Endless Eight DVD Sales “Mortal”


The long awaited (at least by the jeering masses) Endless Eight DVD release has occurred, and a variety of visitors to the Akihabara shops at the forefront of marketing such DVDs gloat over sales described as “mortal.”


The displays can be seen to be attracting a lot of interest.


“Experts enjoy Endless Eight by watching the swimsuit scenes in each!” Even store displays couldn’t resist taking jabs at the DVD: “The summer that won’t end! orz”

The previous Haruhi DVD did neither spectacularly well nor spectacularly badly, but certainly demonstrated poor sales for a supposed queen of anime.

Store staff asked about how the Endless Eight DVD is selling called sales “mortal,” hardly a reassuring sign. Kadokawa themselves expect as much.

However, Oricon’s own daily anime DVD sales rankings currently show the DVD to be at number one, albeit with little serious competition; just what level of sales this will amount to will be known soon enough…

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