juego sexual con verdadera profundidad:
    Tsukihime (PC)

    2-El exceso de capacidad que pueden tener los juegos de ahora ha hecho que los desarrolladores de juegos se enfoquen mas en el realismo de los juegos que en el nivel de diversion que pueden proporcionar los mismos.
    Yo estaria contento con un juego que tenga graficos poligonales que me haga desear jugarlo que con un juego de graficos hiperrealistas que solo deslumbra por su capacidad visual.
    En el pasado se hacia magia con limites de capacidad de 8 bits y 16 bits, pero cuando entro la capacidad de CD en los juegos, abundaron los juegos malos.
    Cuando se tiene un equipo de desarrolladores de juegos de calidad se le puede sacar provecho a la tecnologia.
    Ejemplo de como se debe aprovechar la capacidad de los nuevos sistemas:
    Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.(Playstation)

    Mi recomendacion para los desarrolladores de juegos es que vean hacia al pasado y vuelvan a lo basico, que en un principio fue hacer juegos para divertir que proporcionaban horas de diversion.”


    bad translation made by google:

    The only reason I write this is so they know what is my opinion.
    The vast majority of games are boring now for several reasons, I give here two of the most important.

    1-lately excessive sex in games or games that excess most important issue is sex have caused a decline in the creative capacity of the

    game developers.
    In the past when they had games with sexual content are looking to give a depth to these games and now they are not as superficial sex games that lose their grace once the player has reached the sexual part of the game just to masturbate and forget game for the rest of the day.
    A good example of how to do a sex game with real depth:
    Tsukihime (PC)

    2-The excess capacity that may have the games now have made the game developers to focus more on realism of the games at the level of fun that can provide them.
    I would be happy with a polygonal game that has graphics that makes me want to play that game than a hyper-realistic graphics that only dazzles with his eyesight.
    In the past, towards capacity limits magic 8-bit and 16 bit, but when I enter the ability of CD in the games, bad games abounded.
    When you have a team of game developers as you can capitalize on the technology.
    Example of how to harness the power of the new systems:
    Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. (Playstation)

    My recommendation for game developers is to see into the past and return to the basics, which initially was to make fun games that provides hours of fun.

  • He may right you know, I feel a bad need for blood and gore in Japanese’s games recently, not that I’m blood thirsty or something but game without it is too tasteless and unrealistic. And they should stop making the female armor look just suitable to fight on bed too. And last but not least, most of they action games (like Sengoku Musou) have too much unrealistic moves, for a history base game it somehow make me wonder :”Eh, they making game about ancient Japan and it’s on Earth, right??? So what the hell happen ??? All I see is people in silly costume, fancy,unrealistic moves???”So much for Japanese making game about they own history, Sengoku Rance is much better but it’s not an action game. I still like Castle Vania Symphony of the night though.

  • lol WUT?! Dunno what the hell you nerds are talking about but that’s just Capcom on their hypocrite side speaking. If you just check, where they did cover every event of TGS, you might be fucking surprise on how opposite the event had gone. There’s a 100+ games that were showcased on the event, and there’s a lot of interviews that had been done. What i’m just seeing is literally just a ONE-sided view of A PERSON. And the rest (most of) of the commentators tried to get along w/ it though pretending they know about it and i’m pretty sure they really didn’t see the fucking whole coverage all the event itself.

  • The timing of something like this is too perfect. Just yesterday, I was at a panel at a con where these 4 or 5 guys were discussing the differences between american and japanese games. They were saying how japanese games are behind in the times since they’re too linear. They praised grand theft auto as better than final fantasy. I really don’t mind that they thought that, it’s their opinion, but those are two completely different genre of games. You can’t compare them so easily. They did nothing but bash japanese companies and praise american companies. I got pretty pissed at their american bias that I just left partway through the panel.

    • If you’re suggest we compare Jrpg’s to Wrpg then let’s do this.
      Okay first off
      Kotor Vs. FFX No contest, Kotor was revolutionary, had more choice than any other game out, it had a definite ending but different ways to get too it. FFX, while good, failed to live up to Expectations.

      Kotor II Vs FFX2. FFX2 had a metascore of 85% and Kotor II had 85% as well. Now. Both had their ups and downs but looking purely at character and story if you can honestly say you have played through both of them and say FFX2 was better, you are a liar.

      Moving right along
      Mass Effect VS Tales of Vesperia- Alright. I love the tales series. But, they’re begining to get repetitive. Mass effect was a fresh new IP, and it was fun. Almost as fun as Tales. I’d say these two were equal in all categories except one that japan struggles with to this day.; Replayability. Oh and character emotion. Mass effect had really good digital acting. Metacritic scores; Tales 81%, Mass 91%.

      Japan needs some NEW and something more REAL

    • Unfortunately, unless people have grown up in both cultures, it’s difficult for people to see beyond their own biases attached to their country. The US market is tailored to a genre that sells well with violence and gore as a central theme. Japan’s market is tailored mainly to otaku’s now and features, pre-dominantly, moe-moe girls and RPG’s (Eroge isn’t considered due to its missing equivalent in the US).

      So yeah. Ideological differences mixed with cultural biases make for a difficult discussion.

  • Barbarian of Gor says:

    They should push their “LittleWitch” games through…

    And budget a bunch of money for a few good lawyers…

    I see “GrimGrimoire” and “OdinSphere” as a test for that kind of game. Heavy “Loli” and such in imagery.

    A mild test of the waters might be “Kita He/White Illumination” a minimally (I think) ecchi game for the DreamCast and one of Ashito’s early works. Another good one would be some kind of nonsensical show, like “SuperGaldelicHour” which was another Japan only DreamCast title. These things could be instantly ported, so almost no development costs.

    Odds are these would sell very good then they could make other games, rather cheaply and get away with it. The “OdinSphere” thing where it’s very detailed 2d that can exploit 3D is best, because frankly most gamers like (that’s a daring statement) the feel of the platform games and really just wished the games could be deeper with better art. “Symphony of the Night” was a perfect game!

    They should use this formula and make a really lush “Littlewitch Romanesque Adventure” where the girls go through the tower and countryside actively like it’s an RPG game. Instead of worrying about polygons, have legions of artists draw and draw and draw and make a buttload of animation, sprites, textures and content for an adventure game that utilizes the DVD storage capability. Only have “Some” ecchi, like “Innocently” kissing in the baths, flirting with teacher, the cliche tentacle monster groping, etc… Oh, perhaps room for a few more things, like licking a lollipop, “Riding” some magical beast (riding horse exercise sub game!) playing on a swing with adjustable camera angles… Nothing grossly pornographic, just things “Normal” like girls talking in the bath and making suggestive or sexy to overhear comments that aren’t that far from RL. “Say… Your breasts are getting bigger, are you thinking about teacher? -other girl- “NO!” and covers her chest -first girl- I knew it, you are blushing!”

    Then wait for the shitstorm, but have the lawyers and “Media manipulation kit” ready. Ready to portray the censors as the worst kind of people in the world, the lawyers ready to defend it; “For G-d’s sake, it’s just drawings! And, look at the rich, deep story, there’s nothing pornographic about it!!!” Mobilize fans to do “Special” projects at home, like its a political lobby.

    There’s a phrase some people know, “What’s worse than Godzilla? A. His LAWYER!” If they aggressively defend their property and genre, the moralists will sh-t themselves and run like bunnies at a Fursuit lifestyler convention. Preacher Zed ain’t going to risk his church and home just cause the “Women’s Morality Committee” want him to risk their “Tax Exempt Status” by “manipulating world markets with theological based blackmail”. He’s probably going to “Review” the material in question in private and LIKE it!

  • He was probably referring to the fact that the Japanese game market is shrinking, while both western markets and the cost to develop games is growing. If they keep simply making games for the Japanese and then localizing them, they probably won’t turn enough profit to keep all their games AAA budget.

    Also, the game pictured is made by a Canadian studio.

  • I have to say he’s right : the TGS is boring. One of the reasons being that you don’t even care if you go or not, you can watch the trailers in HD on the PSN store.

    What bothers me though, is that such a comment comes from Capcom, one of the cheapest companies in the video games industry. That company has ZERO creativity and has been making a living up until now essentially by milking its franchises. Even in its games, it has been milking its characters (how many shotos in a SF games nowadays ?).
    When great studios developped wonderful games, like Ôkami, they fired them.
    You’ve been leeking infos lately about a SF4 sequel, and you dare talk about boredom and death of the industry ?!
    Capcom, shut your whoremouth, because you’re part of the shame of this industry.

    • You are mostly right. The only error in your judgement is in directing the comment to Capcom itself. It was Inafune’s opinion, which is not Capcom’s. Sure, the Japanese industry is stagnant and rotting. Capcom is one of the worst smelling ones there, yes. Still, Inafune is not Capcom. He’s just an employee… I bet if the execs gave him some ground to run wild, he might make something nice. Just look at Kojima, he’s trying to do something diffeent, even with the MGS series that they keep making him make. Something the whores at Square-Enix haven’t learned with FF, of which are 4 types: Turn based, Semi-realtime, Strategic and Online…

        • Okay… How many iterations are there of Monster Hunter already? How much innovation is there from game to game? Not all that much.

          Don’t get me wrong, I actually LIKE many of the franchises, but the industry, aside from maintaining said franchises, should CREATE new ones. Okami was axed and just recently revived in the DS, I hear.

          There are MANY games that haven’t had more created because they didn’t get as popular as the Megaman games or Street Fighter games. And don’t get me started on what they could make. because it’s too damn much.

    • Your comment makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, and proves that you’re spreading further lies concerning the Japanese culture. To claim that Japanese concentrate on “loli raping” games and the willingness to target the Western demographic with these games is completely ridiculous and extremely ill informed. Those games are intended to be sold specifically in Japan and to adults only, and sales outside of Japan is already considered illegal. Before you condemn Japan for the products they sell, perhaps you should start learning about other people’s culture first instead of releasing fraudulent claims in public like one of those feminists in Equality Now.

        • It’s not what I think, it’s what I know, I am a student that is training to get into the games industry, I know quite a lot about how the business works and thus I know these things for fact.

          I never said that they believe to never take risks, I said they don’t LIKE to unless they are almost certain it will make a big profit.

          They want to stay in business, taking a lot of risks is going against wanting to stay in business yes? and I am just laughing at the fact that you think Gears of War is innovative, it’s a good game and it’s fun to play, but it is in NO way innovative, dear god son.

        • Really, that’s what you think? If all businesses believe never taking risks in new creative and innovative games, then new titles like Gears of War would never exist, games with new controls like Guitar Hero/Rock Band would have never been produced, or the Wii would have never been made in the first place. There is room for creativity, but it all depends if the idea is marketable or not. If they bring up a game and hype it up but never live up to expectations of their claims, then obviously it would flop, for example Red Steel. If they build a game exactly as their original hype then obviously it can be a success.

        • There is no “lack of creativity”, you think the only goddamn reason shovelware is being created is because of lack of creativity? try working in the games industry before you spew out your baseless claims.

          Businesses need to function as Businesses, i.e, they need to make money, in an ideal world all game developers could work on new and never-before-tried ideas for games that attempt to break the mould, but the problem there is that there is ALWAYS a risk that the new idea won’t be recieved well by the public, meaning the game might not make money, and publishers don’t like supporting games which might not make money.

          Sometimes they take the risk if the developer is well known to be successful in the past or if they really like the idea, but more often than not they like to play it safe, and who are you to blame them? if they published a game with a “new gameplay mechanic” that tries to break the mold and it sells next to no copies, then they are suddenly out millions, resulting in a huge loss of profit.
          If they are making masses of profit they will be more inclined to take the odd risk now and again, and how would they make said money? buy going with what WORKS.
          Which, unfortunately is often what some people deem as ‘shovelware’.

          Now, I’m not saying that publishers and developers are the ‘bad guys’ because of this, they are just looking out for their own backs, they want to keep in business and they want to keep their jobs, unfortunately for US they want to keep their jobs slightly more than they want to publish games that break the mould and try new things.
          But again, you can’t blame them, you would do the same, and if you deny that, then you wouldn’t get hired anyway because you have terrible business ethics.

          In the game industry you have to be creative to get a job, but at no point should you be expecting to use all that creativity, just get your head down and do what you’re told so that you can make money for the business you are lucky enough to work in, who knows, if you’re lucky you may be able to pitch in a great idea and get an innovative and new game developed and published, but chances are the developers want to keep in business too, so you have to balance between the two.

        • The eye candy statement is mainly reflecting on what the Japanese developers are focusing on at the moment. Although Western developers have started to move slowly into the eye candy territory recently, and I’m afraid they’re going to start falling into the same situation as Japanese developers sooner or later.

          Rock Band and Guitar Hero brings the question, how much more further can you innovate in that type of game? At most all you can do now is add more types of instruments, or change the graphics. They will be focusing on changing that game into an eye candy game pretty soon, since they’ve been rehashing the same series over and over again. All they’ve really done so far is add new soundtracks and instruments, or devote a game specifically to a band, but they’re really just the same game. In reality they could have just added tracks to the first game to receive the same result, but due to business interests they prefer to rehash the game and force players to spend more again.

          Grand Theft Auto is not exactly a good game to point out, since the only attraction to that game is the violence and profanity to most people. You’ll usually find kids screaming, “Oh! Look at what I did to that guy!” The graphics are unimportant in games such as these, the main focus is to cater to the bloodlust of the players and display as much violence as possible.

          Rehashes are pretty much all developers can do nowadays due to limits with the controllers now, unless they’re willing to experiment with entirely new control schemes, then there’s really nothing much available to choose from. Developers even limit themselves with motion controllers for some odd reason. They have options such as tilt, swing, poke, etc. But most of the time all the developers ever take advantage of is the shake and point. Which in turn, create nothing innovative but simple waggling games, and in result shovelware is created.

          There are always options available as long as the developers are willing to think creatively. But so far they’ve been rather unimpressive, and due to their lack of creativity, they’ve pretty much doomed the gaming industry.

        • Now, wait a minute. I’d like to point out that Rock Band, Guitar Hero and Grand Theft Auto have some of the most hideous graphics I’ve ever seen in a video game, but those games still seem immensely popular.

          Sorry, just had to point that out for argument’s sake.

          Anyhow, I agree with what you’re saying, but the reason why sequels and “rehashes” get made is because the first idea was so good, it deserved another. The only problem is that the gaming and movie industries don’t know to quit while they’re ahead.

        • Did my statement once say there was no gameplay in Metal Gear Solid 4?

          “Even worse, a game that’s mostly 90% cinematic sequences, but 10% gameplay, the most notorious offender for this would be Metal Gear Solid 4, but somehow this generation of “gamers” are heralding it as an amazing AAA hit.”

          Read carefully before you blurt something ridiculous and blatantly create a false accusation, I said there was a majority of cinematic sequences in comparison to gameplay in Metal Gear Solid 4. Nothing in that statement mentioned there was absolutely no gameplay in that game. Don’t put words in my mouth when you know it doesn’t exist to justify your own beliefs.

        • I agree with you on most, except on Metal Gear Solid 4. Yes, the cutscenes are LONG. But no gameplay? I won’t believe you if you say that you played it from start to finish. There are MANY things to do in that game.

          Your statement is exaggerated. Too much.

        • Realistically, Western developers are pretty much in the same situation. They don’t think outside the box as well, majority of their games tend to be a rehash of something that’s already made. How many times have you seen a first person shooter that’s based on the World War or a futuristic environment? Even games like God of War, Ratchet and Clank, Need for Speed, etc. are all rehashes of already existing games. There’s actually nothing truly revolutionary about them.

          The only reason why the Japanese gaming market is failing, is because they forgot that games are about the actual gameplay mechanics. Nowadays most Japanese games have too much eye candy or a gimmick attached to it, such as Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2’s breast jiggle to attract people to repurchase the same game they already played. Old games which lacked eye candy were amazing because they focused their attention to the content of the game years ago, nowadays the high graphics of X360 or PS3 has spoiled this generation of “gamers” to the point where anything with low graphics and great gameplay content are extremely scrutinized. The upcoming Final Fantasy XIII is another game that’s focusing on eye candy and cinematics again, and frankly I have been quite disappointed in most Square Enix games for quite some time now ever since they started focusing on the eye candy content during Final Fantasy VII. Even worse, a game that’s mostly 90% cinematic sequences, but 10% gameplay, the most notorious offender for this would be Metal Gear Solid 4, but somehow this generation of “gamers” are heralding it as an amazing AAA hit.

          The only reason why the Western developers seems more successful in the current market is due to the fact most of their games contain gameplay. The cinematics are tacked on as an afterthought, which is why most of their stories are really cheesy. What the Japanese developers really need to do is to return to their roots, and focus on the gameplay once again.

          Who is to blame for the dire situation we are in right now for gaming? Microsoft, Sony, and the “gamers” who purchases the games, which is us.

          Why do I say this? If it wasn’t for X360 and PS3, we wouldn’t have this pathetic situation where we are constantly competing against who has the better hardware. Look at all the media focus recently, “This game has better graphics on this console in comparison to that console” dynamics. Honestly, is graphics everything to this generation of gamers nowadays? Even things like jagged edges are offensive to gamers now. The main root of how this started were due to Microsoft and Sony marketing, they turned their own fanboys into walking advertisers and henchmen to attack and criticize anything of their competitors. They basically turned this generation of “gamers” into nothing but graphic whores. I used to enjoy 8-bit games and I still do, but old games like those are offensive to people nowadays.

          Will this end? Regrettably no. Once this mentality is set in the minds of their fans, it will stay that way, even if these companies produce something extremely offensive to the masses, for example people are still purchasing the X360 despite the knowledge of a 54% failure rate.

          Basically in the future we will be facing more and more decline in the gaming world, due to the current trend in consumer purchases. We will be facing the same situation soon with Western developers because I have seen this unwelcomed trend starting to surface. The blame is shouldered by everyone here, the businesses are only concerned about the money in our pockets in the first place.

          Anyways final thoughts about eroge. Adult games in Japan are meant for a small Japanese demographic in the first place. People already know what they’re purchasing, (Ex. Visual novels, puzzle games, shooters, etc.) when they’re buying this genre. They are meant to be straightforward entertainment with simple mechanics, not meant to be extensive games for “hardcore” gamers. To categorize them with regular games is totally unfair, since they were not developed with that thought in mind in the first place, they are nothing more than a slideshow.

        • Did he actually once imply anything about visual novels? He specifically mentioned “loli raping games” and “pedo shit”, not your so-called “visual novels”. You are the only one who interpreted “visual novels” and nothing else out of this comment.

          Before calling people “Dumb ass” next time learn to read carefully before showing off your incomplete comprehension of the English language, and officially designate yourself as the online “dumb ass” to the digital world.

  • videogames in general are finished.
    It’s been a constant decline and a slow agony since the Super NES/Nintendo.
    Videogames have been artificially resuscitated by the introduction of 3d, but are definitely showing rust and signs of imminent collapse

    • Videogames showing imminent signs of collapse? LOL nigga best be joking.

      If anything, Gaming has finally hit full stride and in about 5 years time, be more influential and important than the Film Industry.

      Hell, Video game market has already surpassed the film industry in income for the past 6 years or so.

    • I would like you to show proof to back up that claim. Because by all of my gropings around video games were one of the first business to bounce back from the recession, and this generation has had better sales than any other and games are cheaper than they were during the Snes/sega generations. Assuming we can break our habits of buying the the same game over and over again (See; Final Fantasy) the industry will thrive.

      • Usually when things thrive too much because they have gone mainstream, it’s the beginning of the decadence.
        It means the industry is no longer innovating, but it’s perpetrating old actions and values which are likable and understandable by the mass.
        And that’s bad, not only by itself, but even because the masses will suck out any creativity left in the industry (and there’s not that much already), ruining any good idea into a series of identical games.
        What is more is that with games costing millions of dollars, studios defaulting or, worse, aggregating, there will be even less space for experimenting new ideas.
        This generation is mainly propelled by porting the FPS to the console (in b4 not all games are fps): you can see, old concept in a different view, meaning that you don’t have to buy yet another final fantasy to buy cloned games.

        • As a student going into the games industry I must disagree, whoever is saying “developers are no longer ever taking risks, everything is just the same, dollar signs is all they see and they don’t give a damn about the customers” then please, get out of your special little world inside your head and take a look at the real world, it’s hard but please try.

          Quite a lot of developers, be they indie or even some big name ones ARE trying new things, but it’s idiots like you who fail to see new and innovative concepts for what they really are and would rather just bitch and whine. This generation has produced a number of games that try new things and are different from the generic “slap another number on it and bump up the graphics a bit” crap that you are complaining about.

          Oh, and as much as I hate to say it, yes quite often you will find developers rehashing an old idea with maybe some new sparkly graphics and the odd new twist just to rake in some money, but do you know why? because without doing that they would fail as a business.

          They can’t just cater to your specific needs and wants every goddamn time, people obviously like the same thing over and over to a certain extent because people keep buying them. learn to think like a business.
          Businesses need money, without money they can’t function AS a business, they need money to support their new games and new innovative ideas for them.

          Grow up.

        • The problem is that the industry would rather see an explosion of growth. All these guys see is dollar signs. This is good for the industry.

          However, it’s bad for the consumer, because he keeps getting fed the same regurgitated ideas time and time again.

          There’s also the “in” factor of gaming, just like music, clothes and everything else.

          As far as North America, as far as I know, goes:
          In : FPSs, Rock Band, Madden
          Out: Everything else.

        • I am in complete agreement with you on this matter. One only has to compare this generation with the previous one. The main focus of this generation seems to be graphics, reviews and sales data. If you don’t have all three you game is perceived to be crap. As such we see next to no risk being taken by developers. The few developers who do take a risk and attempt to create something truly unique are discouraged from doing so in the future when their games don’t achieve all three. The previous generation had a wide range of titles including numerous hidden gems a majority of people haven’t even heard of. This generation, we see basically the same concepts being repeated over and over with few changed here and there to make them seem slightly different. Once again, if you compare the previous generation with the one that came before it, you see a similar deterioration. Don’t confuse an explosion of sales with innovative growth.

    • The same goes for the US. The US gamers want violence, Japan want’s stories and sex. If we could get both to change or accept the other as good, then we may have more games come out in both countries.

    • I don’t think its necessarily refusal to change, but Japan’s gaming industry has a different way of advertising to the demographic. Sex sells, and in Japan, sex sells better than violence and gore.

      Just like the earlier days of animation, Japan has always had less frames per second in their anime, while western cartoons had almost double the amount of frames. Japan chose aesthetics (super sexy/cute girls) with practically still background and just the mouth moving on the character. Western style chose high amount of frames to illustrate fluid animation in more action packed scenes with fighting.

      • “Western style chose high amount of frames to illustrate fluid animation in more action packed scenes with fighting.”

        what a troll. Western style? Action packed scenes with fighting? You must have thought Gainax is Western. Amerifag.

        • Hah, sucking Japans dick? who the fuck would ever do that, I never in that entire comment tried to defend Japan, just point out your faults, Japan are one of the most xenophobic countries in the world and in general are complete asses, I wouldn’t suck on their dick if it was to save my own life.

          And if you had read my comment properly you would have realised I said you should stop thinking that just because they have a lower salary and smaller deadlines that they have less frames per second, that’s just how the style of animation is produced first of all, and secondly if you are trying to infer that they won’t work as hard because of smaller salaries you are wrong, many of the animators in the animation business do the job because they love it, not so that they can get a big fat paycheck, hell a lot of animators have very little money, well, if we are talking about Japan anyways, they do it because they love their job.

          Nice try and winning the argument by assuming I’m some little Japan-worshipping faggot though, but alas you are mistaken.

        • When have I stated that western style of animation is “perfect and amazing”?

          I am pointing out the fact that they have different methods of doing their animatics. Did I say that Japan needed to FIX their animation or make it like their western counterpoint? No. Quit sucking on Japan’s dick. I made the point of Japan having a smaller salary and smaller deadlines as to point out WHY they have less frames per second than foreign animation, quit interpreting everything as a diss on Japan’s staple anime.

          And i’m sorry “western style” is not politically correct, as I realize that anything other than “anime style” could very well be produced in some other continent besides the Americas. I am indeed in storyboarding at college this semester, but I don’t need some biased “little faggot” discrediting me by saying I read wikipedia because I already know this as a fact, and I don’t need a lame internet troll to tell me otherwise. I appreciate Japanese animation just as much as any other foreign animation, so again, quit sucking Japan’s dick.

        • So you’re applying the logical fallacy of “Post hoc ergo propter hoc” here are you?

          Just because they don’t get paid a lot, they NEVER EVER produce anything good? while that may be true in some cases, it is not always the case, and besides, you can’t say that all US animations are perfect and amazing, there’s a bunch of shit out there too.

          I’ll admit generally Anime doesn’t use the most complex of animation techniques, but it works doesn’t it? don’t fix what isn’t broken (although broken can be subject to personal preference and opinion in a lot of cases.)

          Oh, and I doubt you actually “take classes in animation and storyboarding” as I am currently on a course that teaches animation and storyboarding amongst other things and you sound like some little faggot who read a page on wikipedia and thinks he knows it all, “western style”? you kidding me? there’s no such technical term, please elaborate on what you mean by that so I may laugh at whatever you come up with.

        • Haha, whatever. I take classes in animation and storyboarding and I know this as a fact.

          Do you know how much Japanese animators make compared to US animators? In translation, they make below minimum wage at times. They barely have the time to meet their deadlines when animating anime eps, so that they cut down on frames and focus on character art and details.

          Quit blindly sucking on Japan’s small penis. They don’t care about you, but they appreciate the money you give them for the anime they get paid so little to do.

      • Since when was “aesthetics” a substitute term for “fap material?” I think of Byzantine architecture or paintings by Cézanne when someone mentions aesthetics, not flat animation depicting anatomically impossible jugs and faces that just don’t translate to real life by any measure of plastic surgery.

        Sex and violence both sell incredibly well. The question of one selling better than the other is highly debatable. This is the country that invented the survival horror genre, after all. The three major things things that seem to drive the Japanese gamer are swords, tits and cute faces (guess how many Japanese game characters have all of these features). This theory would explain why certain genres and subgenres of video games have difficulty gaining a foothold in their industry. After all, it’s pretty hard to fit all three in a strategy game, non-dating simulation or shooter without making it look silly.

        • And all of the sudden, Resident Evil ceases to be a survival horror game, and in place has down-syndrome negros with guns that can’t shoot worth shit, and the game has now become a Gears of War-like shoot ’em up with puzzles a retard could figure out.

          “Hmmm… a broken ladder? Oh right, I need to boost Sheva up. DAMN!”

          Nice job Crapcom.

        • Listen, I don’t mean to apply aesthetics to simply sexy overtones. What I meant was that Japanese artists and animators tend to concentrate on “beautiful” and appealing characters to look at. These characters are all, in some way or another, pleasing to the eye.

          Have you ever seen a downright UGLY female character in anime/manga like you might occasionally see IRL? Rarely, and if so it is done on purpose for dramatic effect or as part of the plot. Case in point. Japanese tend to focus on the aesthetics, and no, I did not mean fapability.

          Take a look at superhero action cartoons and you’ll notice a considerable amount less detail in the characters (face, clothes, costumes, etc) in exchange for more smooth animation that is constantly moving, however little movement or change it is.

          And shooters in Japan? Don’t even get me started on how almost 75% shooters is marketed with a cute girl or sexy harem SOMEWHERE on the cover/arcade art.

    • I would have to agree with him. Japan hasn’t exactly broken their mold in games for in a while. Hell when you have about thirty games with the same title (Final fantasy) and they still sell like hot cakes you have to know something is both stale and stagnant. Not saying that it’s any different in the states but people complain about there being about 8 call of duty games and that’s counting games that came out multi gen as well as expansions (Big red one, united offensive.) I would really like to see some of japans creativity but into a new IP that doesn’t look exactly like and old one. But there isn’t any money in risk now is there.

      • I don’t buy that as an argument. Yes there is a ton of them but most FF games are fairly diffrent. Sure the objective is the same in every game and its always just running around killing things to level up or to get items. But you can say that every franchise/genre is that way. I mean there isn’t alot of versatility in a shooter or a fighter either.

        Once you’ve killed 1 zombie you’ve killed them all same with aliens and so forth. Just diffrent graphics and skill levels after that. The problem is in the storylines for the games not the titles. They stick to the same storyline in every genre and every game with minor tweeks. and if you want to attack a franchise… attack sports games same game every year pay 60$ when they could charge like 5$ to upgrade the roster every year online with the current gen I bet.

        • Right now, the status of the game indutry can be resumed to:

          If you like explotions, eat nachos & drink beer, maybe you have an Xbox 360 and live in your college dorm.

          If you like to eat sushi & drink Pepsi, maybe you have a PS3, you live in your parents basement and not have/need any friends because you fap all day seeing 2D bitches.

          Finally if happen to have a Wii, then it’s simple: you like to eat cock, drink semen and you are an interior designer who lives on Castro Street.

      • if they sell like hot cakes, shouldnt that mean their doing something right, take note, each FF or even DQ game has their own individual story line, and can be sold with a completely different title, they just keep the title because it is successful and well known

        now the reason games like CoD would get criticised is because the story isn’t as vibrant, what else more can you do with a game like CoD? missions, shooting, customization? alternate routes and options? thick plot?

        not taking sides, iv never finished either games, but i think FF must have done something right to be at the status they are at now, i think Inafune was talking about too many soft games, all word/novel based or things with minimal finger dexterity required, or action games without blood,