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As one guy said a little bit above me, you guys really need to pay more attention, and get your facts straight. Endless Eight isn’t, and never has been, Kyoto Animation’s fault. They are animating the show, yes, but the one’s telling(read: ordering)them what to make/animate, is Kadokawa Shoten. KyoAni are just doing as they’re told. So STOP blaming and hating THEM! Hate Kadokawa! KyoAni are awesome. They brought me Kanon(2006), Air, Clannad, Clannad After Story, and Lucky Star. Haruhi, including the first season, has always come behind those on my ranking system. It’s an ok show, but really nothing special, seriously. Clannad is waaaaay better.

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    I agree completely. Get yourself AdBlockPlus. I have it, and it works like a charm. It’s such a relief to be able to read articles on Sankaku without all those disgusting ads cluttering my view, and I don’t need to hide my window every time someone walks in on me. Only wish I had discovered the program a lot sooner.

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    Go watch Green Green TV. It is EXACTLY that. An ecchi series with a finale OVA that is hentai. It’s the only one I know of though. You’re right, shows of that kind are EXTREMELY rare, almost non-existent…wish there were others…

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    Yes, and? Nobody said anything about couples at all, dimwit. The list is called “Top 20 Most Romantic Anime CONFESSIONS”, not “Top 20 Most Romantic Anime COUPLES”. They had a romantic confession. That they didn’t get to end up as a couple afterwards is completely irrelevant. Reading comprehension, man.

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    Pretty good list actually.

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    Dammiiiiiiiit! I’m going on vacation to Japan for 3 weeks in March! Why couldn’t this thing come out before then!? Why did it have to be in Summer, AFTER I’ve gone!? I can’t change the date I’m going either! Curse my luck! Fuuuuuck! >_<


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